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Psychic powers.Superpowers,works like magic.

Below are said super powers so far.

Please note; Everyone with access to the power, can access up to 5 levels of it. That is the cost. The points are "Focus" points, and the max is ten. Natural psychics and plasmid users can restore focus points with time in a battle.

MC implant users need the power tanks, or else no dice. (Though MC unit is actually the most powerful, in terms of applying powers. Why it is a option.)

Air: Control the wind, and the static charge in it.

- Shocking Arc: A close combat/fire shot spell in which lgihting escape sthe fingers, to shock the hell out of the enemy. Damage is pretty good. and Percp/Int/Killer Instict is targeting.
- Float: Now able to "Fly" for the next 4 turns.
- Ball Lighting: Akin to Shocknig Arc, only now akin to a D&D Fire ball, yes, a exploding ball of eletric force, that can hit multipe targets.
- Fog: A cloud appears to block off signature of the caster, to hide completely.
Pressure: Use on a target, SLOW down big time. (Only 2 die for movement and dodgin gnow.) Ignores defense, and hits 3 die 20 sided.

Earth: Your actually controlling what controls the Earth, Gravity and Magnetism, not the rubble/soil of it.
- Antibody: A energy bubble/layer to protect you. + 4 die, 6 side sfordamage soak. For next three attacks your hit.
- Energy Force: Super charges attack, add 5 die to daamge total of next 3 attacks.
- Repulse: Pushes targe tor attakc away (Like deflect. Or the Gravity gun.)
- Sink: Holds up to 3 targets in place if they fail their save throw. if netted, stuck in spot for next 5 turns. (Ow)
- Crush: 1 target, hit 8 times, no armor save. Got to get 'tagged' in order to be hit, if not tagged, avoided it. See what happens, flatten or saved.

Energy: Your controlling broad band energy, like Kinetic force and

- Energy Blast: Think shocknig arc, but just a generic bema blast of laser light.
- Energy bubble: Better than Antibody, as it can protect up to 3 people nearby, same defense benefit.
- Energize: Restores power to item that needs charging. (Some armors, energy weapons, etc.)
- Construct: Int/Wit/Percp /Will power die roll, declare construct. (Wall, road, bridge, tool, etc.0 To make life easier.
- Kinesis: Casts "haste" to whole party and "Slow' to opposing side. For next two turns.

Fire: Needless to say, you cause shit to burn.

- Flame control: Roll Int/Will/Wits. Result? Command nearby fire, more fire for more daamge, or lessen for defense reasons.
- Fire wall: Make a wall of fire infront or side or bheind you,lasts for 3 turns, anything that steps in,gets burned for damage, and halted there for next turn.
- Blazing Bullet: Big, mean projectile attack, hits one target. Damage.
- Burn: Nastier than the bullet, causes a target to spotnaous combust. Roll Killer Intent/Willpower for total damage. (Stats as die number + 10 sides.)
- Ignition: Causesa item or landscape item to explode, all those nearby must make a save roll, or get blowen away some tne feet, well getting burned formd aamge total fo the above.

Flesh: Control over your own cells and sometimes cells of others. (Bio kinetic power.)

- BIo feed back: Reads your body, team mate,s and enemy bodies by language, so you "know' ho wmuch HP the yhave.
- Osomisis: Able to cure disease/ status alingments.
- Healing: Nuff said. Empathy/Will power/Wits/medicene skill= total hp back.
- Alter: + 3 die, what for? You decide, for well next four turns.
- Wither: Must be looking at target and it must be flesh and blood. Better results if touching. Turn on power with 5 Focus count. Result if successful? Instant death to target.
Far away? Can cripple/harm the target but not kill.

Mind: Telepathy power

- Tower of Force: Mental defense up, less likely to get afraid or mind controlled or what not. Should be used, a lot.
- Mental Relief: Take away your team mates pain, terror and etc, and give them ego boosts, +die for next two turns.
-Terror: Strike fear into hearts and minds of the enemy, they lose 2 die in everything, due to stumbling and what not.
- Ego Crush: It is the attackers Ki/Willpower vs Defenders Wits/Willpower, if attacker wins, target does nothing next 1-6 turns.
- Temporal World: 1 side-20 die, both parties, if winner ends up better off, that target is TRAPED in a illusion, unless a Random Willpower save that matches or beats the roll of winner, to escape. (But should be hard to pull out) Otherwise, completely under the spell of caster. (make them see or believe anything, for nasty results.)

(Attacking teammates, suicide self, etc.)

Water: Control of water, in the air, and in solid state.

- Cure: Fix disease AND heal.
- Sickness: Cause disease/illness to suck up damage of the victim.
- Life Drain: Melee attack, hit,damage total= hp gain.
- Icy Fangs: 4 ice projectile attacks, 1 die-8 sides, roll 1 die 20 sides, if attacker wins or defender fails miserable, frozen solid.
- Freeze: Akin to the above, but can hit up to 5 targets, save throw or frozen. (Cannot move, and no defense rolls, completely vulnerable, and X 8 damage against fire/heat.)


1: Speed Boost: + Speed for next couple of moves.
2:Warp: Teleport self. Self explaintory.
3: Warp Attack: Next 4 attacks,attacks warp to target, that much harder to dodge.
4: Mass Warp: Teleport anything nearby or touching, including vehicles with next teleport.
5: Tele-Shred: Melee contact, teleport pieces off the target.


1: Push: Knock thing or person away.
2: Lift: TK Grab, throw, slam, etc.
3: Damper: Force field of TK force, works as a damper field.
4: Surgical Damage: Hurt the organs of a target or insides.
5: Tear: Tear apart with your mind, pull, crumble, etc.


1- Diguise: Diguise user, until acts out in hositlity.

2- Mass Diguise: Diguise anyone near user when turned on. Stays on til a action takes place in the form of a attack.

3- "Tag": Place illusion on a target, to diguise them as enemy, so other enemies attack target.

4- Warp the World: Alter the very landscape in a illusion for 3 turns.

5- Reality: Zone gets tainted with illusion, altered the senses of all who fail their save.


1- Scan: Look at target, know everything about it.

2- Alter Surface: Change ground or wall or door into something else.

3- Transmutate matter: Change any matter your touching, based on science knowledge.

4- Clone: Make a clone of yourself.

5- Resurrection: Bring a fallen ally back to life.

1- Small constructs: Bug sized constructs.

2- Medium constructs: Human sized constructs.

3- Army of Constructs: 100 small constructs or 25 human sized

4- Advanced Constructs: Construct is in question are not simple, possess different properites, like energy attacks and such, or regenearates.

5- Big constructs: Gigantic Constructs, up to blue whale in size.

1- Weaken: Take away targets armor value/defenses next two turns.

2- Amp Damage: + Damage with weapon/action for next 3 turns.

3- Destruction Blast: Hurls a ball fo destructive energy that explodes with contact.

4- Disruption Touch: must be touching target, roll, high risk of damage/instant death.

5- Bomb Field: Alters the atomsphere with destructive energy, enriching the kill zone to make bomb energy releases out of thin air.

Terrakinesis:Now on emoves the ground.
1- Earth Wall: Makes awall, to obscure path or act as a brief deflector shield.

2- Boulder Cannon: Big mean rock projectile.

3- Sand Wave: Earth moves user, three free moves.

4- Crystal Armor: Big time defense boost for 5 turns.

5- Hungry Earth: Ground engulfs target with insane damage/death.

Sound Control:

1- Throw sound; Confuse enemy in stealth in thinknig your somewhere else.

2- Babel noise: Target cannot understand noises being heard.

3- Sound Null: User and any team mates no longer make sound for three turns.

4- Frequencey Shield: Energy field for defense.

5- Sound of Thunder: Super radial attack.


1- Jam: Halts a machine from being used this turn.

2- Repair: Fix damaged item or machine/robot.

3- Optimize: Makes psersonal item work even better for 3 turns.

4- Destroy: Destroy a item or robot.

5- Re-Construct: Rebuilds any brokken item or robot

They come in two classes. Equip, and use. Note that gloves,boots, and eye gear do not alter armor choice. only added on/fused. Gloves: For your hands

1: Charge glove: With said glove, you can charge your "energy guns' equipped, so no need of a battery, applied to your own armor, well, cna recharge it, takes a while, and a steady hand. (Turns lost) Cost; 30

2: Hand Gun: A glove that acts as a energy gun, six blasters (Palm and
fingers.) Also can "switch" What said energy is. cost: 40

3: Vita Hand: A medic glove, put it on, touch friend, heal, takes some time though. Cost: 70

4: Fetch Hand: A small gravity puller is in, can "pull' items towards you, within 70 pounds. Cost: 20

5: Mighty Hands; They add +5 strength to your total strength pool, for lifting, and damage dealing in melee. Not a power fist. Price: 60
6: Data Glove: The tech in this glove has a digi amp. It turns other items into data. And then can restore it to mass. You got someone to carry any and all items the team may have. 90 pts

Eye wear: To cover your eyes.

1: Heat Vision Lens: Look, hit button, and fry enemy with your heat vision. Cost; 50

2: Hunter Goggles: A device that shows and predicts where your target is heading, so you may fire in said direction, to hit them. Cost; 40

3: X Ray : Look pass armor (Perv) and flesh, to see vita organs and such to attack, for weak spots. Cost: 30

4: S Device: A small spherical eye on the fore head region, result? Get 360 degree vision. So harder to sneak up on and such. Cost is 80

5: Night Vision: Nuff siad, see in the dark. Cost is 10

Foot wear: For your feet.

1: Boost Gears: Able to run fast, mad dash style with them. 70 cost

2: Jump Boots: Jet blast, helps you jump damn good. 50 point

3: Gravity Pads: Able to walk on any surface, walls, ceilings, water, etc. 60

4: Flight Feet:Anti Gravity with magnetic force fields, the result? Can fly, and stay in the air. 80

5: Blast boots; Feet have two shots, one in each foot, do a kick, and blast comes out. 40

6: Scale: Able to dig in and ride! Even move along sheer surfaces. 50pts

Back Pack: Stuff to equip onto your back.
1: Carrier; Carry spare stuff for use inside. Free (only 3 pre team though)

2: Charge pack; Nuff said. Electric juice. free (3 only though pre team) ^- To get more buy, only 10 pts a piece.

3: Rocket pack: Jump rules apply here. 30

4: Replicator: Unlimited ammo for some weapons. 90

5: 90 pts. Shield carrier:Turn on,a big shield covers certain amount of space. Four turns,or three hundred damage points to take it out.

6: 70 pts. Missile Pack:One time weapon a game,homes in on target.Sensor based technology.

These here can be equipped damn near anywhere on the body. Can up up to 4 of them. The wrist is a popular option.

Equippable: Gear that can be equipped, that does not match the other stuff, but important, never the less.

1: Shield: A shield, attached to arm/armor's sleeve. Three levels. (More points pre level, more protection.) level1; A metal shield, does good job at taking away damage, can be used up to 6 times though, then well worn down. (or acid nulls it.) 20

Level2; Photonic energy shield, absorbs more damage than level1, though, can be turned off with emp, magnetic, electric attacks, or energy drained. Also max absorb is 4, instead of 6, as the frequencey pad of rthe shield is more delicate, than the metla shield. 40

level3; Absorbs as much damage as level 2 shield, but, unlimited uses, as it is a hybrid alloy, that absorbs impacts, and regenerates. 60

2: Scanner: Use and hit option with it, and you get vital info down. 10- pts

3: Motion Detector: A scanner, that displays map, anything that moves, based on numbers of movements, speed, or size, and it will appear as a blimp. 10

4: Personal Force Field: A extra layer of protection. 50
5: Radio Telepathy set: Able to keep in contact with all team mates, at all times. by voice. Goes to brain. And can hear what others are saying. 50

6: Personal Teleporter: Able to teleport your damn self, only good for 1-3 goes though. Still hand, the limit is as far as you can see. 90

7: Sensor Blanket: Blanket of cameras and sensor probes, that well coat you and well up to 12 feet away, for a early warning system. 70

8: Hyper Computer: To the wrist, a worst watch sized compute,r that does the math for you, so you just have to act. 80

9: Phase belt: Turn on, can walk thorough sheer surfaces or things. Only as limited as teleporter though. 100

10: Cameo Field: Stealth bubble, think "Predator." 60 It lasts for 3 turns.

To use; use up and then that's it, no more.

1: Berserk Pack: Use on target (Self or team mate) And said target gets a BOOST of speed, reaction time, and raw strength. A "normal" human in "no" armor, can tear a mook enemy apart, with your bare hands, and kill the higher ups, with time, while it lasts. 40 pts a box.

2: Bubble Field: Place in spot, and well a massive bubble field stretches a radius of 20 feet, protects all inside, go inside though and can attack, does not regenerate though, and has time limit. 90

3: Holo field: Akin to above, but a means to hide, only, and any who go into field, still perplexed by illusionary holograms. 70

4: Medic Kit: Nuff said, use it to give out health and medicine. 10 pts

5: Kick Start: When a target is down or stun, or what not. (Even dead, but not bodily destroyed) Can, revive target with this method. (Think Chest paddles from Left 4 Dead 2.)

6: Regenerator: Turn on, you gain a brief moment of regenerative properties, to gain back lots of health. 80

7: Aux Weapon: Attachdd to another weapon, more points you spend into it, more powerful it is, but the shots are severally limited.

level1: Shotgun, 6 blasts, then useless.

2: Fire wall, makes a 4-4 wall of fire. 4 shots.

3: Electric burst; A shock arc of electric, 2 shots.

4: Grenade Launcher; Can now fire grenades you buy, from your gun, instead of just throwing them, need grenade though.

5: Photon Lance: A powerful hard light burst of energy, one shot, plows through up to 9 layers of target. (Target, walls, more targets, etc.)

6: Micro Saw: Unlimited ammo, has to be Melee, hurts like hell though.

8: Tele Hole: Makes a massive hole of light, go in, go back home.. Though no more points gain, and your considered a chicken shit, and such. For cowards who do not want to die. Hole lasts for 3 turns, any who go in, go to home base. 50

9: Gate Jack: Like the above, however, can teleport the whole damn team across map. (Or whoever is close to the user while on.) For ambushes and such. 90

10: Resurrection Ball: The pre ultimate medic device, brings dead team mates back, in the MIDDLE of a damn game, only 2 times can be used, max persons is 2 at a time, make them count. 100

11: Holo clone device: Make shard light copies of yourself, who are only a quarter of your strength, but will distract enemy for a little while. 40

12: Deflector: Use only once, bounces a attack away. 20

13: Quad Damage: 80 points, lasts for 4 turns, damage out put is X4. Only once is it used in a game, got to buy more if want to re-use.

14: Mega Armor: It adds 80 to your body armor. For sake of defense. 80 points.

