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Tales Of The Chou

Post  Chou Blaster on Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:01 pm

OOC: The last super hero thing. And no, not CAU or even Society of Super People. Just a random idea I had.


1: Has nothing to do with the "Robo Chous" in "Chrono Break."

2: This is me flipping the "Ultimate Warrior" the finger! Due to seeing the online stuff that mocks that horrible comic, I got a idea.

"Hey, if some random asshole got a comic book based on something. Why not me?"

It actually has plot and sanity. To a degree.

Story: It is the story of Brian (Me) who decides to write about the Chou, and in a parallel reality. Chou is created, and stuff.


:Cue Earth, our Earth. At the house of Brian, he is typing away and speaks.: "Wow, wouldn't be great, if this stuff were real?"

* Cue a random plane of existence, light, dark, morphing land scapes and such. Cue a bright white blast of energy, like a sphere.*

"To be real, to live, that's my dream." :Spoke the being born of the energy flux. He notes the odd place he was in, gravity, was fractured, and many different types of environments.:

"What, is this place?" :He notes around, before running and jumping, curious as to this place, he was born from.:

"This will be, interesting." :He had NO IDEA, only to know what his name was.:

"Chou." :Clutches his hands.:

*Brian wakes up latter*

"Whoa, that was strange."

:And in the depths of Creation, that aspect of fiction, the Chou was wandering about, encountering more beings, like himself.:

*Cut for now. As this computer/connection well sucks.*

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