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Society of Super People

Post  Chou Blaster on Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:24 am

(This takes place after The Order, group meeting. And a name change, because well, read group meeting, you'll see why.)

:Matt was smoking out of his pipe. While Diego taught Juno some language, and Earth stuff.:

Matt: Hmmm... We may need more members. But for now. We must focus.. :He closes his eyes, and remembers Juno's story, he peers, into time and space. Seeing the evil that did it to her people.:

"By God! It's the Serpent!"

:Sends out mental waves.:

:Everyone hears it, Mantis, had finished on a new toy, and tries it out, a portal device! Steps in, and appears in his house.:

Mantis: i got new toys since the last time. :And in her visor display, one can see she has many gauges and systems. For weapons? 25.:

(BTW, I did Twilight as a new story line, anyone else you wanna see get their own plot line? Supreme don't count, obviously.)

:Mantis, Diego, Magnus Matt and Juno were there. Waiting for the others.:

:Miss Twilight, was trying to relax. Actualy took a break from criem fighting, hearing the call, tries to suit up, when, yeah, he appears.:

Supreme: I heard the call, and figured you could use a.. lift.. :As, she was trying to change, he saw that well, she was naked, partially.: "I am sorry, but I will say this, you are a beautiful woman."

:She dresses as he looks away, afterwards she speaks in costume.: "Do you know who I am now?"

Supreme:.. Yeah, but I am not saying anything.

MT: This time, can you take my plane with us? in case you know, I may need it.

Supreme: Sure!

:Tony meanwhile got there, no problem. As he was flying, and fast at it.:

:Cue Supreme, holding on to her plane as he flies, making the barrier so it does not get hurt or destroyed.:

:They were all there, outside, as the Magnus was at work.:

"I know what attacked Juno's people! It is a force, caleld the Serpent!

Mantis; Snakes... Why did it have to be snakes.

Supreme: Good one!

Twilight: So, a fear?

Supreme: Girl, you and me need to see Indiana Jones or something.

Twilight: Really?

Supreme: Yeah.

Twilight: Nice, I'll removed my mask, if you do yours.

Supreme: No problem, I'm not even famous or anything, so I can keep a low profile.

Twilight: ^_^

*Mantis, sighes, under the armor.*

JunO: Yes! Big snake! Me want to hurt it!

Magnus: And you'll get your chance. Now, follow me. Diego, you may want to turn your powers on.

:He becomes the hulking, Diego thing, adn they step into a white hole.:


*Except for Twilight, that hole was BIG, and she flies her plane into it, as the others enter, as by wlaking, as stated.:

-To be continued.

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Re: Society of Super People

Post  Chou Blaster on Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:25 pm

*Cue the results!*

*The world in question was in ruins, red sky, Juno naturally looks mad, having her stick thing and soon they saw it.:

:It's... EYES! It's damn eyes! Pure evil! And then the body, a massive snake from Hell.:

"Fools, I am Eternal, as long evil exists, so shall i, I am the Serpent! I will be king!"

Magnus: Foul thing from behind! We will save this world from your influence! Team, attack!

:As his hands made runes and stuff, as he flies to them. Diego leaps, Tony, Supreme and Juno fly to the monster.:

Twilight: A.. God monster, what the Hell am I supposed to do!?
:The last one to fly up were her and Mantis.:

:Twilight's guns and missiles, did not really do jack on him. As Diego/Brute2 (Brute 1, bad guy, remembered that.)

:As for Brute2, he grabbed on to it's head, smashing it, each punch, stronger than the last, as Magnus fires lots of spears and arrows of light, impaling it, and mana holy beams.:

:Tony and Supreme deck the thing, their blows actually DID something. Also Juno, who's power eenrgy weapon was smacking him up.::

*Supreme's punch, knocked a freakken tooth out!:

:While Mantis was hitting buttons.:

Serpent: You.. Harmed.. ME!!!??? ME???! I am eternal! Your strong mortals, but still mortal! Especially YOU!!!

:Cue eyes glowing, shakes and moves, flinging Diego off, and as for Supreme... EYE BEAMS!:

:They stuck, sending him to the ground. Making a trench, a impressive one at that, he was knocked the fuck out, with tears in costume, and his mask was gone.:

:The Serpent held Juno in his JAWS. Her raw strength kept her from being eaten. Tony now launches a gravity bolt, which reacts as a punch, a strong on, and helps Juno escape, as Magnus conjures up a bright light, harming the things eyes, as they were closed.:

Mantis: come on.. Come on!! Got it!


*In her basement, cue a massive gun, it teleports, right into her hands, Proton Cannon style.:

"Eat blaster you bastard!!!"

*BOOM. Big ass blast of energy!:

:Twilight, got out of her plane after finding Supreme, runs over to him.: "Hey! Wake up! Wake up!"

:Shaking him, while seeing his face, had no idea who he was, but it did not help the crush factor.:

:He wakes up, feeling the wind, his mask.. Was GONE!: "Crap."

Twilight: i still, have no idea who you are. Relax.

