Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

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Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:06 pm

Just going to be putting the entirety of the epic Doomsday battle from Storyboard into here for quick and easy access once I'm finished.

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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:14 pm

An epic DC Nation Story.
The Battle Begins
Planet Earth was peaceful as it gets, considering the super villains and alien invaders all around the world. However, things were about to get very violent and destructive. For a metal ball was hurting through space and heading to Earth. Within the ship was one of the most destructive and powerful creatures in the Universe: The Doomsday Monster. A monster created by Kryptonian Scientists so long ago, created by killing and rebuilding the monster so many times that it became unstoppable. It was imprisoned by The Guardians and sent across the Universe and is now heading towards Earth to meet it's greatest opponent. The Man of Steel, Superman!

The metal ship crashed into the Earth and after years of traveling through the Universe it was all worn down and the impact was the last straw and the ship broke apart. From it's wreckage emerged a tall demonic alien. The Doomsday Monster.

The monster took in it's new surroundings as it walked out of the crater, felt the wind on it's body for the first time in a hundred years, and with a roar of rage it went on the attack.

In the arctic, Superman, known to his family and friends as mild mannered reporter Clark Kent, was enjoying time away from it all in his Fortress of Solitude. He was snapped out o his relaxation when he heard his father's voice. "My Son."

He stood up. "Jor-El."

"My is time. The Doomsday Monster has arrived on Earth. Your Final Trial is at hand."

Superman had spoken with his father several times but this time it was different, he sounded so....sad, so melancholy. Superman stood tall. "So it is. Alright, I'll stop it. This monster will not win." He walked to the door.

"Kal-El, whatever happens, know that I love you."

"I love you too father." Superman opened the door. "And I'm coming back. I promise." He listened for the monster and then flew off.

Superman arrived at the town in seconds to find everything in flames. The monster had destroyed the entire town. Superman could tell with just a glance that there were no survivors. He clenched his fists in anger, his eyes glowing red as he fired his heat vision down on the beast. Doomsday roared and turned to face the new enemy just as Superman was zipping down and punching it in the face, sending the monster skidding along the ground, creating a trench for miles before the monster stopped and stood up. Superman flew after it again but the monster blurred with incredible speed and punched Superman up into the sky up to the clouds. He stopped and rubbed his jaw. He felt something wet and looked at his hands. The monster actually made his lip bleed with that punch. He held his arms out to the side as the yellow sunlight shined on him and then flew back down to the monster only to find it already rampaging blindly, already tearing through a forest. Superman circled around and then cut it off at super speed and uppercutted it several miles away. The monster landed on it's feet though and as Superman was flying at it like a missile the monster was already super speeding towards him and the two clashed. Superman punched it twice while dodging the monster's strike. As he went for another punch though the monster grabbed his fist and stopped it cold. It then retaliated with a super speed punch that sent Superman away.
He crash landed several miles away into another town and bounced across the ground and skidded to a stop.
"Hey look it's Superman!"
"Come on help him up!" Superman got up on his own though. "Everybody listen to me! You have to get away from here! The Doomsday monster will be here any second!"
"Who's Doomsday?" A person asked.
Superman saw the monster rushing towards the town. "That!" He flew forward to stop it and tackeled the monster and dug a long trench with it's body before it punched him away. He landed on his feet, inhaled and blew at the monster using his super breath. The super breath could freeze whole rivers but the monster continued forward and even with the super breath slowing it down, the monster kept coming. It reached Superman and punched him in the chest, sending him back through the air across the town and into a Clock Tower, causing it to collapse. Superman broke out and held his chest. He saw the monster already on the attack against the town. It was throwing trucks through the air into buildings and tossing people through the air. Remembering what happened to the last town, Superman gritted his teeth and flew at it and uppercut the monster again. The moment it was airborne, he used his speed to put out fires and rescue people from burning and collapsing buildings. "Get to safety. I'm going to take the monster away from the city!" He told the survivors and flew up after the monster. The monster righted itself up in mid-air and grabbed Superman as he was flying after it and the two grappled as they landed on the ground. The monster managed to get the upper hand, grabbed the back of Superman's head and slammed it against the ground and began running at super speed, grinding Superman's head against the ground as it for a mile before Superman managed to trip it up by smacking it's leg, the monster's forward momentum causing it to go flying. Superman got up on one knee and rubbed his face. He had a few cuts and bruises but nothing too bad. He spit on the ground and continued forward, racing after the Doomsday monster and started punching it in the stomach repeatedly before the monster slammed it's hands onto his back, creating a crater with the impact and causing an Earthquake. The monster then pounded on his head again before kicking him away. Superman flew away and bounced across the ground painfully and as he was starting to get up he saw the monster leaping after him and it stomped on his face. The monster roared in triumph for a moment and then felt a burning sensation as steam started rising up out of the monster's foot and then two orange lights emitted from it's foot as Superman's heat vision started burning through it. Doomsday roared and fell back giving Superman time to fly up away from it and continue firing his heat vision. The heat vision was entirely focused on the monster and had the heat of a nuke behind it. The monster roared and thrashed under the power of the heat vision beams before falling down. Superman rose up into the air and continue blasting the monster. As he kept it up however, the monster's foot closed up and bony protrusions filled in the holes and it's skin started becoming harder. The monster's eyes glowed and it snarled as it started getting up and then leaped up into the air, bursting through the heat vision to punch Superman several miles away. He hit the ground hard and his heat vision turned off. He noticed he was in a city now. Superman blinked and touched his chest, he was bleeding now. He shook off the impact and flew up after the monster and managed to smack it out of the air and came down after it. The two clashed with each other and the blows between the two started causing Earthquakes for miles until a titanic blow send Superman rocketing back to the city and through a building. He hit the one after it and fell to the ground. Doomsday marched after him and walked towards him. It growled and snarled at Superman, the monster was stronger now but Superman was not the type to quit. He tried to get up as the monster prepared to smash him but it was interrupted by two red boots to the face, sending it flying across the city whre it was smashed down into a crater by another hero. A hand was offered to Superman and he took it. "Sorry we're late. Are you okay Kal?"
"I'll be fine. Thanks for coming Kara." He smiled and then looked up. His super vision letting him see the other helper.
Superman and Supergirl flew over to Superboy. "Thanks for the helping hand Son."
Conner nodded. "Jor-El filled us in. We've contacted the League. They'll be here soon."
The monster stood up and roared. "Get ready, here he comes again."