Cyberware: Cyborg parts that are implanted,buy in advance. They are machine

1: Power Motor: 60 point cost. A power motor in the body,provides electric charge for recharge items and such. Warning: Critical in chest can now get deadly. (As it can break down, or explode.) Also a means of surviving under water or dry land. The motor *breathes* for said user. And to charge the motor, is to drink or eat. Under water it constantly fries the sea water so it becomes water, getting rid of salt in process.
2: Sub Dermal Armor: 20 points. When attacked, get to knock off 3 points of damage from total.
3: Bone Coating: 50 points, your bones are now unbreakable. Slightly slower (By one die.) But never have to roll broken bones of injury table. (Also harder to chop off parts from said person. Still possible though due to joints.)
4: Wired Reflexes: 50 points, add 2 die to Dodge, and 4 to Initiative rolls.
5: Body Propulsion system: 70 points, you now fly, no matter what.
6: Environmental Guard: 80 pts. Now immune to all environmental damage.
7: Sound Null pads: 40 points, movement, makes no noise now.
8: Bionic Arms: 60 pts, +20 str to arms.
9: Servo Arms: 40, 60, and 80 pts. Each price is different level.
A: 4 arms, can decide to let them do work this turn, climbing, moving, and attacking and such.
B: Now have weapons attached, blades, guns and such.
- Blade
-Machine gun-
-Laser: .
C: The servo arms are now unbreakable.
10 Nano Helpers: 100 pts, now have regen/healing factor, up to 3 uses.
11: Grapple Arm: 60, replace a arm, with a grapple arm, that can grab up to maximum range of vision.
12: Bio Monitor System: 20 pts. Now can monitor one' health, and team mates know condition your in, also, save + poison, and some injury rolls. (it is a life support system.)
13: Cloak Drive: 100 points, now invisible non stop, until it's turned off or killed.
14: Compatiblity Chip: 10 pts, allows user to now accept 2 more upgrades. (making it ten instead of 8, but got to keep this sucker, so 9 options.)
15: Sensor Array: 60 pts, now +20 perception, and + die for awareness/alertness rolls.
16: Remote Brain: 40 pts, your body no longer houses your brain, so if head shot, or dead, not counted as dead. Your brain, is now in a flying sphere, if said sphere is destroyed, your officially dead. (So cheap cause the container is that damn flimsy.)
17: Defense Probes: 70 pts, + attack against melee targets and pre-mature denotates explosives. (Getting only 1/4 total damage.)
18: Mind Jack: Not used in the arena, you turn "Game points' into XP points, to upgrade/tutor/train your damn self. (10 pts)
19: Molecular Controller: 100 points, now have access to power schools. And get a bonus die with using them, but cannot recharge focus points. (10)
20: Vehicle jack: With this in play, you now can control a vehicle, with that one person. (40)
21; Mental Processor: 60 pts, now have +10 int +10 Wits and +2 die results.
22: Psi Damper Shield: 90, protects your brain from all brain damage attacks and what not.
23: Dermal Armor: 50 pts. Your "Skin" Now has armor rating of 50. Lose 2 Appearance points. But still handy.
24: Body Plates: 60 points, now Plates guard heart, lungs and stomach. Harder to get Critical damage in chest region. (And lowers damage over all. By 6 pts))
25: Bionic Legs: 80 pts. You can now jump up 40 feet+ Str + Athletics total, and you run really freakken fast now. (Bonus 5 die to movement/reaction.) Adds 40 to speed.
26: Machine Speak: 50 points. Now you have to do is just talk, and your gear obeys.
27: Weapon Link: 20 points, gun in your hand has "Smart gun' rules now.
28: Armor Eyes: 40 points. Immune to Flare, Dark vision, and +3 armor rating, by eyes.
29: Cyber Shell: Varies.
100 Points: Body stats are 30, Wits go up to 20, and keep human appearance.
200 Points: Change to 40, 30, and now Intelligence stuff at 20. As armor rating is now 12.
300 points: Body stats at 60, Int at 40, Armor rating is now 30, no human appearance (0) and vehicle weapons option, now "huge' in size chart.
30: Cyber Weapon: Varies, below are the weapons and type.
5: Ebony Teeth: Really strong teeth, to bite into anything. Melee attack.
10: Knuckle Bombers: In reality, really strong punches due to enforced metal knuckles.
15: Pop Blades; Freddy Kruger style claws, tugged in fingers, they fold when revealed.
20: Cyber Blade: Hand is a cyber weapon. Pop out a long, machete style blade for hacking and stabbing. Require some skil towield though.
30: Wolvers: Fast to draw out,they stab and slash. Really easy to wield.
40: Hi Five; Hand pops off, revealing a high caliber gun
50: .Micro Missile Launcher; Burst of 6 tiny missiles, ouch.
60: Doom Eye: One eye, gets a super charged beam attack.
70: Shoulder Mounted Lasers: Four shots per set. Can have two. (Both shoulders.)
80: Taser aura system, in which amps bio electric charge for painful shocks.
90: Cyber Snakes: Whips that pop out, very flexible and monoblade to slice through things, with ease. And it's a smart weapon, so it will not attack it's owner.
100: Plasma Field Generator: Affects equipped arm, now can launch plasma bolts, or hit others with plasma fueled hits.
31: Cyber Arm: Arm is replaced, it has strength rating of 30, and level 7 armor, also able to get more upgrades. (All price is at 50 pts, expensive, but worth it.)
Arm costs 50 points
- Morph Arm: Now has multiple modes. Blade/Sword, Shield, Gun, Rocket launcher.
- Power Pistons: 30 is now 50 in str.
- AI System: Now can roll and act on it's own benefit (Free movement/action, with Cyber Arm, has Initiative of 18.)
- Unbreakable Coating: Cannot break the cyber arm, always has armor rating of 12.
- Nano Virus: Attack, declare with successful hit, up to 3 uses a fight, virus, decays 1/10 total hp ever turn til death or cure.
- Quick Motors: Now can with arm up to 3 times a match.
- High Frequency: +4 damage die for results total.
- Wave Gun: Get a wave gun mode, 500 points, invest energy in attacks, does not recharge like real one though.
32: Micro Tanks: 30 points. Combo with Molecular Controller. With it, you can restore focus points with it.
33: Body Structure Enforcement: 40 points. With this in place, can buy the "Growth' bio ware, even to the point of going passt 35 feet. (Maximum humans can go.) and expand on up to the Godzilla range. (With enough buys.)
Edit: New one.
34: Acceleration Unit: It costs 100 game points. It allows for up to 6 uses of raw super speed. In which one gains 8 moves and lots of bonuses to dodge,melee and such.
As the system not only boosts body movement, but reaction speed to react.

35: Life Pod: A gear that acts as a back pack,in which lots of items can be stored or created. The second function is life support for the one wearing it.

Bioware: Cloned and mutated DNA matter/tissues,to be implanted into the original, Flesh/blood version of cyborgs tuff.

Bio Ware: The genetic verison of Cyber Ware, no power tools. But lab growen tissue that is from clone cells, so your body accepts it as their own.
Same princple, just different method.
1: Muscle Pack: Up to 5 levels. (Does not add up, rather replaces.) And each level, just add a (0) behind the level number.
1: Str is now at level X 2.
2: Now X 3
3: X 6
4: X 8
5: X 10
2: Chitin Armor: 100 points:
+ 50 Str, +50End + 45 Dex 0 Appearance, Enviro Immunity, And body as default now has a Armor level of 50. (As a second layer.)
3: Second Heart: 70 points: BIG Bonus to HP (+50 hp points.) And + To End Rolls.
4: Tail: price varies:
Grab Tail: 10 points, can use tail as a third arm.
Stinger Tail: 20 points, can stab things, and grant a nasty poison.
Crush: 50, heavy tail, really strong, 10 die worth damage if hit.
Blade: 40 pts, swift,deadly and sharp, can attack twice, for cutting/stabbing.
Barbed: 60. Lots of barbs on tail, for multiple hits pre tail swing, can "launch" the barbs out as darts.
Multi Tail: 80, now have 3 tails, and get to act with each of them, aside your own body pre actions.
5: Wings: 50: Can now fall harmlessly to the ground due to gliding, and can fly up to 3 turns. With Anti Gravity organ, goes up to unlimited. (Making it a nice combo)
6: Glutton's Embrace: 80 pts. Nasty! If your enemy has left behind a corpse, skip a turn, declare "devour" ability. Eat enemy body, get hp back from enemy.
7: Pheromones:70 pts: +10 Appearance, as people and things find you attractive, can also tamper with chemicals to entice, charm, or frighten targets, does not work on all though.
8: Anti Freezing Fluid: 50 pts Now immune to being frozen solid.
9: Skin Pocket: 10 pts: Can now store up to 2 small items in your body.
10: Anti Gravity Organ: 50 pts: Gain +10 Dex. And safe fall to the ground, with wings, you get to fly.
11: Adrenaline Burst: 20 pts: Able to pscyh yourself up + Str + Reaction time + Speed next three turns.
12: Life Seeds: 100 pts Regen/Healing Factor. Can "recharge' it. Every two turns.
13: Aggressor Brain: 30 pts jacks Reaction time (2 die) and Killer Instinct. (+10) Makes you more psycho though. (Less Charm and Empathy.)
14: Growth: 20 pts, up to 3 times. +5 Str + 5 End and + 10 hp each time.
Note: If you get Body Sturcture Enforcement, you can now buy it up to 7 times.
As humans start out at size 3. The max is size 10. (The chart for it, is in the Monster Maker.)
15: Gene Therapy. Varies: You buy Game points, to upgrade your stats, can buy perks and buy away flaws with it. As your evolving yourself.
16: Plasmids: 100 pts: Like Molecular Controller, up to ten focus points. Difference is, can "recharge" the focus points, by not abusing/spamming powers.
17: Re-Enforced Organs: 80 pts. Your organs are tougher now. +70 HP, and Less chance of criticals. Also take away 10 pts of damage.
18: Memory Tissue:90 -Really handy, your skin now has a Armor rating of 8. BUT each time your damaged, and do not die, it goes UP pre injury. Up to max out Armor rating. (60-100 range.) Just, cannot die or negated.
19: Trace Muscles:70 if you see a "Trick" Done that is physical, or know your team mates 'trick" you in turn can do it. As long your within viewing sight of them.
20: "Phone Web": 50 -Grants Radio Telepathy. With no need of the voice box.
21: Bone Enforcement: -60. bones do not break, and bonus +5 Str and +5 hp.
22: "Wet" Brain: 30. Ever single week your alive. Get 4 bonus XP points, because your brain is constantly learning and relearning.
23: Mental Acceleration: 70 -Wired Reflexes, on "Speed." KI is now +5, reaction number is up by 9, + 4 die in Dodge/Action rolls.
24: Pads: 20 Climb up walls like Spider Man.
25: Third Lung: 50 +8 End, and immune to poison gas.
26: Bonus Limbs: 40 Get two arms, that can hold and wield stuff.
27: Body Builder system: 10 Now every week your char is alive, +2 points to Physical stats. (Pick, and it goes beyond 5.) Stops at max (60.) But well, gotta be "alive' for full benefit.
28: Anti Toxins: 80 pts +10 End, no longer need sleep (immune to mental commands making you want to sleep.) and immune to poisons, all poisons.
29: Attack Glands: 50
Pretty much get a breath attack, think D&D Dragon style. Either: Flame, Bio Energy, Electric, or Acid.
30: Limb Replacement: Get a new limb based on following points.
30- Blade Hand: Big ass hand claws, like a Tyrant from Resident Evil.
10- Giant Hand; Nuff said, a giant hand, for grabbing, crushing, and etc.
40- Tentacles: Arms or legs replaced by tentacles, get multipe actions (Roll when declared) With them, cannot hold anything.
50- leap legs: Can now access "Jump" like normal.
30- Crush Hand: Giant crab claw, cuts, grab and smash.
90- Power Arm: Super delux arm that has glands to fuel the body. +30 to all physical stats, and free Psyche up "trick."
31: New Body: price levels vary.
Basically you take game pts, turn them into character creation points, in rebuilding your character. And NOW can access the Monster Maker system. (Meaning max stat cap is 60, instead of 5.) And can buy powers and such accordingly.
Like Gene Therapy, but now you can buy "Super powers." (Stuff only monsters can do before hand.)
Life Web: 60 points. A system of webbing forms over the bones and vessels of the body. Enhancing circulation. And the fluid in question is neuro conductive. So it counts as nervous system, meaning neck snaps/broken backs no longer paralyze.
+ 70 hp. Immune to stun/cripple. (Unless tear limbs off.)
33: War Skin: 200 points.
Extremely advanced treatment with proto cell injections.The result? The host now can shape shift. In any mass or size of choosing.
+ Get to shape shift now, base Intelligence, will power and such to total score. In regards to size shape and function. This is a pretty uber buy. As it needs no fuel or anything. Just a declaration and the smarts to pull it off.
Edit; New one.
Elixir: Costs 60 points. It boosts all Body and Mind stats by 10. Or as close to max out as possible. (If say currently have 55 in Strength get a 5 instead.)

Next time: Armor and Weapons.Then the last bit, vehicles.

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Post  Chou Blaster on Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:38 pm

Armor, base and weapon buys.

Notice about Points: When playing the game most points go into the teams"bank." But if the crowd loves said character and character survives/wins the battle,they get private points. The max allowed is 300 at a time. If one dies,their pts go towards the*group* bank of points.

Armor: Built to save your damn life. Love it, use it, do not abuse it.
Armor rating; How much damage it soaks up.
Pros; Anything special?
Cons: Any weaknesses?
Battle Cloths; Only a armor rating of 2, yes, a two. Hell most mooks do damage around 5, which means 3 damage. (And since at End 0 the hp is 4, well a tag team of Mooks can kill a noob, of low End and in this armor, really easily. God forbid Elites or Bosses.)
Herc Suit: Just like the Free Man.
Armor Rating: 6
Pros: Have a Electric battery charge of 200, which soaks up further damage. (Mainly Enviro damage.)
- Have to keep charge for the electric defense.
- The Electric bonus, does not protect that much actual damage,only counts as 12 armor against enemy attacks. (So you still get owned by a boss.)

Flak Shell: Up close and personal.
Armor Rating:8, then 4.
Pros: Two layers of armor, better than Battle Clothes.
- Bonus attack, sharpnel explosion. (Once a match)
Cons: Eh only handy in up close and personal fight.

Riot Armor: Stop those riots.
Armor Rating: 10.
Pros: Free item carry space. (Both hands, and back pack, a total of 9 items.)
Cons: Nothing else makes it special.

Enviro Suit: For hazardous places.
Armor Rating:3
Pros: Immune to Enviro effects.
Cons: That's all she wrote.

Juice Suit: What is the value of a solider's life/ Not much in our book.
Armor Rating: 5
Pros: Turn on the juice, get +5 Str, and a free move.
Cons: Juicing, takes 1 hp off. Each time.

Recon: The armor for scouting parties.
Armor Rate: 4
Pro: You can fly, two times, and after that fuel runs out.
Con: Too bad only a rating of 4, and only can fly twice right?


Jump Suit: jump into the Heavens.
Armor Rating:10
Pros: Protects a little better than Riot.
And you get the "Leap" skill for free when equipped, fly through the sky, jump up to 60 feet in the air, to get to roof cover, or to get the hell away from situation.
Cons:That's it

Stealth Suit: Be like ninja
Armor Rating:10
Pros: Good as Riot gear,and a cloak feature. Good for 4 turns or when attacked. Can cloak twice.
Can only cloak twice, or for four turns each cloak, AND when attacking it is nullified.