:As the others kept on hitting the Serpent, that wave motion blaster stung like hell, and Diego well, was starting to hurt him now, as Tony and Juno kept on the offense. Magnus using even MORE powerful spells now.:

Supreme: Let's end this.

Twilight: Do we still get to see Indiana Jones?

Supreme: if we survive.

:As he stands up, looks on, as the monster was attacking again, and USpreme flew up, full force, upper cutting it.:

:The Godzilla sized snake actually flew into the air! Just a little bit, and came down... LAUGHING!:

"Amusing. I'll free this world and leave. I got five so far. The red amazons shall be spared. But remember this, I will not forget you. Also, I am not the worst. I may be evil, but, I rule. THere is another."

Magnus: Another?

Serpent: Yes, I am a good of evil.. Human, so you know me, due to your magic. The other? Technology. And he is worse. He, destroys worlds."

"I, collect them."

:Laughes, Predator style, and vanishes in smoke.:

Magnus: That, is not good.

Tony: Ya think!?

:Juno smiles, seeing the women returning, with their male servants, as she flies down.: "Your free! Your free!

:Afterwards though, she still had to leave. Because she had to do it, with help.:

:Mantis's big gun vanished, as she spoke.:

"Can we got home now?" :Made calculations, tossing a bomb type thing. And well a hole opens up. As the others join her, and go in.:

:Out the other side, was Matt's mansion.:

Matt: Well gang, I think we won, to a degree. I am going to try to recruit new people, give us a edge, you know?*

*- Note: Three more of my people are going to show up. Also, he may "visit" others in a attempt to recruit *Others*

:Diego now normal: Well, that will be nice.

Mantis: I am going home, I need to do things. *Gone*

Tony: What now?

*Juno well, looks sad.*

Tony: Do not worry, I'll still be here for you. :Cue inter species hug.:

Twilight: Umm Matt, is there, anything you can help with? Like you did with Tony?

Matt: you want, magic item!? Sure, I guess. I only gave Tony the Blue Sphere, because I dubbed him worthy, and I am afraid I cannot really teach you magic, because it takes years. And that's if your "GOOD."

But, I am sure we can get you a artifact, a fetish or something.

Twilight: A fetish!?

Matt; That's a magic artifact, used by stone age people and stuff.

Twilight: Oh.

:They go to the room of magic stuff. Matt realizes her problem, in that she is human, not super human.:

:He hands her a small wand. A small fetish thing that looks like a bug, and a golden ring.:

Twilight: Thanks, but what do they do?

Matt; The Wand is your typical blasting wand, has three charges a day. The bug fetish is a health fetish, will make you heal faster, and less tired and stuff. The last is the ring of summoning. If you know someone by face and name. you can summon them.

Twilight: Thank you.

Matt: Your welcome.

:After that, Matt ponders.: "What the Hell, am i going to do with the rest of my life? Play hero? And collect weird crap!? God, I need someone. Diego, is to be my replacement, if my children do not want it. Oh well, I need a woman. Yeah, probably. And not to clean or cook. The house cleans itself and I can cook. Hmmm."

*Twilight and Supreme were at his place.*

Supreme: So miss Susan Okuana, you never saw Indiana Jones huh?

Susan: Yeah, I was busy, a good deal of my life. You?

Supreme: I was just a guy born with this. So, school came easy, experimenting with my powers. Lots of video games, movies, and books. I'm a nerd in a jock's body.

Susan: You don't say?

:They were in regular clothes.:

Susan: So, what do you do? Besides the Supreme thing?

Dan: Well. My name is Dan, I work as a jantior at a hospital, and use my powers to heal the *patients.*

Susan: Nice to meet you Dan, that's a lovely thing.

*They watch the Raiders of the Lost Ark* "Wow."

"I know right?"

:She laughes when Indy shoots the sword guy.: "He may have been killed, but I would have used the gun too."

:After a bit, there was a noise at the door, Dan opens it. It was Lacey.:

Lacey: Dan, there you are.. I just. :Sees Susan: "What the Hell!?

Dan: What?

Lacey: What's Susan Okuana doing in your home?

Susan: Hi, we're friends.

Lacey: Friends? How the Hell do you know her Dan! She is a spoiled brat hwo tries to act like mother Thersa! Surgeon my ass.

Dan: The truth is we met by chance when she visited Metro City. We're watching Raiders of the lost Ark. We're not lovers or anything.

Lacey: yeah yeha. Men, your alike. I also found out about the others.

Dan: Others?

Lacey: Holly, Jenni. You get around Dan. I.. Loved you adn this.

Dan: Wait, what!?

Lacey: ya, that's why I came on to you at the Christmas party, tohugh I was drunk.. But yeah, everyone knew, but you.

Dan: Lacey, that's great, maybe we can date.

Lacey: No, no on. Just stay with your sugar mamma, she'll provide you needs. Freakken Janitor.


:Dan closes the door.:

*Susan, felt insecure, sure, she was healthy, and attractive. but, Lacey had more curves. Oh well.:

:Dan sits down:

Susan: Who was that bitch anyway?

Dan: Yeah, bitch is right. She is a doctor at my hospital, found her attractive, but, her personality always rubbed me off.

