Supreme: The Early Years

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Supreme: The Early Years

Post  Chou Blaster on Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:29 pm

-Cue a small house in a small town, as a tornado was destroying said town. Heading towards the house, it was yellow with a green top.:

:Inside is a large family, the focus is in one of the women's wombs. inside is a baby, who feels his mom's fear and thinks.:

"Stop it."

:As the house shook, the twister disappears.:

:Sigh of relief.:

-Years latter

:Cue a trailer in a green field next to a farm, a young boy with curly hair and hazel eyes was running around. Trips, and gets a mean cut, yet does not cry because it heals within seconds. He notices a pig with a broken leg, grabs the leg and it heals. He keeps playing, in the end riddled with fleas and had to get a hot bath.:

:Also observes he picks up a tractor, in which his family witness.:

:At school he actually gets into a fight, wins, without a punch, as the kid breaks his fist on his face.:

:He looks to the stars, in which his father comes out.:

Dad: Hey, I heard what happened.

Kid: Dad, what am I?

Dad: I do not know, but you are my son. Your not a alien Daniel, your special. You cause no problems, you make us all happy. Your the best son a man can ask for.

Dan: Thanks dad. I just do not know, the teacher said I was a island. But, people cannot do that.

Dad:... Yes, your unique, but you have company. Come on, we will talk this out.

-Years pass.

:Dan is now a janitor at a hospital, notices a fmaily visiting, small child smiles at him, he waves, kid waves, parents move on.: "I do not blame them." :He thought, as he actually heals some of the sick, on his own.:

:He in turn goes home, seeing his girl friend commited suicide. He cries, and he does not shout with his vocal cords, but with his mind.:

-All around the world, for a brief twelve seconds, heard a painful roar/cry. Of pure pain.-

-To be Continued.

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Re: Supreme: The Early Years

Post  Chou Blaster on Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:04 am


:Has great amount of pain and lost in his system. After his shift was over and she was buried, he had a idea.:

"Hey, if my arms can lift heavy stuff, my legs must be strong too."

:He squats down, and pushes. Making a small crater as he literally leaps over a sky sraper and lands on top of a building, small cracks.: "Hmmmm."

:He was curious, as he does it again, making a hole on the roof, as he focus.:

"Need, some form of propulsion, and control." :His legs fire off golden energy and he feels a invisible force, that directs his flight pattern to his thoughts.:

:Gone from Metro City, he flies across the world, seeing the sights, as he was a blur. Soon enough gets another idea. He focus as hard as he can, he literally creates his costume out of thin air.:

:It was akin to Spider Man and Invincible, black, red, and silver to the mix. He then decides to help the world. He goes to Ethiopia, and blankets the land with life, to feed the hungry, he flies to the middle East and disarms all the weaponry. He then goes to Jamaica, that is about to be sieged by a hurricane, he flies in and claps really hard. The hurricane splinters into heavy rain along the Gulf Coast. And he did all of this in five minutes.:

:He was flying some more, though then jet planes notice him.:

Pilot: Ummm, We got a man flying here. What should we do?

NORAD: Are you serious!? Then again, the blimp is small. Kill the alien invader.

:Cue them firing vuclan fire at Supreme, the big bullets merely bounce off, then came missiles. The blast knock Supreme in the air, tumbling down before he gets back in control. Still in the air.:


:Goes home to relax. Latter though hears a news flash, in which a asteroid is heading for Earth, in a matter off days. he suits up and flies out of the window, going into space and passes the Moon in five seconds, he was serious, as he saw the giant rock. He flies right in, smashing the massive rock, and pushes it towards the asteroid belt, where it should be, back on Earth NASA records the incident.:

Nasa worker1: Did, that just happen.

Nasa Worker2: It's, a miracle. :Phone in military as Dan flies back to Earth, going faster, as he enters the atmosphere.:

-To be Continued, Last piece.

"I am Supreme!"

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I am Supreme

Post  Chou Blaster on Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:45 am

- I am Supreme!

:Days past, the world does not know as a whole, to who was doing all of this. One fine afternoon, a large space craft appears. Looming over Metro City as three figures stood out. Two of them were massive robots, the last was a bald man in body armor.:

"I am Orion, and as I have no world, I will take command of your world. Either you submit, or we will force you to!"

:Cue a figure holding a Mega Phone.: "Your not welcomed here, as you threaten us! We will not submit to your whims."

:Dan just got home from work, as the Army is attempting to respond to Orion.:

:Cue the space ship, blowing the city away with it's awesome fire power.:

:Dan suits up and flies off to face the threat.:

:As he gets there a blue energy bolt hits him and he goes into a building, he was in a reat deal of pain, and gets up.:

Orion:You, survived a disruption bolt! Alpha, Beta, deal with him!!!

:The two machines fly to Supreme, as he dodges their flying tackles. Upper cuts Alpha into space and Beta punches him really hard, out of the city limits. As they fought, Alpha flying back for some more.:

:Ass they fought across the globe, their impacts could be seen from space, sort of like a nuclear explosion, but air/wind looking like, as they toured the world, some colletral damage in place.:

:He in turn was not feeling so good, getting tag teamed and all. As he grabs one of them, uses it as a club against the other, he in turn unleashes pent up mental energy, said force torn and melted the alien machines. With that, he flies back to the city. As Orion looks on, shock and awe. He felt his mind, but did not see him, as Supreme flies into the ship, and smashes through it, it crashes into the ocean.:

:It was revealed Orion could fly. As he stares at Supreme, as SUpreme is about to attack, his mind fires up with pain. Orion was mind screwing him.:

"Simple human, your like the other humans. Your special, because you *think* your special. Your mind, is your power, and I, will stop this!"
:Supreme was on his knees, as then Orion kicks him, right into a bus that got crushed/deformed from the impact.:

:He gets up, but still out of shape. Til he remembers something, how his family loved him, and were proud of the kind of man he became. Most of all, he thinks of the most important thing around.: "Hope."

Orion: Hope!? That will not s- :Supreme got up and punched him in the face, breaking his nose.: How! : He then turns on super speed, they fight in the city, holes knocked through sky scrapers and utter destruction. TIl in the end, Orion was on his knees. Supreme standing over him.:

Orion: I have lost, I guess I will go to prison now.

Supreme: No.

Orion: You serve the law! You must follow the rules.

Supreme: Not a cop, and there is no jail that can contain you, you'll escape and cause more pain, and death. I cannot allow that.

Orion: wait!

:Supreme slams his hands into Orion's head, instant decapitation, no more head, falls to the ground.:

Bystander: Who are you?

Supreme: Just, call me Supreme. :Leaps into the air and flies off again.:

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Re: Supreme: The Early Years

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