Turtle Vest: Herc's battle brother.
Armor Rating:15
Pros: Eletric Defense thing again, this at level 100. DOES protect against enemy attacks.
Cons: At full charge it adds 5 to Armor rating, making it 20. Though when not charged back at 15, and it does not protect against enviro damage.

Medic Armor: medic!
Armor Rating:12
Pros: Free Bio monitor System, to resist poison, and to read out HP.
-Two free medic supplies, a kit and jump Start.
Cons: That's it really.

Imperial Armor: A uniform of the Azure Knights. Imperial Shock Troops from another world.
Armor: 15
Pros: Has two deflector units, that "block" up to two attacks.
Cons: Deflectors do not respawn.

Carpace Suit: A hard suit, yet flexible, made from bug plates.
Armor: 18
Pros: Resistance to elements and chemicals.
Cons: No special powers.

Battle Suit: Black is stylish.
Armor Rating:20
Pros: + 20 Strength, but must declare it. For next act. + 10 Armor, must declare it. OR can place super speed. (+2 free moves) For said turn.
Cons: Can only do Declare trick up to 4 times, after that the suit fails.
Defense value goes to ZERO. Meaning no more protection.

Psycho Suit: Sometime's it's good to be crazy.
Armor Rating:18
Pros: Mentality stats boost armor rating.
Will Power + to Armor.
Killer Intent + Str up (in armor)
Empathy adds Reaction time/speed/ intative.
Cons: That's it though,if not invested in mentality, no real bonus.

Grapple Armor: Armor that grabs for you.
Armor Rating:28
Pros: Best armor rating of level 3, and + 1 free melee attack or +Die in Grapple results.
Cons: That's it, only good in a up close battle.

Spike Suit: Get up close and stab them.
Armor Rating: 25
Pros: Declare Power boost. Spikes turn on. (Str level equals to damage, should enemy be grappling or meleeing your suit wearer.)
Cons: That trick don't save your ass from getting hit, and God forbid a crazy alien with acid blood bleeds on you.

Rumble Suit: The kind of suit you need in a fight.
Armor: 19
Pros: + 2 die 6 sides in Damage in melee. Resistance to lethal damage.
Con: That's it.

Multi Shell: The Flak Jacket's big brother.
Armor: 20, then 18, then 12.
Pros; Three layers of armor, up to two flak bombs.
Cons: Anything that nulls armor can hit you straight to the heart.

Reactive Armor: Now with Blue Tooth
Armor Rating:25
Pros: Wired Reflexes, for free.
Cons: Pretty damn good, if you mean to out dodge everything.

Bomb Suit: To deal with bombs.
Armor Rating:30
-Immune to fire.
- Half damage of Explosives.
Cons: Knock down speed by -4. Too damn heavy.

Tesla Armor: Tesla approved.
Armor Rating:30
Pros: It is a walking charger, meaning your suit "powers' stuff that needs juice.
Cons: Suffers bonus 5 damage, as you'll get shock when hurt in that thing.

Combat Armor: Now kick ass and chew bubble gum.
Armor Rating: 40
Pros: + 1 die to reaction time. And Electric charge defense of 50.
As long have 5 units of power. Armor value is 45.
Con; That's it, pretty worth while though considering.

Blast Suit; Nano machine suit, turn on boost and it fires guns at targets.
Pros: Declare power boost. Fires off gun barrage. Attack power is akin to the user's stats.
Cons: That's it, a gun that shots for you.

Gear Suit: The worlds first Nano Armor, for gear heads.
Pros: Upgrades weapon that the user is wielding, in the middle of the game.
For it takes the points being generated, and it makes upgraded version on the spot. (Get the point value of your weapon, and if upgradable, happens on the spot.)
Resistant to lethal damage though. (Bullets, knives, super strength.)
Cons: it EATS your point score!


Brute Armor: Come on you Ape!
Armor Rating:40
Pros: +30 Str. As long your in the damn suit.
Cons: -5 speed

Boost Suit: Your fast now.
Armor Rating: 30
Pros: Ignore chemical attacks.
- Can declare super speed twice a game. (+3 moves.)
Cons: That it really.

Hard Links: Walking arsenal armor.
Armor Rating:35
Pros: Holds up to 4 weapons, free firing/weapons. As hands free interface.
Cons: Only good for using your suit to aim and use your guns, to combo with other things.

Stealth Suit 2: predator suit.
Armor Rating:25
Pros: + Damage in H2h(Claws)
-Unlimited Cloak. (Spam it, or lasts, can attack and stay cloaked.)
Get tagged hard enough and you'll uncloak, by being dead, or if something nulls out your special suit powers.

Robo Armor: Basicly a robot attached to person, two is bettter than one.
Pros: +4 str. +8 to speed. And Resistance to lethal damage.
Cons: Weak against electric attacks.

Sun Armor: Environmental friendly power armor.
Armor: 35
Pros: It is a charge suit, with battery at 200. Energized plates protect against both attack and enviro effects. Battery charge is sun light.
Cons: If not in sun light, got autocharge it like any other item.
Notice; Armor at level 6 and above, nullify "Boss" Instant kills, due to level of protection, so at level 6, if Boss attempts a instant kill, consider it a Heavy attack. End Boss IKs though, work just fine.

Assault Suit: Big, mean, and armed to the teeth.
Armor Rating:40
Pros: Free weapons.
- Palm Blasters 2 die 10 sides.
-Arm swords: 2 die-15 sides.
+10 Str. (Can still punch and kick!)
Cons: Cannot equip weapons.

Leap Suit: Jump oh so high, and be protected on the ground.
Armor Rating: 45
Pros: Just like the jump Suit.
Cons: Just a souped up jump suit

Power Armor: Beefy power upgrade. Motorized personal armor.
Armor Rating: 50
Pros: + 20 Str. Resist lethal, resist heat damage. Protects against enviro damage.
Cons: That's it.

Flight Suit 1: You can fly forever now.
Armor Rating:25
Pros: You can now fly.
Cons: Can still die, easily.

SKIN Suit: The upgraded Battle Armor, not as powerful as Cyber Suit, but better than Battle Suit.
Armor: 30.
Pros: Just like the battle suit. Only instead of 4 charges. There are unlimited charges. (Meaning can spam power boost indefinitely, one at a time.)
Str Boost: 25
Speed Boost: 4 Moves.
Defense boost; 30. (Making it 60!)
Cons: Does not work against chemicals.

Commander: The suit for a leader.
Armor: 50
Pros; You can see stats and situations of everyone on your team with the HUD.
Can Radio Telepathy any three team mates at a time, to coordinate plans.
Cons: Do not really get any benefits, hell it's such a big piece of crap you lose 2 speed. (1 move!)


MASK Armor: Personalized Power Suit.
Armor Rating: 50 Armor
- + 5 Str, + 1 die to speed.
- Energy field, soaks up to 20 damage.
Cons: Field does not recharge.

Healing Armor: Armor heals you.
Armor Rating: 45
Pros: Regenerate 4 hp a single turn, 8 if you do nothing.
Cons: That's it.

Psionic Armor: Brain powered.
Armor Rating: 45
Pros: Immune to Mind control.
Same benefits of Psycho armor.
Cons: That's it.

Glitter Suit: No need to fear the lasers.
Armor Rating: 40
Pros: Immune to Enviro and Energy weapon/attacks.
Cons: Bullets can still kill you fine, so can super strength claws.

Bone Armor: Bio tech suit. Uses growth that form into bone, to protect to user.
Pros: +10 Str boost. And access Healing factor once. (Restore damage.)
Cons: No bonus on defense, and only two tricks.

Scale Suit: Nanofibers and bio cells attach to the user. Giving a reactive armor effect when the user is actually attacked, for really interesting notes, and the material is a Diamond/Tungsten material.
Armor: 55
Pros: Resistant to Heat. IMMUNE to kinetic damage.
Cons: No stat boosters, just defense armor.


Nano Suit: Nano Colony armor, now with artificial muscle motors.
Armor Rating: 50
Pros: it has like 6-7 bonus modes. Which were already listed.
Cons: Can only turn on said modes one at a time. Also electric charge is needed. (Max battery is 150)
Strength: + 30 Str til turned off or run out of juice.
Speed: Max speed rating. (Blur speeds.) While lasts.
Shield: Get a energy field, absorbs up to 200 damage points.
Medic: Regens pre post/scene.
Stealth: Turn invisible, and stay that way til battery ends.
Armor: Suit charges up faster, and has a big charge setting. Also adds 10 to Armor rating.

Warp Suit: Teleport!
Armor Rating: 50
Pros: Can teleport up to 3 times.
Cons: Only teleport self.

Modular Suit: Now hunt down some Metroids.
Armor Rating: 60
Pros: There is a list, of 12 things, each cost 20 points to buy, but that's the advantage, can buy all 12 things with time, for more awesome.
Cons: Need time and points to max this puppy out.
1: Jump Boosters: Suit Double jumps.
2: Ball Form: Go into a ball form, smaller target, and moves easier.
3: Accelation Drive: +3 Free moves.
4: Power Motors: +12 str.
5: Personal Energy Reserves: +300 energy battery.
6: All Terrian Module: Enviro immunity.
7: Gravity Booster: Immune to gravity/fall damage.
8: Personal Force Field: Force field that soaks damage.
9: Hyper HUD: + 1 Die.
10: Life Support System: Regen hp, slowly.
11: Crystal Infusion: + 15 armor.
12: Modular Gun: 3 in one gun. Changes. Bullet,laser, or explosive.
13: Fire Dancer module: Immune to heat.
14: Aegis: Deflect energy attacks.

Ion Armor: Cooler than "Shield' Armor right?
Armor Rating: 70
Pros: More powerful force field, that re-charges itself. (Soaks up to 50 damage, and charges 10 shield points each turn.)
Cons: Hope nothing shuts off the suit. For good.

Symbiotic Armor: Armor deveolped by a symbiote, that attaches to the user, offering vast protection, and empowering the user.
Armor: 60
Pros; Resistant to chemicals, to lethal damage.
Bonus 5 Focus points a turn. (Power users.)
+30 Strength
+5 to Reaction time/speed
Cons: Weakness to loud sounds, and heat.

Flesh Suit: Slight adjusted version of the Healing suit. For more, dramatic healing processes and better armor. Named because it's a skin graft of a great beast.
Armor: 65
Pros: Access the Healing Factor/ Regen Powers up to 5 times.
+ 10 HP. +8 Str. + 2 moves.
Cons: Radiation weakness. Not only double damage, but it turns the suit off.

Bio Force Armor: A battle parasite, a vampire with benefits.
Armor Rating: 60
Pros: Think the Herc Suit, but on roids. Max charge is 300, and your body fuels the charge. (25 a turn.)
- +25 str. +20 End +30 Dex.
Cons:Roll, every once in a while it eats 2 HP off the host, to feed. Defense roll to defend against your own armor, crazy right?

Destroyer Armor: The Destroyer Cometh!
Armor Rating: 70
Pros: + 50 Str.
Cons: No powers or abilities, just super Brute armor.

Flight Suit 2: Flight + Armor=win.
Armor Rating: 50
Pros: Fly, and +1 free move.
Cons: That's it.

Cyber Suit: The ultimate cosplay suit.
Armor Rating: 50
Pros: The advantages of the battle suit, with NO charge limit, and the powers go up.
Muscle up: Now +40. Speed up: + 7. Defense up: +40. (Making it 90!)
Cons: There is a weak spot, Critical hit chart, roll if declared, hit, Armor value is 0.

10: The only armor level to tank End Boss Instant Kills. The top of protection.

EVO Suit: Made from the blood of angels.
Armor Rating: 90
- + 40 to Str, End, Dex. Maxs out Killer Instict..
- Now earn EVO points each win, can get up to 5 EVO suit powers.
Roll ever so often (GM declares) Save with Wits/will power, otherwise berserk, and cannot control self anymore. (Must fight to regain control)

EVO Suit notice!:
The EVO suit has a new upgrade and points system, when you earn 30 EVO points. (By killing enemies worth that value.) Get to upgrade your suit, up to 5 times, below are your options.
1: Mouth Beam: open wide and blast the enemy with a breath attack.
2: Psi Blade: Manfiests a weapon of choice, grown from the suit. Acts as a level 9 weapon. No special powers, just unbreakable and hits good.
3: Devour: Declare, when finishing off a enemy. Do so, get HP. As your eatting the enemy.
4: Damage Field: Makes a pulse field around EVO suit, enemies near or melee suffer bonus damage.
5; Elongate: Able to grapple or punch/melee attack at range. Not just melee. Can use to "block" too.
6; Adaption: Adapting and evolving on the scene, grants more die in the match to saving your life.
7; Evolving Armor: Armor, resistants one damage source for the match.
8; Bio Field: Get a 600 value force field.
9; Healing Factor: Restores all hp. Has a cool down of 6 turns though, after 6, can use again.
10: Regeneration: Turn on, heals 1/4 of hp every turn. Can use it constantly.
11: Flight; You can fly now.
12; Speed Boost; Moves so fast, counts as a teleport. Ground speed only.
13: Mental Matrix: If do not have "power" aspect, now you do, as long your in the suit.
14: Super Senses: Suit has "scanner' use now.
15: Multi Limbs: Can now equip up to 4 one handed weapons or 2 two handed weapons.

Time Shift: Tear Time and Space a new one.
Armor Rating:20
Pros: A force field, no regenerating. (Value at 500) Field protects against all.
- Time Shift powers (Up to 3 times) They include
Stop: Stops time in the genearl area, everything but yourself and other Time Suits are still able to move. As everyone else is frozen. Free turn.
Reverse:Something went wrong? Turn back the clock to do something else.
Slow: Slow everything but yourself, free actions to do some damage.
Cons: If Force field taken out, your most likely going to die. As it does not charge on it's own.

Fan Service: Sexy Bikni
Armor Rating: 100
Pros: Guards against everything. Equally. And it's a energy field that acts as the armor, so cannot be destroyed, as it is constantly recharged.
Cons: Only Women can access.
Any power/ability that can turn off or eat energy fields, owns this suit.

Breaker: The armor that is power armor mets Nano tech. Which by all accounts makes it extremely "elite" As it's the final level of "Mask" armor in the user's mind, dedicates how it looks.
Armor: 100
Pros; Resistant to Lethal Damage. Immune to Cold. Immune to Mind control. Resistant to Electric. Resistant to heat. Resistant to explosives.
Cons: No super powers. No stat upgrading. This thing protects your ass, from dying. That is the job.

Fusion: It combines Bio Armor and Power Armor together. To make a final,suit, with a extremely powerful Micro fusion cell array, which is "safe." Yet another example of a "ultimate' armor.
Armor: 90
Pros: Recharges energy needs. And you regenerate as long you kill enemies.
+ 3 Moves. + 5 Str. + 50 hp.
Cons: That's it, everything damage wise just guarded as normal, and no real boost.