Susan: Well. I think your handsome. And, your one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful man on Earth! And with my money, we could do good together.

Dan:... That's nice. But, I want love and respect. I do not need money, why I am like this. But yeah, I think your attractive, Susie. (That and Lacey just blew me off, Holly was a whore, and Jenni... Dear God no.)

"I guess we can try a relationship. If you like.

Susan:... The truth, is, I do not get to socialize much. I only had one crush, and still a virgin.

Dan: Who the Hell did this happen?

Susan: Truth is, I am kinda Asexual, I was driven to revenge and stuff. I, never had a taste for girls. And most men are disgusting. but I admire good, storng men.. Like.. You.

Dan: Well. You got him, but, how are we going to be a couple, you live pretty far away, and I doubt you'll move.

Susan: Super speed, silly.

Dan: Right.

:They finish, and he takes her home. He leaves.:

Susan: Maybe.. Maybe next time.

:Looks to the ring, with a grin on her face.:

*Dan went home... Pondering, if he is doing the right thing.*

Note: Hey, Midnighter and Apollo are lovers, why not fem Batman and a SIiver Surfer/Superman/Plutoian deal :p.

-More on the way.
Next time: More stuff! Including a new thread. " Chrono Break"

What the hell is Chrono Break you ask?


For starters: Kingdom Come, CAU style. (And yeah, I wrote up something for ALL the characters so far. including Red Mask, Chameleon, and Black Arrow. As to what happens to them.)

In other news: I got the new recruits on the way, and Miss Twilight villains. Including, "The Voice." (The Joker, if the Chou wrote him.) Hang Man (Scarecrow) Land Shark (Killer Croc mutant shark thingy.) "Gamer" (The Riddler) White Fox (Catwoman! And yeah hse's bi, so she'll hit on her and the men.) and "The Blot" (Clayface.)

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Re: Society of Super People

Post  Chou Blaster on Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:33 am

Story! (No battles, but plot.)

-Diego and Juno both were studying, as Tony was with Matt/Magnus.:

:Magnus teleports, giving Tony Instructions.:

"You will find John Baker, I will get Angela and Sam. We both will get Peter."

T'Nay: *Telepathy, world wide and such due to the blue Sphere power up.* "What about Red Mask and The Chameleon?

Magnus: The Chameleon's a weak fool, and Red Mask is just crazy."

* Magnus appears to Angela, a strong female role model, who worked at a CSI lab. She saw this and spoke: "Who or what are you?

Magnus: I am a master of magic, and trying to be a super hero. Your special, your time line is controlled only by yourself, making fast, or others slow. That is a handy trick.

Angel: Do I have to wear spandex/

Magnus: No, I am not.

*Elsewhere. In Basin City, T'Nay turns human and seeks out John Baker.:

:Finds him, making clothes, looks, normal, but T'Nay could read and feel his thoughts. Good God.:

"John Baker?"

"How do you know me stranger?"

:Tony reveals self.: "Telepathy."

John: A space alien huh? Great, just great. I am just a man, and John Baker, is my mask. My face? is the Grey."

Tony: I know Grey, I know. You, fight a one man war against "bad" people. You, have a reason, and resourceful, it is those reasons we are considering you, as you lack powers.

Grey: I gotta eat, pay rent, how am I suppose to be a full fledge "hero."

Tony: We can work that out.


:Appears at a ranch, cue the tall man walking out.:

Magnus: Sam Castle?

:Sam turns around and shouts, cue Captain Marvel style powers.: "That's Myth, to you mr."

Magnus: Impressive, mythology powers. Sadly I know lots of magic tricks, and could summon Supreme here. Right now.

Myth: Fine, what's the offer? :Hears him out.: "Society huh? Cute, what the Hell, it could be fun."

:Tony and Magnus appear at Peter's home, he was black. And heard it out.: "Gee, actually super people. Well, i'll use my powers to help, I guess.

:During this time. Mantis/Elizabeth was at work on something.:

- Supreme/Twilight

:Dan was at work, then, vanishes without a trace. Appears in Susan's mansion.: "What, what happened? :Sees her in work out clothes.:

Susan: It works.

Dan: What works?

:Susan shows the ring, and the story.:

"Well, isn't that nice." :Smiles.: So, what exactly are we to do? What if people find out?

Susan: They wouldn't. And everyone here likes me, so no jealousy.

:She treats him to a diner and a movie, and well. They end up sleeping together.:

Dan: (Gee, a office romance, this could be quite a scandal. And I could not believe she was a virgin til just then. Weird, how things work.)

:She was happy, and lays on him, he decides not to movie.:

Character References.

Angela/Swift: The speedster, because of Zoom style powers. (Time.)

Myth is Captain Marvel, due to channeling mythology/fantasy powers. (Can pick up to 6.)

Grey: Rorschach. my way, and his mask has no face, so like Slenderman in a trench coat and hat, with lots of death dealing weapons in the coat pockets.

Prime: Powerful black man, a flying brick, with atom/.atomic powers. (Besides energy, can grow and shrink, and stuff.)

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Re: Society of Super People

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