Tyrant Armor: Armor + Built in arsenal= bigger own.
Armor Rating: 95
Pros: +30 Str.
- Get to pick 5 weapon mods to install. (With Modular Armor list pick.)
Cons: Cannot equip any other stuff, like assault suit.
Tyrant armor armaments: Pick up to 5.
1: Power Claws: Hands are big ass claws, with energy weapon levels of ignore defense.
2: Wrist Bazookas: Big booms in the arms.
3: Palm Busters: Palms launch big ass energy balls.
4: Palm mounted flame thrower: Alternative, flame throwers.
5: Knuckle Bombers: knuckles launch rows of tiny missiles.
6: Arm Sword: One arm has a big ass sword in it.
7: Burst Cannons: Shoulders have big machine guns.
8: Spiral Blaster:: A shoulder has big energy gun. 4 spirals of cutting energy.
9: Force Cannon: One arm houses a BIG mean energy weapon.
10: Mega Crasher: Chest plates reveal twin blasters, BIG boom.
11: REB: Full torso is rowed with hidden machine guns.
12: Belly Bomber: A big ass rocket, hidden in "stomach plate' of Tyrant armor.
13: Beam eyes: Helmet has eye beams.
14: Head vuclans: Head has vuclan guns.
15: Horn Blade: A giant horn on top the helmet, swing head/neck to slice/stab.
16: Launch Pad: In the shoulders, big, mean missiles fly out to track down and destroy the target.

Even more Armor: Because hey, a seventh set of it.
1: Bonus Layer: or a extra layer of protection.
Armor Level: 10
Pros: That's it, but can be bought and add to another piece of armor.
Cons: Some what of a upgrade for lesser suits. Not good by itself.

Halo: It is a form of head gear that projects a minor energy field. Like bonus layer it just adds protection.
Defense value: 40, good for two hits though.
2: Heat Plate: A experimental suit of armor. With heat sinks designed to expel heat as a attack.
Armor Level: 16
Pros: Free Heat attack. (Melee heat wave, or a focused beam.)
Has a force field, destroys normal projectiles.
Cons: When turned on, lose 1 hp a turn, due to heat/dehydration. Experimental prototype. Not practical.

Dive Suit: Used to guard swimmers of the wicked sea.
Armor Level: 15
Pros: Environmental immune.
- Resistance to lethal damage.
Cons: That's it.
Mantis: First of the powered armors, with a exposed motor and yet yields good results. Thick plating for protection as well.
Comes with blasters in helmet.
Armor Level: 25
+5 to all body stats. Free attack
Con: If the motor gets hit, your nuked and dead.

Berserker Armor: It is akin to the Juice suit, just now using nanites to jack up user.
Armor: 30
Boosts body stats up to X4 times a match.
Con; Boosts hurt you too.
4: Miner Armor: Designed to protect miners.
Armor Level: 40
- Bio Monitor: Can see state your in with hp meter.
- Environmental immunity.
Cons: No stat boost, no real special defense.

Destructor Armor: a armor that employs a destructive vortex, to be defensive and offensive in same way.
Armor: 45
Destroys projectiles, causes damage in H2H Combat.
Cons: Energy weaponary can still take you out.
Crash Suit: A upgraded for of the Rumble suit.
Armor Level: 45
Pros: +10 Str.
+ one free move. (Extra motors.)
Cons: That's it.

Sensor Armor: Armor with built in sensors in the hud display of helmet.
Pros: Can predict enemy movement, and a walking map. So cannot get lost.
Cons; That's it.
Shock Troop Armor: The front line armor of a advanced Empire.
Armor Level: 65

Electric Armor, with a unit worth of 500 in juice. To help boost defense.
-+Comes with a free module for power use. Pick one power, has 5 points, cannot restore when done.
Cons: No stat boost, no special defense.
Blade Armor: Melee damage suit, in which the user is literally a suit of blades.
Armor level: 65
Pros; BONUS damage in hand to hand, and grapple encounters.
Cons; That's it.
Tank Suit: A power suit with more motors and trends. Met for speed.
Armor Level: 70
+ 20 str.
+ 3 moves.
Resistant to Lethal, Fire, and Cold.
Cons: That's it.

Scout Armor: It is Leap armor, plus a prehensile tail, for more grabbing things.
Armor level:70
Pros: Can use tail as a hand. Unlimited jumps, boosts movement by two scenes.
Can walk on any surface and be alright.
Con: That's it.
Anarcho Suit: A spider theme battle armor.
Armor Level: 70
- Web Shooters; in the Wrists, count as grapple gun, and can constrict and capture enemies.
- 6 Attack arms: Can attack 6 times in melee with bonus arms.
- Spider's Sting: A chest mounted energy gun, has 4 shots, hits hard.
And can still use your hands.
Cons: Does not boost stats, and does not offer special defenses.

Advanced Recon Armor: It is basiclly a Power Armor, that can fly, for limited times.
Armor Level: 70
Flights up to 4 turns.
Con; That's it.
Mentat Suit: Battle suit deigned for mental might.
Armor Level: 75
- Immune to mind control
- + 10 Focus points. (if have Powers.)
Cons: Good only if your a psychic.

Cyber Beast Armor: A degree higher than the MASK armor series, not only personalized in terms of appearance, but in terms of function.
Armor Level: 80.
Pick two of four advantges.
1: Str+50
2: Leap burst.
3: Block 1/4 damage.
4: Super speed.
Con: That's it. Still pretty useful though.
Dragoon Armor: Power armor designed to be good at raiding.
Armor Level: 95
- Immune to lethal damage.
- Resistant Energy attacks.
- Resistant to Explosives.
- Leap: Able to jump really hard and far.
- 30 in Strength.
Cons: That's it.

Hydra Armor: A super armor made up of nanite serpents.
Armor Level: 85
Specials: Multi attacks pre turn, free actions (3) pre turn Resist to all forms of attack.
With a slow acting regen Gel system for health.
Cons: There is a weak spot, if the weak spot is destroyed, the armor will eat the user.

Base Buys: 100 points a pop, and it affects whole team.
Culture Vat: Get to make clones. Clone self, clone others, and bring your dead mates back to life.
50: Revivals/clones are at "noob' or starter settings.
100: Team mate revived has all XP/skills/memories. And clones do as well.
Varies: Create your own team mate, from genetic scarth.

Garage: Can now buy vehicles, and pimp them out.

Battle Room: It is the X men's Danger Room, go in for extreme practice against non lethal foes. Earns Xp, not Game points.

Warp Gate; Pick this, team gets to leave the base and do their own thing else where. Also get to decide who goes first and comes back first and so forth. When teleported in and out of a mission.

Warp Gun: Air strike option, once only, in battle
Replication Station: 8 time slots, makes copies, so more people can use.
Does not copy lvl 1 (Why bother?) or level 10 (Too complex.) But 2-9. Sure does.

Safety Room: Feel like chickening out? Up to two people go in, and stay there while their team mates battle it out.

Tele-Body Station: One person goes in, and gets a clone to fight for them.

Clone does not earn team points, but if dies, orignal stays alive. Meant for a survival tool, and yet to help the team. Unlike the Safety room.

^- For sake of this game, all base buys are bought already.



Melee Weapons, use no ammo, got to be up close to use. And have the Melee Weapon skill to make it shine. Below are the current Melee weapons.
1: Free level, tools and stuff.
Punisher Rod: A baton, that can alter the material and density of what it's made of.
Upgrade: Comes charged with a Agonizer, a device that overloads pain on purpose. (Stuns victim and hurts them for a tad more damage.)
Power Bat: A kids' toy, but with a power motor switch, swing for the fences!
upgrade: Gain knock back ability. (So when hit targett, based on strength stat, the target flies that many feet away.)
Pressure Hammer: A miner's jack hammer, used to plow into enemy, knock them around.
upgrade: Charge it, takes turns though, after 3 turns, fully charged, when attacking, if connects, get to add 3 bonus die to damage pool. (oww)
Punch Knife: A big blade, that pops out of your glove with a punch.
U1: Now the blade has poison.
2: Okay now we are talking, more lethal stuff.
Alloy Machete: A machete, made of really hard stuff, nuff said really.
upgrade: A vibro upgrade in place, so now, better chance to ignore def and cut deep.
Gear Blade; A large knife, with gears in hilt, so the blade, pushes itself in, as it stabs or cuts, for further damage.
upgrade: Poison in the blade, for nasty effects.
Drill Arm: Attach it to your arm, think the Drill Big Daddy's use in Bio Shock.
Drill power has 5 gas points., use it for double damage.
upgrade: Unbreakable/indestructible, it ain't breaking, just. Also 10 gas points.not 5.
Taser Whip: a whip, doubles as a taser.
U1: A shock arc special feature, usable four times.
3: Ouch, bringing the hurt now.
- Quick Sabre: A curved blade with kinetic dampers, the result? Can swing it faster and more times, with the same amount of energy as a normal sword, in less time and effort.
upgrade: Becomes unbreakable, handy to deflect/parry attacks.
- Claws: Predator claws, attached to the wrists, pop button, they stick out.
upgrade: Bonus damage as a third blade is in place.
- Mono Blade: A blade with a "very' thin cutting side, so it slides into most targets with ease.
upgrade: Better chance of critical.
Solar Knife: a knife that emits solar radiation, anti vampire weapon.
U1: "Flash" to bath radius of 14 feet in solar rays, to blind,or cook vampires.
4: Going primeval on their ass.
- Jet Blade: A mono blade, attached to jet boosters, Hit the trigger at right them
upgrade: Before the upgrade, can turn the jet blade on only 5 times, with ugprade, becomes unlimited.
- Chain Weapon: A weapon of your own design (Large knive, sword, axe, etc.) That happens to hit like a chainsaw.
upgrade: Boosts attack and durability.
- Power Saw: A two handed GIGANTIC chain saw, that inspires the fear of God on sight and cuts them better! Due to mass.
upgrade: Get a 4 shot flame thrower on the side, spark the fear into the enemy.
Spike Hammer: Big ass mallet, with spring spikes built within.
U1: Can attack with spring blades akin to a range attack. (In normal melee, a double attack, smash, then impale.)
5: Smart melee weapons?
- Nano Blade: System of nano machines, that re-align themselves constantly in a effort to make the best cuts.
upgrade: Bigger bonus in the critical hit, when a critical is granted.
- Telescoping Lance: A lance, that grows and extends to well pierce the enemy the right way.
upgrade: Able to "launch" spikes akin to a spear gun, got to retrieve the damn lance though.
- Liquid Metal weapon: A constantly shape shifting weapon, of design and purpose. It is handy to keep constant surprise and to use in critical strikes, but, on occasion goes limp.
upgrade: Do not have roll for failure to form.
Reaver Pole: A mean shape shifting scythe.
U1: +2 extra die for damage, each hit.
6: Heavy hitting now:
- Face Buster: Gloves, that punch really hard, due to kinetic force fields built into the gloves. Hurts, really bad when punched.
upgrade: Acts as a level 1 shield (Choose to block and soaks damage akin to a level 2 shield)
- Organic Weapon: A broad sword, that is made of organic materials. Sharp, durable, and chemical resistant. When upgraded, becomes a vampire sword, drinks HP and grants it to wielder.
- Photon Staff: A staff, that can energize itself, and well enhances striking, and can be used as a blaster.
upgrade: Able to become akin to a energy saber /pole arm for 3 turns.
-Frost Blade: A pole axe that freezes targets as it slices.
U1: 1/4 chance target freezes solid, instantly.
7: Brutality!
- Trigger Blade: A blade attached to a gun, when you pull the trigger, after each slash, it explodes at the target, for bonus damage.
upgrade: Becomes a large cousin of the Gun Blade, as a gun barrel with 8 shots pops out form under the blade.
- Vibro Blade: A vibrating blade. it vibrates constantly as to wedge into nearly any material.
upgrade: A Shock Wave swing, turn it on and "Swing' hard at the air to target, makes a slicing arc wave to cut into the target, or damn well try to.
- Gravity Hammer: A war hammer, that has a gravity engine attached, the result of which hits hard, really hard, as the gravity forces sends the victims flying.
upgrade: Now a radial burst where the swings connect. For crowd control reasons. Less damage than first target, still hurts.
-High Frequency Blade: A thin blade that emits wave frequencies, in a attempt to slip through armor.
U1: Ignore armor save totally, hit the damn target at max str. (Energy fields immune though, and phasing.)
8: Use your Violence!
- Radiation Blade: Radiation Blade: Yes, it's a nuclear sword, akin to the heat sword. It has a chance to explode targets, cut them good, or give them cancer, or all of the above.
- Force Sabre: It is a charged kinetic based particle field, connected by a miniature super collider, so when it cuts, the enemy still bleeds, but cuts like a true energy saber though.
- Heat Sword: Akin to the others, but it is super heated gas, contained in a magnetic field, the result is it cuts, by means of extreme heat.
-Plasma Chainsaw: A chainsaw of raw plasma, designed to cut through reallly thick rocks, does havoc on organic targets
9: You sneaky bastard!
- Phase Blade; A blade, that can hit intangible stuff, and against normals, goes into body and slices the organs directly.
- Mirage Blade; makes holographic clones of self, to distract the target as it hits, and it has a nasty toxin in the blade.
- Elongation Blade: A smart cell weapon, as one grips the blade, it extends, way pass point of reason, a sword, that can hit like a rifle, and still slice.
-Attack Symobite: A creature that is connected to user, attacks freely in melee, to destroy enemy.
10 The ultimate in your face; kill express.
- Power Fist: Big freakken hand of doom and death delaying punches, tear them apart, and crush their skulls.
- Warp Blade; A sword, that is unbreakable, when turned on, it teleports chunks that it cuts away.
-Bone Sword: A large broad sword/claymore type weapon made form the advanced bone growths of really tough skeletons, the blade itself, is only sharp when equipped, and the sharpness and deadliness of weapon is based on mind of user. it is a psionic weapon, better the mind, sharper and more durable the blade.
-Gladius :Ultimate nano sword. It is "invisible' save for handle. In reality a nano cloud, that cuts on a microscopic level. Invisible feature there for surprise value.

Bullet base guns.
What makes normal guns so damn good?
The first 5 levels are Free. (That's right, every gun on this list, you start with, and 6 copies of them.) Not only that, but free ammo, even special ammo. Below is the special ammo.
Special Ammo: It's free, but got to equip it to gun (Normal projectile gun.)
Armor Pierceing: Nuff said, meant to punch thorugh most armor with ease.
Acid: Delivers a nasty acid blast after shot, to well burn the bastard, chemical wise.
Poison: Poison target after hit.
Radiation: Delivers a lethal dose of radiaiton, to sicken, or kill out right.
Proton: Energy bullet, for energy damage. Force field killers.
High Explosive; Only a select few can well work it out. But, it basically hits as hard as a "real" explosive , and denotates as it hits the target, instead of waiting to go in, mainly to defeat "cover' use.
- Only the Gear Gun, Hand Cannon, and Auto Cannon can equip these bullets.
Exploding: Connect, then boom, not as big as big guns, or bombs, still hurts.
Hollow: Breaks up as in the target, making holes bigger.
Flame; Burn the target!;
Freeze; Cold, so cold, freezes sections like liquid nitrogen and 'ice' in the mix.
Spread: Acts as a shotgun, in terms of cone burst. or bird shot.
Smart: Scanners and sensors in bullets, so as it enters body, for next 5 seconds, on purpose drills for the vital spots.
1: Dart Gun: The dart gun, by far the weakest gun at start, but capable of great changes. (Invest points into it.)
U1: Now the Dart launch can fire in semi auto.
2: Has targetting laser.
3: Poison! ANd can pick what kind of posion.
4: Auto lock to target.
Revolver: A revolver, 6 shots of aciton packed justice.
1: new lay out, and 10 shots.
2: Now a double barreled gun.
3: Auto loader (Virutally no reload)
4: Becomes unbreakable.
Air Gun: Gun that fires bullets by compressed air.
1: Quicker fire rate.
2: Easier aim.
3: More power.
4: Masher; 7 holes, 7 bullets fire out at once.
2: War Hawk: A big and mean desert eagle with lots of extras.
1: Now with lase rsight.
2: Tripple barrel now. (three shots each squeeze)
3: Big new clip system (Vast more ammo)
4: Cannot jam or break.
Cross Bow: A cross bow, with time and effort becomes *More* lethal. Comes with suppressor.
1: Scope. (Sniper weapon!)
2: Spread. (Can fire 3 at once.)
3: Super charge: Charge, do not do nothing, but as you charge up to 3 turns,gets more dangerous, and well more impac.t (one bolt, hurt slike hell though.)
4: Explosive bolts; Now go boom after sink in.
Silencer: A pistol that is hard to hear. Note has a suppressor, so little noise.
1: Laser sight.
2: Alternative ammo, darts.
3: No jamming.
4: Never run out of ammo.
3: Cerberus Gun: A machine gun.
1: Now has 3 barrels, for rain of death (Over heats though)
2; Easier to aim.
3; Solve heating problem.
4: More punch.
"Pistol" shotgun; A shotgun, the size of a war hawk, nuff said.
1: Suppression, softer boom, so can be stealth shot.
2: Double barrel: Nuff said.
3: Tri barrel; Now like a shotgun Cerberus (But can explode if over used this mode)
4: Smart link scope (See foes inside, to better destroy them.)
Sub Machine Gun: A very light machine gun.
1: Suppressor, so now silenced.
2: Sight; Zoom in take aim at a distance.
3: Less recoil.
4: No over heating.
4: Quad Shotgun: A shotgun with 4 barrels, takes turns to fire each shot.
1: Can now figure a sequence blast. (up to four shots, then pause for shotguns to reload.) Warning, it can explode if fired too damn much.
2: Speed loader; No longer have to reload after each shot.
3: Cannot break.
4: Now there are multiple trigger modes, and at max, can fire all 4 barrels, at once, for a devastating burst of pain.
Flechette Gun: Fires big, mean arrow heads that slice and stab into armor and flesh.
1: Rapid fire; Now like a automatic weapon, of blades.
2: Now a spread shot, for shredding up in a cone of death.
3: Tri burst; 3 blast that go out in a arc, for multiple targets.
4: Taser fang: Another fire mode, tasers target.
Gear Gun: A super customizable relic gun.
Pick from the upgrades below, can have up to 4. (Super customizable gun, so get to pick.)
- Masher; 7 bullets at once.
- Suppressor; hard to hear it.
- Improved chamber; More punch.
- Cool pack: Less over heat.
- Rapid fire: Can auto fire now.
- Scope: Snipe with it.
- Blade; Bonus melee damage.
- Less recoil: Easier to aim in auto mode.
- Quick load; Faster reload.
- Ammo Checker; Now see how much ammo is left.
- Sensor: Detect enemies and friends nearby on a radar.
-Unlimited ammo: Nuff said.
Hunter Pistol: A large side arm meant to hunt down androids, and other creatures.
1: Laser sight: Follow the red dot. Bang!
2: Mini radar: Map out surrondings.
3: Auto Loader: Free reloading.
4: Range Finder: Map out distance to targets.
Sniper Rifle: The king of long range, for long range shooting..
U1: Now more ammo, as opposed to 6 shots then reload.
U2: The perfect lens; Now see in all weather, all conditions, and can see what goes on with the target.
U3: Gyro scope: No more worries about the scope moving. + to aim.
Hand Cannon: The biggest pistol that fires slugs, nuff said.
U1: Can now go semi and full auto. (Though has to cool down if over use.)
U2; Cool down trouble is no more.
U3: X Ray sight through walls.
Lancer: A machine gun with a bayonette attached. Simple and lethal.
U1: A simple laser sight is attached.
U2: The blade attached is now a mini chainsaw, for nasty damage.

U3: X Ray scope.

Level 6:
Assault Rifle: Your standard assault rifle.
1: X Ray sight, for scoping and aiming at weak points.
2: Unlimited ammo.
Brain Popper: A gun that homes in on brain waves, and fires. Head shot, and the bullet is exploding. (Too stupid or skull too thick, or no brain organ and target is immune.)
1: Homes in on one brain at a time.
2: Can track and hit up to four targets at once.

Spike Gun; A rapid fire spike gun.
Upgrade 1 is a blade that attaches for melee. The second is a regenearator field in the holder, as long user holds it, it grants hp to wielder each turn.
Level 7:
Auto shotgun: A fully automatic bad ass shotgun.
1; Unlimited ammo.
Liquid Metal Launcher: Fires liquid metal. In all sort sof interesting shapes, to kill things.
1: Charge it, for more damage. (Takes a move to do)
Elephant Gun: A gun built to hunt down elephants.
1: Now has x ray scope.

Level 8:
Spider Gun: A odd rifle with multipe "arm" barrels. Fires up to eight bursts at once, and has a capture net to capture stunned targets.
Smart Gun: A gun that aims and predicts path of projectiles for you.
Iron Roar: Super machine gun, fires out whole damn magazine in one squeeze. Why we have packs that can replicate ammo.
Level 9:
Gaus Pistol: A big hand gun, fires mach 5 rounds due to magnetic field.
All Matter Spiker: It's a spiker, that has unlimited ammo, as it draws it from the dirt and such from the air.
Auto Cannon: A chain gun, trimmed down to the size of a assault rifle. Still kicks like one.
Level 10:
Avenger: A gaus weapon, and a shotgun. Super raw fire power, can break a mere mortal's arm.
Gaus Rifle: It is a gaus rifle, for really long range blasting at mach speeds.
Phase Rifle; A rifle that fires smart computer bullets, and has a phase field. It will phase through everything til it hits the insides of the target.
Big damage, though target can survive, if the inner organs are that tough.

Big Guns:

Big Guns; Big guns are guns, that make things go boom. Like a bomb, just point, and click. Note that some big guns, are "really' big and need high Str to use.
1: Micro Missile Launcher: A missile launcher, acts a a rocket launcher, that is the size of a hand cannon. Un upgraded have to fire one missile at a time, still, a big explosives gun.
U1: Instead of just one rocket a shot, can now fire a micro salvo of 12 missiles at a time, to bomb on target.
U2: Target lock: Lock onto the target, fire, watch as they seek out to be exploded. (Works only in single shot mode)
Flamer: A compact, powerful flame thrower.
U: Bigger burn damage.
2: Regenerating Fuel Cells; Unlimited ammo.
Blaster Shield: A massive shield, treat as level one, with a modest chain gun attached.
U1: Has a grenade launcher feature.
U2: Energy pulse field, treat as Shield level 2.
Anchor Gun: A gun that propels a anchor with magnetic force. It has been mainly used by pirates to climb up walls, as a grapplnig hook.
U1: Hit second switch to make it come back to you, or you go back to it, in a fancy show of gear.
U2: The main anchor now splits into dozens of tiny anchors, sharp and high speed they shred up/impale targets, and can be called back for further combat wounds.
Turbo Gun: A big ass tommy gun.
U1: More bang/damage.
U2:More ammo
Wrist Launcher: Wrist mounted rocket launcher, packs a punch, low rate of fire.
U: Faster rate of fire/reload.
2: Now Double rocket blast. (Two times the fun.)
Demo Gun: A barrel drum weapon that fires explosives/grenades and charges.
U1: Secondary fire mode, fires out spiky mines, that explode when enemy is near.
U2: Tri burst shot, three shots used, but well triple damage.
Wheel Gun: A rapid fire grenade launcher.
U1: Even faster rate of fire.
U2: Gravity Grenade: One grenade in the wheel is a gravity grenade, fire for a"big" boom.
RPG: Rocket propeled grenade or a rocket launcher.
U: laser sight, + to Aim. As rocket goes where sight is.
2: War Head Scatter; Becomes a explosive shotgun, in that it scatters and blows up in a wave.
Quad Rocket launcher: Holds four rockets at a time of ammo holster. Hold fire, fires repeater style. TiIl reload.
1: All rockets fire at once now, if maximum hold trigger. (Or two at a time, or three the one, or whatever order.)
2: The blast radius of the rockets gets bigger.
Napalm Launcher: A bigger and meaner flame thrower.
U1: Unlimited gas.
U2: Rapid Fire Ball mode.
Pulse Gun: Rapid fire gatling gun that scans, and reads out enemies and has electric charged bullets.
U: Multi Blast: All the 5 barrels of the rapid fire Pulse gun, now splinter off and fire in a radial blast, all in a circle.
2: Lock On: Able to pick off and hit targets without having to aim.
The Shredder: it is a gigantic shotgun, fires out massive shrapnel pieces of shred and impale the enemy.
U1: Can fire out a can (3 cans max) that has lots of shrapnel inside, for a rain of stabbity death.
U2: 5 more casings now, these puppies are akin to gigantic "slug" rounds, that explode when hit.
Anti Tank Rifle: A rifle, built to disable and blast apart tanks, needless to say, it's freakken heavy.
U1: Now anyone can use it, no problem, weight and recoil issues are no longer a issue.
U2: Smart gun style targeting system.
Missile Launcher: Fires off "missiles' as opposed to rockets.
U: Multi Lock: Now the Three missile scan lock onto one target three times or a total of three targets at once.
2: Rapid Deployment: Able to fire off up to three shots at a time
Explosion Gun: A gun that fires out tiny rockets with drills, that plow into a target, and with a timer, explode inside target.
U1: A panel opens up, and 5 barrels now instead of 1, can lock on to 5 targets at a time and fire at them all in one turn.
2: Now, as soon as the drills stop, it explodes, no more timer, for quickness.
Gun Chariot: A massive gun with three fire modes.
Burst: Anti tank round.
flames; Flame thrower.
Rockets; Rocket launcher.
U1: Now has a big ass bayonet blade for melee damage.
U2: Now has a rapid fire option, aka spray with bullets.
Siege Gun: Big ass bazooka.
U: Pulse Sensor: A radar hud, show s locations of those nearby, Green are Friendly, Red are enemies.
2: "Smart Trigger' When explosive is near enemy targets, it goes boom.
7: MULE: Multiple firing mode, Unisystem firing matrix, Launcher, for Eliminating targets.
It's upgrade is more ammo, but it has 6 firing modes. (6!)
1: Rocket launcher pretty much.
2: Lock On; Nuff said, it will seek out the target to best of abilities.
3: Double Shot: Fires two at once, in a niffy spiral, also, two cross hairs appear. TO aim both explosives.
4: Bounce mode; Becomes a grenade launcher, fire, it will bounce for 5 seconds, to try to explode at target.
5: Mine: The bombs stick to sheer surfaces as mines, when a enemy gets close, goes boom.
6: Salvo: Becomes a multi fire rain storm of death, hold the trigger, all the explosives launch out to the path your aiming for, to carpet bomb the area.
Personal Torpedo Launcher: A gun that is one handed and a advanced guidance system, and delivers a big time explosion.
U1: Smart Bomb: Really smart bomb, practically hunts down damn target itself. Though cares not for collateral.
Nano Gun: A Explosion gun, but now pistol sized.
U: Now a cone blast, akin to a shotgun, but all explosive bullets to render targets inside to chunks. Aka a Explosion gun, if it could work as a shotgun, but pistol size.
Melt Gun: A super flame thrower, designed to melt metals and obliterate bodies. Very short range, hurts like hell though.
Entropy Cannon: It is a chemical missile launcher, literally a missile, that explodes neatly into a missile shape, designed to melt targets with amazing speed.
Hydra Rifle: It is a six barreled gun, of extremely high firing rate, odd design, it is a micro Hydra Gun, and it sprays the most deadly bullets around, at high speeds.
Meteor Gun: A double handed *BIG* rifle in lame man's terms. It fires cannon ball sized sphere projectiles, to punch through targets.
Alternative fire? It explodes on contact.
The Raider: Launchers homing disks into the air, which home in on nearby targets, in a attempt to blow them up.
Gauss Cannon: Big arse gaus gun, the biggest that a person can carry, really powerful projectiles, slow rate of fire.
Big Shot: The ultimate big gun, a tactical remote control nuke. That can wipe out a lot of stuff, do not get caught in the blast.
REX: Rapid Employment Xplosion Gun. it is basically a Chain Gun/Rocket launcher hybrid, for all sorts of high speed explody death.
Overkill Engine: A shape shifting AI program machine, that has so many different firing modes, for so many occasions and targets. No matter though, makes a big boom.

Energy Guns:

Ahh the Energy Gun, how much we love the. With different energy damage points, and settings. And so many ways to kill things. Here is the first page of the arsenal, for your little Drifter Squad Mates.
1: Basic energy weapons:
- Welding Laser: A laser light, that well, cuts through, but not as swift as a beam sword, or even a slice gun, due to slow battery. Upgrade; Cuts better.
- Charge Gun: Joke weapon, got to charge the damn thing, to make it worth your while, and if you charge it too much, it'll explode in your face. Upgrade; Does not go boom in your face.
- Rad Gun: Gun that fires spikes of radiation. Not all that powerful, taints target with radiation though. Upgrade; Multi burst of energy.
2: Energy pistols (Worth a damn that is)
- Laser: A simple laser pistol, due to rumble charge pack, does not really run out of ammo. Upgrade: Charge it, for more damage.
- Plasma: Like it's cousin the laser, but fires big balls of super heated gas. Upgrade; Charge it, it can fry/over load force fields after 2 charges/turn. (one shot though)
- Push: A kinetic force gun, size of a pistol, limited ionic canisters for ammo, very reliable though, as it is durable and does not break. Upgrade: A alternative fire, instead of a line, a "wall" of force comes out, like a cone. Akin to it's bigger cousin, the spread gun. (Small range cone though, more like a wall, still, at close range, can hit multi targets.) 3: More weapons
level 3 weapons: More energy weapons.
- Heat Rod: Fires a super heated rod, to plow into target. Upgrade: Not only is it super heated, but magnetic force in place, making it extra painful against machines/cyborgs.
- Photon Gun: Super heated/compacted light, hurts like hell, and solar powered, as long there is sun shine in battle field, no reload issues. Upgrade; Can control the bursts of energy, for a charge shot, or shower shot.
- Spread Gun: Bigger cousin of the Push gun, fires a shotgun style wall of force, to knock back or smack away targets. Even blow them to pieces. Upgrade; The wall gets bigger, and hits even more targets. (From a max of 4, to 8 )
4: Energy rifles:
Laser: The good old laser rifle, like the laser pistol, has unlimtied ammo, as the movement keeps the rumble charge pack charged in gun. Fires laser light of high intensity. Upgrade; Able to fire it in auto blast.
Plasma: The plasma rifle, fires hot balls of gas to the enemy to melt their faces off. Though sadly, has the flaw of over heating like other plasma weapons. upgrade; The over heat rule and flaws, no longer apply.
Vampire; A controlled energy vortex, in a kinetic force bubble, plows into target, and it's blood is detected, proceeds with the vortex effect. It literally, sucks the blood out of target.
Upgrade: Able to plow through multiple targets, if they are all failed the def roll.
5: Even more killing devices.
- Hell Gun: The Laser Rifle's big mean cousin. Better wired, cooler design, named so as it is "hot as hell" laser gun, that hits as hard as a plasma gun. Upgrade; Now fires three beams at once. (Holy shit)
- Sonic Gun: Kills with sound, literally, vibrates the sound and by wave length can melt bones or boil blood. Upgrade: Control the frequency, for results. (Can deafen target, shake up target and etc.)
- Gamma Blaster: A rifle that fires raw bolts of nuclear power, takes on the radioactive properties of well radiation damage, for results. Upgrade; Sends out a emp wave, to take out computers and such.

6: Energy Cannons:
- Laser: Enough said, a big laser gun, that sends a super charged laser to plow in/cut in with fierce intensity. Sadly, slow fire rate. Upgrade: Does not take so damn long to fire. No delay/lag.
-Slice Gun: The ultimate hand held force gun. (Not vehicle) It fires a charged particle wave of significant kinetic force, that cuts akin to a giant energy cleaver. Upgrade; Arc control: Get to pick how it cuts. it also launches 3 slicers.
-Plasma: A gun that fires tiny suns, massive heat damage on a near nuclear level of pain. Sadly, cannot over use it, or it will over heat, and that can be bad.
Upgrade; CHARGE the gun, why? The charged shot explodes to net more targets or more hits on a big target.
Gravity Cannon: It can push, pull, and hold items in place. It can also repel things by a violent "push" wave. That does knock back. The upgrade form, allows for the grabbing and tossing of living things, up to human size. The repulse push, can repel creatures up to the size of a elephant.
Gatling Laser Gun: Chain gun + Laser cannon, big pain!
Upgrade: + Ammo
Disrupter: Energy version of a machine gun, fires bubbles of raw, chaotic power to tear//melt and explode matter at the seems. Upgrade: + To aiming.
MPEW: Multi Purpose Energy Weapon: Pretty much stun, kill, wide blast, surgical blast, and destruction blast. Though watch it, fucks up with the settings and batteries.
Twin Link Burst Gun: Akin to the Twin Buster Gun from Gundam Wing, human sized. Need to be Str/Tough, or your arm will break. 8 Shots with individual shots. (Can be de-attachable.) Twin link mode, makes it 4 shots, but double the boom.
Viper Beam: Big mean rifle, has a arc controller So it 'controls" the beam of energy that fires out, like a whip or a snake of radiation. That can plow through multiple targets with ease.
Void Gun: A gun that burns and turns target to ash, while siphoning the energy inside said matter, and charges it into it's own battery, so to a extent has a unlimited charge.
Ion Gun: The all powerful Ion Cannon, a gun that reduces things to electrons. Portable version. It is extremely heavy, has 8 shots. The recoil is massively crazy though, and the pulse charge can knock "your" stuff out too. Not just enemy gear. Use with caution.
Havok Gun: A gun with a fusion pack back battery. It fires a cone of force,design to shred the bonds of "Strong' Force. That which keeps matter together. Heavily armored, and most vehicles are enemy to the effect. But the simple "meat shields" that do not have armor? They pop like blood filled balloons. Warning that this sucker uses energy constantly to keep cone going, so will run out fast, if you spam it.
Wave Gun: Unlimited ammo energy weapon, though depends on "charges' more powerful the shots, more it takes to charge, the maximum shot, well blasts up to 3 miles, and levels everything in a 30 foot radius. Takes about a day to recharge from that, but damn well kills anything though. Close to, and it can be aided to recharge with recharge gear.
- Super Collider: A massive gravity gun. Must make a save check in the face of this gun, you fail it? Your dead, and in a pool of your own blood formed by a crater of the super collided gravity forces. Please note Extreme Str, Toughness and size (Pass level 7.) Are all save modifers. As past 7, it merely smashes chunks off as opposed to instant death, and it has 5 shots.
- Chou Blaster: A gun that fires out bolts of nuclear energy in rapid fire,and can be used as a sniper rifle. Why is it at level 10? It has no need to charge, or a ammo clip. It has unlimited ammo, by means of drawing in power from a Chaotic universe

Exotic Weapons

Exotic weapons are "weird" and strange.They exist, their used as weapons. But not the usual sort.
1: Mercy Gun: It has two functions, to send wounded targets away from field, or can fire on your team mates, and teleport them away. Got 5 shots, make them count. Cannot use on yourself though. (As the trigger has to be on constantly, to make it work.)
Surge Spikes: Drop on the ground, anything gets near, fries with eletricity.
Grapple Gun: Fires out, as far as the eye can see, grapple rope up to where you have to go.
Blade Launcher: Launchers discs, discs that slice through. Also explode randomly.
Devil Wheel: A giant ninja star, for melee and tosses like a boomerang.
Stun Bomber: Smaller explosive gun, designed to knock out targets.
Gun Blades: Hand guns, that fire tiny spikes, nano gear so never runs out, and morphs into short swords.
Head Beam: A "free attack phase' weapon on the head, looks like jewelery,delivers a heat beam
Far Claw: A bladed glove, slashes with violence, and fires sharp claws like a gun.
Chem Gun: It fires chemicals, all sorts, based on pack you use, so many uses.
Gum: Constrict target.
Acid: Burns by chemicals.
Phermones: Makes other enemies want to attack target.
Explode Gel: it goes "boom"
Flame Gel: Burn bitch burn.
Death Wire: It's akin to a trip wire, when touched, massive damage, to chop up target by offending part.
Cure Gun: Cures disease/conditions.
Bomb Glove: A glove that generates grenades and propels them with a zero point energy field. It generates and launches grenades you have bought as a team effort.
Vita Gun: Medic gun.
TK Gun: A Psionic sniper rifle, with it, guide bullets with your mind, need focus though.
Freezer: Freezes target in blast, can shatter then, or at least hold in place.
Murder Ball: A ball, with it's own AI, slams into enemies til their dead.
Capture Gun: "Captures' Stun and down enemies, spared, but now well taken out.
Lighting Gun: Fries target with electric, also turns off some gear. And stuns.
Bazooka Tonfas: Melee weapons+ Bazooka fire support.
Hornet Nest: 12 bugs, respawn from a hive gun, seek out and sting target.
Shrink Ray: Shrinks target down to size, so can be stepped on. (Does not work on targets bigger than a bus though.)
Energy Whip: Nuf said, a growing, glowing, whip of energy.
Fossil Gun: Fire, save roll, fail if hit, and turned to stone.
Nerual Disruptor: Weapon, that allows you to use telepathic power, to seriously fuck up with the enemie's head. (Naturally though, does not work if low intelligence, strong will, or no brain at all.)
Eye of Doom: A gun, fires a single portal, weird and scary effects result to devaste the enemy.
Aegis Projector:Back pack mounted weapon, boosts a ally to near invincibility.
Portal Gun: Just like in the game portal, makes two portal holes, Blue and orange, stuff goes through, alternative fire, one portal opens, second is a beam, teleports targer to direction of the other portal. (For interesting results.)
Psi Buster: Gun that destroys target's brains. Ignores defense, aim is to kill the brain, only works on those with a brain.
Power Glove: Your playing now!
No seriously, you can control energy fields, broad band energy and constructs of energy. in insane fashion. Int/Will for creative results with the rolling.
New ultimate Exotic item.
The Omni Weapon: It is a hammer, that grants flight,energy blasts, force fields, and more based on user's wits.


Bombs go Boom. That simple really, and no, no real upgrades.
Bombs: Use depends on level, no upgrades avable.
1: Smoke Bombs: Nuff said, they explode, makes a smoke cloud, to escape from enemies.
Comes in 6.
Mine: Get three a purchase, stick to ground, goes boom. A DUMB BOMB. So watch out friendly fire!
Claymores: 2 of them pre purchase, stick them to walls, trip the wire, the passing target goes boom.
Buy a 6 pack belt of flares, that well mean to blind or disrupt enemy sight.
Bouncing Bomb; A mine, that launches into the air, and showers down shrapnel death.
Fire Grenade: 6 pack of Grenades that burn the area when boom.
Frag Grenade: Pin is pulled, tossed, and boom. Shrapnel and explosives.
Gas Bomb: Launches gas, tear gas, stuns/burns/irate target.
Kinetic Grenade; A bomb that explodes, in one target, designed to punch thorugh armor and shake up the target.
Plasma: Energy grenade, explodes a burning hot energy boom.
Emp: A bomb that launches a pulse, to take out electric gear.
Gel Bomb: Grenade, when explodes make a sticky mess, to constrict and slow down targets.
Sap field: buy one, get one.
A bomb that delivers radiation that sucks up defense value.
Rubber Bomb: A upgraded grenade, pick from the above, now it bounces like crazy til it explodes. Good for mazes, and indoors. To rebound where the enemy can be.
Chemical Bomb: A grenade, it launches out a acid burst to melt/burn.
Regenerator Field: Buy one, get one.
Inside of Sap defense, this bomb refills hp. At rapid rate for 2 turns.
Contact; Bomb upgrade for Grenade, pick Grenade, when it is tossed and thrown next to target, blows up then.
Spike Bomb: Grenade that explodes out spikes, a meaner frag grenade.
Melt Bomb: Buy one, get one.
Really heavy bomb, need super strength to toss, meant to take out buildings, fortifications, or soften/finish off big targets. Lets out a volcanic burst of heat.
Air Burst: Grenade in upgrade form. Explodes when it "arrives' at declared spot. For maximum force in mid air.
Lighting Bomb: Toss, a grenade, has electric burst.
Orbiter: buy one, get one.
The ultimate smart bomb, comes the size of a volley ball, turns on it FLIES and goes for the "target' the user has in mind, suicide bombs itself into target, for devasting effect.
Multi Bomb: A grenade bomb upgrade mode. When tossed it launches out 12 mini grenades, that all explode in time as a chain reaction.
Freeze bomb; Grenade, it explodes and freezes target cold.
Nano Bomb: Buy one at a time.
Akin to the Melt Bomb, but instead of a lava, and the function is different, meant to kill troops/soldiers and such. It deploys a cloud of mite sized nano bots, to tear into what it can (Of the registered enemies) for a total of 5 turns.
High Explosive: A "super grenade" When it goes boom, it can level houses.
Sticky Bomb: Final upgrade form of grenades. Toss, it "sticks". Rest of the timer at that spot til it explodes. The result? A far more likely chance of critical hits.
Annihilation Sphere: One at a time.
The ultimate level 10 device, has to be launched though, or ultimate strength to toss, it is a sticky bomb by design, and as it goes off. It makes a field of turbulent energy, that makes "portals' and the portals, rip apart the target, and send the pieces into the Anti Matter universe, for instant destruction.
Can only have one pre team.
Warp Upgrade: Pick a grenade, now it teleports to the target when thrown.
Gravity Grenade: Super gravity field to crush the target zone with condensed gravity. Gravity field users, and the extremely strong can escape the field.

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Drifter Gear/shop. Empty Deadly Rides

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Vehicles for Drifters: The vehicle guide to Drifters.

Vehicles; The reason to buy a garage, first of three vehicle pages. To get you introduced to these awesome rides.
Vehicle stats: Armor is defense value.
Build is HP value.
Speed is how fast it is, in relation to the world.
First levels will be stats, then the description and upgrades.
Hover Board:
Four Wheeler:
Motorcycle: A motorcycle, nuff said, many fashion designs and what not, the heaviest of the level 1 vehicles, and can have 3 upgrades to it.
- Chopper Blades: Instead of wheels, now giant tracks with big blades provide the motion of the cycle. Provides extra damage, in well shredding enemies by ramming.
- Thruster; Move faster for next turn, big speed boost.
- Burst gun: Slight rate of fire, decent damage though.
- Bonus seat: Dragging a second seat next to main seat, for a "shotgun" rider.
- Smart Servos: + Die in moving, to avoid accidents and keep rider and cycle unharmed.
- Force field: Make a force field, protects against one of the following; Projectiles, energy damage, explosives. Stays for about 4 turns.
- Self Repairng Polymers; Nuff said, cycle regenerates now.
Four Wheeler: A four wheeler, smaller and lighter than cycle, only 2 upgrades for it, can hold up to 2 people, if willing to seat awfully close.
- Hud Display: + Reaction for the driver, as glass shield is a hud display for all vital info on the travel.
- Smart Servos: Same as above.
- Extra Armor: Now is heavier, so harder to drive, but harder to damage.
- Machine Gun: A tiny machine gun in the nose of the wheeler, gun is treated at 3 die, six sides, for hits, damage is 1 die, 6 sides.
- Self Repairing Polymers; Nuff said.
Hover Board: A child's toy in some worlds, but freakken sweet, as it can fly. Can only hold one user at a time, and only 2 upgrade. (Flies!)
- Stablizer: Makes it easier to ride and not fall off.
- Thrusters: Same as above.
- Laser Gun: A single shot o f laser fire. hits 8 die 10 sides. So can really hurt, but one shot, and to hit? Energy weapon skill + 3. As a targeting sight laser gives it away.
- Missile Launcher: Has 4 shots, then no more. hits 3 times. 4 die 6 sides, (Small bombs.) and to hit is 6 die-10 sides.
- Cameo Field: As it turns on, board and rider are invisible. For up to 4 turns, makes harder to detect and hit.
- Reflex Servos: + Die to dodging attacks.
Level 2
Octo Pod:
Hover Craft:
Octo Pod: A seat in a artificial "egg" with 8 tentacle arms, the first "walker' vheicle, only one user at a time, and well, not at all the most stable, though the most stealthy. Can be tooled with for 5 times, (Due to all the arms.)
- Hud Display; Same as above.
- Rocket Drive; It can now fly.
- Anti Gravity servos: Counts as hover craft.
- Force field; Same as above.
- Armed Tentacles; Tentacles now have weapons. 5 die-10 sides. And attack 4 times. To aim, 7-10 sides.
- Self repair Polymers; Nuff said.
- Cameo Field: Like the above.
- Extra Armor: Nuff said.
- Grapple lines: Tricky wires, if snagged target, cannot do anything. As their "caught" and constricted. Save vs 15 str. If more than 15 strength, breaks out of the bonds.
- Robo Brain: Now the vehicle needs no pilot, it is now it's own robotic unit. (So it's a team mate, to a extent.)
- Plated Tentacles; Now the tentacles cannot break.
Jeep: A jeep, akin to the Halo games, comes with a chaingun, can be upgraded up to 4 times.
- Black Hammer: A chain gun, in Drifters, attached to Jeep. Takes str of 10 to tear off and use as a machine gun. Shots? Too damn many to count, (Free)
- Hud Display; Nuff said.
- Smart Servos: To prevent accidents.
- Extra Armor: Nuff said
- Self repair Polymers. ditto.
- Bore Gun: Second gun option.
- Mine system: Declare mines, up to 4 times, Damage is 10 die, 6 sides. To dodge is difficulty of 8. Ouch. (Laid them out to attack.)
- Force field; Like the above.
Holds up to 4 people (Counting gunner.)
Hover craft: A floating craft, hovers over land and water, and does not lose speed. Can hold up to 3 people. 4 upgrades.
- Extra Armor; Nuff said.
- Thruster; Brief speed boost.
- Particle Smasher: Weapon! 10 die, 10 sides, to hit, skill + 5. Though very slow fire rate, as it takes 3 turns to recharge for next shot.
- Force field: Same.
- Reflex servos: Like above.
- Robo Brain: Yeah, nuff said.
- Lift Pads: Now it flies, like a legit flying machine.
Level 3:
Battle Wagon;
Hover Bike:
Hover bike: Only holds one person, but is MUCH faster than hover craft and can have 4 upgrades. For sleek raids and such.
- Twin Blasters: Dual energy gun, no over heating, not that strong, but could be worse.
- Thrusters: More speed.
- Extra Armor: Nuff said
- Lift Pad: Brief moments of big air.
- Smart Servo: Avoid accidents.
- Stealth: Invisible!
- Robo Brain: Pilot itself.
Battle wagon: A big only mac truck or a bus. Can hold up to 5 upgrades, and hold up to 12 people. A big bad wagon.
- Self Healing Polymers: Regenerating armor parts.
- Battle Cannon: Big old cannon, like on a tank.
- Quad Cannon: Less explosive as the battle cannon, still a big ass gun.
- Devastator: Big ole Plasma beam gun.
- Extra Armor: More armor
- Hyper Engine: Souped up engine.
- Stablizers: + To drive.
- Bomb Field: Tiny bombs launch out, for explosive aura, to deal with bum rushing enemies.
- Force Field: Pick type, protect from damage type.
Walker: First true mecha, houses one person, it is akin to the two legged walkers in "Star Wars" it is not the most durable or fastest, but can step on enemies, and well, it's a mecha for crying out loud. Can house up to 5 upgrades.
- Twin Laser Cannon: Energy gun combo.
- Flame/Explosion Gun combo. Nuff said, mix up of death dealing flame and explosive bullets.
- Stablizers: + Move/dodge/maneuver.
- Hyper Engine: More power for stuff.
- Missile Pod: Missile launcher of doom.
- Communication Module: Able to talk to whole team, form walker.
- Sensors: + Alertness.
- Claw: Melee weapon.
- Robo Brain: Treat as a new enity.
Level 4
Rocket Car:
Armor: 12
Gyro copter:
Rocket car; Houses only 4 upgrades, but, it is the "fastest' thing on the ground, and can hold up to 4 people. Think of "Kitt' from Knight Rider, just, not with AI, at the start. Also due to having a Acceleration Field, it "Comes" with the effect of Boosters/Thrusters form the start.
- Acceleration Bubble: + Ramming speed, maneuver and speed over all. (Comes with it.)
- Rocket Launcher; Big ole rockets, for the purpose of blowing up enemies.
- Sonic Denotater: Premature explosion, to deflect bombs.
- Plating; More armor.
- Tsunami Gun; A Force Wave gun with three settings, rapid, punch, and slice.
- Shock Pads; Lighting field of death, turn on, fries nearby targets.
- Stealth field; Become invisible.
- Robo Brain: it acts on it's own.
Crawler: A giant, anthropod inspired cousin of the walker, it is "big" and has 4 giant legs, with host of lesser limbs. It can walk through water (As in under water.) on land, and burrow through the earth. It is a heavy troop carrier, think a souped up battle wagon. 6 upgrades
- Power Engine; More juice, for fuel to equipment and such.
- Force Field: Energy field for protection.
- Quad Plasma: A quad barreled plasma gun, rapid fire, sheer destructive ability.
- Tsunami Gun; Nuff said. As the above.
- Self Repair Polymers: Self repairing vehicle.
- Extra Armour; more armor.
- Smart servos: Able to navigate easier.
- Communications Module; Talk to whole team.
- Troop Pods; Able to add 6 more team mates to the Crawler, due to employment system of carrying people.
- Sensors; Bonus to detect things.
- Robo Brain: Acts on it's own.
Gyro copter: A "really" flying machine, it is a tiny, one person operating a tiny helicopter, despite it being tiny (only 3 upgrades for it) It is a flying machine, and in right hands, can rain down death all the same.
- Stealth field; Go invisible.
- Booster; more speed for brief time.
- Burst Cannon; Big ass mini gun.
- Rocket Launcher; Big, powerful "Dumb bombs"
- Bomb Field: Able to generate bombs around copter, that sprinkle and rain down, tiny bombs that add up to chain reaction of explosives.
- Smart Servos; + to Dodge in the Copter.
- Robo Brain: Now a robot.
level 5:
Spider Craft:
Tank: A tank, nuff said, three person crew, can have "others' piggy back riding on it, and well can house up to alot of gear. (12 gear.)
- Battle Cannon: Big ass gun, explosive, powerful.
- Hell Bore; Same as the above, only the shell is covered in plasma, for energy burn damage, impact, then boom.
- Reflex Turret; AI manned guns, free firing, bullet based.
- Rail Gun; Big ass Gaus gun, hurts like hell.
- Catch Cage: A cage, designed to catch bombs, rockets and missiles. Less damage from them.
- Force field; Nuff said.
- Armor: more armor.
- Dozer Blade: Destroy obstacles in way, and ram damage.
- Power Engine; more movement in the thing.
- Sensors; Nuff said.
- Communication Module; Nuff said.
- Smoke vents; Smoke field, for a get away.
- Missile Box; A six missile launch pack for damage.
- Robo Brain: Pilots itself.
APC: it is not as exotic as the Crawler, but it can carry more people than a battle wagon ( 1 house up to 7 upgrades, and well comes "default' with tougher armor as to stay alive.
- Extra Armor: Even more armor.
- Damper Field; A field, met to subtract damage form ALL sources.
- Harmonic Wave; Energy field lasts longer.
- Self Repair Polymers; repair self.
- Extra Armor: Crap even more armor.
- Power engine; Nuff said.
- Chaff screen: helps scramble missiles, premature denotates bombs.
- Vulcan Gun; Biggest bullet gun around at this size.
- Triple Explosion Gun; Like the Hand held Explosion rifle, but well triple barrels.
- Smart Bombs: Missile launchers, big, strong, bombs that are guided.
- Communciatinos Module; Nuff said, keep in contact with team.
- Diamond Coating: Enough more protection, a third layer of armor.
- Robo Brain: Nuff said
Spider Craft: A one man crawler/tank hybrid of destruction. It is smaller than both, can house up to 6 upgrades, and well, crawl up walls, for seek and destroy in urban conflicts.
- Communications Array; Keep in touch with whole team.
- Self Repair Polymers; Regenerating armor, nuff said.
- Twin Laser Cannon: Two big ass laser cannons, to go off.
- Gaus Cannon; Big ass gaus gun, nuff said.
- Missile Pod; Missile rain of death.
- Lighting Field Generator; Force field, that fries missiles and nearby enemies.
- Bomb Field; A damage aura, of tiny nano bombs, to explode enemies.
- Claws; The feet of spider craft now count as melee weapons.
- All Gravity Field: Immune to gravity effects.
- Repulse Field; A deflector field, takes time to regenerate,e but pushes attacks away.
-Power Engine; More horse power/movement.
-Reactor: More recharge power.
- Robo Brain: it is it's one member of the team.

Exo Skeleton:
Hover Turret:
Heavy Frame:
Flight Bike:
Octo Tank:
Fighter Craft:
Heavy Walker:
Exo Suit: The first "true" mecha. it is a exoskeleton, that has the pilot exposed. Think the power hauler in aliens, or the suits in the Matrix, yeah, but well moves with almost as much grace as a human, and can wield up to 6 upgrades. (Mostly due to the design.) Still, can insprie the fear of God into those heathen monsters.
- Inferno Cannon; Big ass flame thrower.
- Hydra Gun: The Pinnacle of bullet based ordinance, the ultimate chain gun, eight guns with 3 barrels each, a total of twenty four barrels, and each of them rotates at about 660 clicks a moment, so, a proverbial rain of lead upon the enemy. Did I mention the bullets are mini sabot rounds? (Punch through any real world armor, depleted uranium, among the toughest materials known to man.)
- Stablizers; + To maneuvering, easier to drive.
- Extra Armor; Nuff said.
- Damper Field; Nuff said.
- EMP Pulse Wave; Makes a pulse wave, designed to take out robotic enemies.
- Power Shield; this is a shield o block and deflect damage, but it has a spike on the inside, a lance, that propels out to skewer, for max damage.
- HUD: + Reaction time and info gathering.
- Sensors; + Alertness.
- Flight Pad; Able to fly, for brief moments of time.
- Stealth field; Able to go invisible.
Sphere; A one pilot sphere, a rolling ball, with cameras and a motor and stablizer grinder rolls and bounces across the battlefield, to crush the enemy, can house up to 8 upgrades.
- Photon Cannons; A set of six photon cannons,a round, for a spiraling spread effect.
- Spread Cannon: in essence a giant spread gun, big boom, a energy shotgun of raw kinetic force.
- Fusion Gun; A better Melt Gun.
- Extra Armor: nuff said.
- Triple Shields; Three force fields in one. Protect against all damage.
- kinetic pads; Able to bounce higher and faster thorough field.
- Energy whips; Whips of raw energy, melee from afar.
- Gravity Pulse; A gravity attack, attempts to crush anything nearby.
- Robo Brain: Able to pilot it's damn self.
Hover turret: It is a flying gun, basically, a distant, slower cousin of the gyro copter, but can house far more fire power (Comes equipped with a vehicle weapon of your choice. of the gun section.) And well, one person needed only. (And that's the only real upgrade you get.) 5 upgrades
- Weapon: Any weapon listed so far as a gun, you can have it, trust me, it's a flying gun. (As long not a crazy level 8-10 gun.)
- Pulse Scanner; A scanner to detect life forms, green are friendly, red are hostile.
- Sensors; Alertness save.
- Stablizer; Easier to fly.
- Damper field; Protect against all damage.
- Warp field; it can teleport, twice.
- Robo Brain: Able to pilot itself.
Octo Tank: A 4 member crew needed to operate, for this sucker has ARMS, and it's much bigger than normal tank. More advanced AI, and yet still a tank, and houses up to 10 upgrades.
- Mighty Arms; The octo arms get even stronger, for more impressive feats of strength and power.
- Octo Blaster: Each of the arm units, now has a power blaster, akin to a Plasma Cannon, just stronger beam, no splash version.
- Damper Field; protects against all damage types.
- All Gravity field; Resist to Gravity and Telekinetic power.
- Harmonic Field; Field stays charged longer/fast.
- Power Engine; More juice for the power.
- Power motor: it's faster.
- Turbo Turret; A Twin Vulcan that has explosive bullets, enough said.
- Lion's Roar: It is a souped up Battle Cannon.
- Extra armor: Nuff said
- Self Repair Polymers; Nuff said.
- Sword of Doom: It is a energy beam, Radiation based, fires out like a gigantic sword, to slice through enemies.
- Explosive cage; Like the others. Catch explosives, to pre mature explode.
- Reactive Plates; Energized plates, more protection than before.
- Sensors; Nuff said.
- Communication Array; Nuff said.
- Self Destruct Switch: Nuff said, looks hopeless, blow it all up, for big damage. (Better have means to escape, or else.)
- Robo Brain: Already mentioned.
Flight Bike: It is hover bike all over again, except it flies, and can house one extra ugprade. (5)
- Stablizers; Easier to drive.
- Thrusters; More speed.
- Stealth field; Invisible.
- Damper field; harder to injury.
- Lighting cannon; Enough said, gun fires big beams of lighting.
- Kinetic Gun: Basicly twin gaus guns.
- HUD system: For quicker reaction.
Heavy Frame: Ever saw Apple Seed, with the "Land Mates?" They are border line power suit and yet mecha, as you cannot operate with just your body, they are armor, in the pattern of a human body, bigger than a car. The first "true" mecha in this game,as the exo skeleton, just not armored enough. Holds up to 10 upgrades, and well far more protection than the exoskeleton. (Not as mobile though.)
- Extra Armor: Nuff said.
- Vibro Charge; A sonic boos,t that denotates explosives prematurely.
- Big Claw; Enough said, a big, mean claw, for shredding the enemy.
- Buster Sword; Gigantic sword.
- Hydra Rifle; Enough said, hydra gun, rifle style.
- SRL: Shoulder mounted rocket launcher, big ass rockets, big boom.
- Tsunami Gun: Force wave gun, all three fire modes.
- Turbo Laser; Really powerful quad laser cannon that fires fast.
- Self Repair Polymers; Enough said.
- Damper field; Enough said.
- multi Phase fields; Triple layers of protection with force field above.
- Stealth field; Become invisible.
- Jet pod; Limited flight.
- Stabilizer; Easier to move around.
- Enforced Joints; more power and speed.
- Gyro bubble; More speed.
- Energized crystal; lots of juice.
- Robo Brain: Once vehicle now self mobile.
Mecha: Take the "Walker' make it really big, and give it a humanoid shape, that's a mecha, comes in many flavors, only one job in mind though, out do a tank in mobility, and yet same amount of fire power, and only one pilot needed. Has ability for 14 upgrades:
- Hydra Cannon; Nuff said.
- Energy melee weapon: Come in all shapes and sizes.
- Particle Phalanx: It's a arrary of particle guns, about 12 blasters, fire out in a brillant display akin to spears, that can destroy half a city, uses a lot of juice though.
- Stealth field; Nuff said.
- Void Shield; Ultimate force field, literally "teleports' damage away form mecha, as it goes into nothingness, energy hog though.
- Singularity drive; Biggest, baddest engine. For most juice.
- Big Fist; A gigantic mecha fist for melee cobmat.
- Extra armor; Nuff said.
- Energize plates; Extra defense at key spots.
- Enforced Joints; More power and hp in mecha unit.
- Plasma Devastor; Gigantic plasma gun, two fire modes, burst, and beam.
- Spiral gun; Biggest Slice gun, ever made.
- Self Repair Polymers; nuff said, due to so much hp though,h not nearly as fast as smaller models, be warned.
- Reflex Guns; Enough said, automated high powered guns.
- Sonic Denotater: Denotates explosives before they touch mecha, as a defense against explosive anti vehicle weapons.
Fighter Craft; Only one pilot neede,d it's a strike plane, up to 12 upgrades, top of the line, just well it can still get shot down and stuff.
- Plasma rockets; Rockets, that when go boom, have Plasma pay load.
- Particle Guns: Tri barreled particle gun, does good solid energy damage.
- Fusion Bombs; Drop off these Melt Bombs, (That hurt more, oww.) On target.
- Stablizers; + To drive.
- HUD: + Reaction.
- Thrusters; + Speed.
- Stealth unit: Go invisible.
- Sonic Denotater; Premature denotate bombs.
- Energize Plates: Armor plates, have energy, to well better soak damage.
- TMO: Tactical Missile Ordinance, Smart bomb,s that fly in to blow up targets.
- Prism Beam: Seven in one laser canon, one shot, big pain.
- Deflector: Deflector field, deflects one attack at a time, up to two times. (As it is Industrial strength.)
- Harmonic Field; Now the energy field listed above can get regenerated. (Meaning every three turns, if not shot down, will get deflector bonus.)
- Siege Rifle; Big ass gaus gun, hurts like hell.
- Drones: Makes mini fighters who attack/swarm enemies.
- EMP Pulse; Unleash a EMP wave, that disables unshielded Electronics.
- EMP Shielding; Become immune to the above.
- Robo Brain: In essence a predator, fully automated on roids.
Heavy Walker: The "Big" daddy of the Walker, it is HUGE and has 4 legs, akin to some metallic elephant form time's past, houses up to 16 upgrades, can hold up to 20 people and a 2 person crew needed. Truly awe inspiring with dread.
- Kinetic Harpoon Platform: The ultimate Gaus weapon. Big ass harpoons, propelled with magnetic field generator, the result can destroy cities with ease.
- Hydra Cannon; Nuff said, the ultimate bullet weapon.
- Twin Lava Gun: The Lava gun, is akin to a gigantic melt gun, works by laser physics. (Lasers that work as a Melt Gun, got it/ Good.)
- Extra Armor; Nuff said.
- Self Repair Polymers; Nuff said.
- Energized Plates; More defense.
- Void Field: Energy field, "sucks" damage away.
- Discus Launcher; Launches homing metallic discs, that home in and explode, think a super sci fi grenade launcher.
- Power Engine; More movement.
- Singularity Drive: Lots of juice to expend.
- Hell Bore Gun X3: Akin to the Hell Bore gun of the past. Now fires three rounds of plasma, sabot ammo.
- Sonic Denotater: Premature explode missiles/rockets/bombs.
- Gravity Cannon; Big ass gravity gun, tears/pushes apart obstacles and things by sheer force.
- Launch Pods; Able to "propel" the cargo of troops/team mates out like bombs, which denotate, and allow team mates to act. (Fast deployment/sneak attack options.)
- Plasma Field: Damage aura, to enemies attempting melee.
- Nuke Gun: Propels a "tiny" Tactical nuke in battle, for the really brave or the suicidal.
- Tractor Beam: Sucks up lesser targets, to hold in place to blast to pieces.
- Scatter Gun: Mecha sized shotgun. Mount on the spine.
- Robo Brain: Now a robot.
- Two leg mode: Now walks on tow legs, the upper arms become arms.

Air Ship:
Warp craft:
Mastodon: A rolling mini base, it is a APC, that is so damn big, can house other vehicles, up to 20 people, and well has up to 4 upgrade points. It is a MASSIVE carrier/transport with some offense options, and well needs 4 people to operate.
- Scatter Gun: Enough said, big ole shotgun.
- Hydra Cannon; Ultimate chain gun.
- Octo Launcher; A missile turret, can fire up to 8 missiles at once.
- Inferno Cannon; Souped up flame thrower.
- Extended Bed; Hold even more stuff in place.
- Void Field: Suck up damage.
- Extra Armor: More armor!
- Energize Plate; More defense pre armor.
- Enviro Protection: No enviro damage to vehicle.

Air Ship: It is bigger than a fighter craft, can be a drop ship, or a gunship. It can house up to 12 people. Hold up to 5 upgrades. So many uses. Also three weapons.
- Lighting Cannons: Four lighting cannons, nuff said.
- Tractor Beam: Suck up target.
- Disrupter Turrets: "Bullets' of compressed cosmic energy, that act as a energy machine gun, that rips and explodes targets apart.
- Disassembler; Big nasty nano bomb pay load, the nanites in turn, turn targets to grey matter.
- Orbiter Bay: Air Ship, makes Orbiter bomb drones, which in turn launch, and seek out targets to kamikaze, take tow turns pre unit to be made. (Max pay load is 8.)
- Warp Hole: A teleporting grind, makes tow holes, sucks up target from one point, to another, must use Air ship as anchor for where the target team ends up. (Can only warp team mates.)
- Energized Plates: More defense.
- Void Field; Sucks up damage.
- Triple Shell: As above, three layers.
- Hyper Bubble; Booster / Thruster combo, for he air ship.
- Statisis Shell: Traps targets in a radius, locked in time, cannot be attacked or attack, cannot do anything for next three turns.
- Ion Cannon: The "big gun' option, draws up ltos of pwoer, so cannot do nothing for next three turns, but it is a beam, that hits like a nuke, reduces targets to electrons. With extreme radiation.
- Singularity Drive; More juice. + Recharge rate.
- Mercy Beam: it's a Mercy gun! Launches targets away, works up to 6 times. Then shuts off.
Diamondback: The ultimate Tank, needs only one pilot/gunner/etc. It is a hover craft, so no ground type penalty, and up to 4 upgrades/fire power options/etc.
- Quad Laser Cannon: Powerful 4 barreled cannon, designed to pierce and destroy rival vehicles.
- Power Engine; Move faster.
- Singularity Drive: More juice.
- Smart Servos; " to Dodge.
- Self Repair Polymers; Nuff said.
- Energize Plates: More defense.
- Particle Phalanx: Twelve Particle cannons, aligned to fire as one, as a devasting light show that can wipe out half a city.
- Octo Explosion Gun: Eight Explosion gun,s linked to act as one, to shred up any ranks foolish enough to face down this bad boy.
-Stealth unit; Go invisible.
- Robo Brain: Nuff said.
Behemoth; The biggest damn mecha in the game, needs crew of 4 by default. It is mecha, the size of a battle ship (in height!) It houses up to 18 upgrade,s and can wield the biggest damn weapons around. Be afriad, be very afraid.
- Ship Cleaver: The biggest sword, a sword designed to cleave battleships, skyscrapers, and mountains in half.
- Soul Crush : A fist weapon for the gigantic mecha. Energized field, with kinetic amplifiers and suppressors, for massive pay load of force, at quick speeds.
- Dragon Tusk: A wrist attached spike lance, that is MASSIVE, and as explosives, so as it skewers, it detonates.
- Kinetic Harpoon Launchers; The dreaded harpoon launchers, attached to wrists fo the gigantic arms of the machine.
- Flak Cake: A slag term for a Multi Reactive and Deployment Rocket system, basically pods that store some 30 or so rockets, that split up into "more' rockets, for massive payloads, to destruct the land scape.
- Star Armor: Collapsed Star material as armor. The ultimate armor upgrade, really heavy though. (Slows down greatly.)
- Void Shields: Sucks up damage.
- Lighting Field: Fries nearby enemies and destroys missiles/rockets/small flying craft.
- EMP Shielded; Immune to emp.
- Tower of Light; Attached to the shoulders of the Behemoth, a super charged Photon cannon array, for super charged energy pay loads of raw light.
- Aegis Field: A force field, that protects behemoth, and all enarby friendlies.
- Harmonics; Recharge fields faster.
- Singularity Drive; More juice for stuff.
- Sensors: + Alertness + Detect.
- Stabilizers; Easier to drive.
- Reactive Field: Turn on, + Die to defense and attack for next 3 turns.
- Flare Gun: Plasma torch, launches fire balls to break up enemy formations.
- Rumble Gun: Kinetic Force gun, designed to take out targets of the Behemoth's caliber. (Level 9-10 menaces in size.)
- Laser Matrix: Lots of tiny lasers, lots of pretty lights, so much death.
- Hercules Missiles; Giant Fusion based missiles, to glass the battle field.
- The last Resort: Self Destruct switch. Nuff said.
Warp Fighter: A soup up fighter that can teleport. 8 upgrades.
- Hydra Gun; Nuff said, the uber chain gun.
- Stealth field; Warp and stealth, yikes.
-Booster; More speed.
- Power Engine; More juice for specials.
- Fusion Torpedoes; Torpedoes, launched by gaus launchers, and explode like a melt bomb. Big hurt.
- Smart Servos; To dodge.
- Stabilizers; Easier ot steer.
- Prism laser; The Ultimate laser, seven laser lights in one blast, for maximum shredding.
- Robo Brain: The only level 10 that can have a robo brian. (other stuff too big, have not made a brian for that size yet.)
Leviathan: The biggest vehicle, a land based battle ship, needs 5 crew members, 22 upgrades, in which is armed to the teeth.
- Kinetic Harpoons: Ultimate gaus weapon, launches super propelled harpoons. That pierce and devaste.
- Star Armor; Material of a collapsed star as armor, the ultimate armor upgrade. So damn heavy though.
- Void Shield: Shield that sucks up damage. Runs on juice though.
- Reactive Engine: Booster for a Leviathan,even so, still not that fast.
- Singularity Drive; More juice.
- Dragon Fire: A multi launcher of tiny Suns, the ultimate plasma gun.
- Particle Lance Phalanx: Now, 24 Particle cannons, for even more fire power.
- Annihaltor: Massive quantum bomb, that erases target material from space/time.
- Cannonade: Fourteen explosion guns, linked.
- Overlord Gun: Big, mean battle cannon. The biggest battle cannon.
- Energizer Plates: + Defense.
- Orbiters: Drones, that lock on, and explode, suicide bomber style.
- Tractor Beam: Lock on, and drag targets in to slaughter.
- Volcano Cannon: Big, mean Laser, met to melt away targets.
- Ion Cannon: A nuke gun. Super charged radiation beam. Reduces to electrons.
- Sonic Detonate; Destroy explosions before it can scratch you.
- EMP Shielded; Immune to emp.
- Replicators: ammo caches for the team onboard.
- Harden Materials; Armor is now tougher to damage.
- Proton Cannon: Another nuke gun. This one, super charges particles with a magnetic field, the results in a cone, for controlled nuclear reactions.

Extra vehicles.

New Vehicles!
Level 1: Flying Chair: A flying chair, it is comfortable, can only hold 1 weapon and only two upgrades though. The simpelst vehicle.
- Blasters
- Rockets
- Taser Spikes.
-Robo Mind
-Force field
-Warp tech.
Level 2: Cyber Horse: A cyber animal! The horse has machine parts, but it's brain and heart are mostly still horse. You can have up to 1 weapon. Also 3 upgrades.
Eye Lasers:
Power Drill
Thunder Cannon
Bladed feet
Stealth field
Personal Force field
Motorized Limbs
jump jets
extra armor
Healing nanites
Enforced frame.
Level 3: Monocycle: A motorcycle in a wheel like device, it rolls and the motorcycle drives. Can hold up to 2 weapons and 3 upgrades. Also three seats. one cente rpiece and tow on eahc side of the wheel, yet some how do not roll with the wheel.
- X plosion Gun: A x gun is now in play at a station.
-Chain Gun: A chain gun n a seat compartment.
-Multi Missile: A box shaped launcher with rocke tpower.
- Flame thrower: A gun that fires out flames.
- Drill bit: At the front station of the Monocycle, a drill for drilling things.
Extra armor: Less likely to break.
Force field: Energy field to deflect damage.
Self Repairing Nanites: getting parts health again.
Booster: More speed.
Power Wheel: The wheel of the Monocycle is so strong,the cycle can climb up walls.
Level 4: Drop Ship: Classic drop ship, to aid in helpnig the ground troops. Comes with only one weapon, you pick upgrades.Up to three

Air to Ground Missile

Health ray:
Cloaking field
Smart servos:
Cargo Hold:
Level 5: Giante: A massive humanoid walker. 4 weapons, 4 upgrades.

Finger cannons
Chain fist:
Boom Tube:
Laser Cannons:
Particle Phalanx
Smart bombs

Bio Scanner:
More armor
Smart Servos
Cloaking Field:
Medi Depot:
Level 6: Flying Saucer: A classic design. 3 upgrades, 2 weapons.
Speed: 30
Heat Ray
Boom Tube
Gamma Rockets
Sun Gun

Extra armor
Cloaking device
Self repairing nanites
Force field

Level 7: Cybersaur: A walking cyborg dinosaur. Can have up to 3 weapons, and three upgrades of choice.
Armor: 50

Cyber tail:
Cyber teeth
Flame thrower
Hidden blades:
Funnel Cannon:
Mega Smashers:


Motorized Limbs
Extra Armor
Heighted Reflexs:
Harden Interior:
Force field
Repairing Nanites

Level 8: Turtle Tank:

The turtle tank, a oddity of construction, yet it provides itself as a mobile cannon. So it has some use. can pick 1 of three weapons, and up to two upgrades.

Voclano Gun:
Particle Phalanx
Bomb spread:

More Armor
Heal health points
Jump jet.

Level 9: Transformer: A plane that changes into a walker.
Armor: 40
Speed: 15
Up to two weapons and three upgrades.

Vuclan guns
Blaster rifle
missile storm
power hands

Warp: A warp drive, can teleport for a few turns.
Force Field; Enough said.
Healing plating; Enough said, regen robot.
Advanced targeting; To make sure it hits, and it hits av unerable spot.

Level 10: Mother Ship:

The biggest and meanest flying machine ever made. Not only can it house a entire team, but it is armed to the teeth, below is the armaments the Mother Ship has. Can only pick 2 upgrades sadly.
- Planet Cracker: A beam so intense it explodes parts of the earth/soil/battle field away. Takes a while to power up.
- Missile Assault: Air to air missiles.
- Particle array: The normal guns, particle guns, both air and ground targets.

Gravity Drivers: More speed
Diamondtech Plating: More armor
Self repairing nanites: Heals hp.
Megafield: A super force field

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Drifter Gear/shop. Empty Re: Drifter Gear/shop.

Post  Chou Blaster on Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:48 pm

1:Hank:200 points.

Hyper Computer (80)


Used Replicator twice,three Orbiters.

Photonic Shield (40)

So 200 is spent.

Replicator: Now 6 slots left to make copies.Just cannot do a level 10.

Edit: new Replicator spends:
-1-2: Orbiters.
3-4: Bone Armor
5-6: Hyper Computers
7: 1 Cyber Suit
8:1 Cyber Beast suit.

Done with Replicator.It recharges after the battle and before battle 2.

2: Rei

Plasmids: Takes a day off business, grants powers.Also 100pts spent.

3; Original Micky: Accelerator: Now with super speed!(100pts.) Knocks a day off him as well.

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Drifter Gear/shop. Empty Re: Drifter Gear/shop.

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