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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

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The Kryptonian trio readied themselves as the monster slammed it's arms down on the ground, sending out a shockwave through the city, tossing vehicles and people and causing buildings to break down. Superman gritted his teeth. "Kara! Conner! You two help the people, I'll keep Doomsday busy!"
"We can't let you fight it alone!" Conner insisted.
"We can't let those people die either, now go!" Superman told his family and blitzed towards Doomsday.
"We have our orders, come on!" The two blitzed through the city and started rescuing the people, even grabbing the ones that were being thrown through the air and helping others that were being buried alive in the buildings.
Superman slammed into the monster and began punching it repeatedly but the monster grabbed Superman by his cape and threw him across the city.
Conner had just finished helping the people when he saw Superman be tossed away. Conner rushed the monster and leaped up over it and punched the monster. Superboy continued the assault, giving it multiple haymakers before giving it a hard right that sent the monster flying through the air to smash through three buildings. He flew after it and was about to punch it down again when the monster grabbed his arm in mid-air and tossed him down to the ground, making a giant crater on impact.
Doomsday landed right next to the Superboy and gave him a super strong punch that sent him flying, creating a mile long trench with his body.
Before it could attack him again though, Supergirl attacked it from behind and gave it a super punch of her own that blew out every window in the street.
With the monster soaring up into the air, she checked on Superboy. He was bleeding from the punch but other than that, he was fine. Superboy spit on the ground and accepted her hand to help him up. "Watch it, that thing's strong. Where's dad?"

Conner got his answer when they saw a speeding blur
slam into the monster and punch it up into the air further and away from the city. Superman then grabbed the monster by it's legs and flung it up into space and followed it up. Once the monster was away from the Earth's atmosphere, Superman flew up behind it and then smashed the monster over the head with a hammer punch that sent it back down towards the Earth. Superman flew after it and grabbed it from behind and pushing it down towards the Earth at superhuman speeds, causing the monster and Superman to both catch on fire as they got closer and closer to the Earth. The monster flailed and roared until it managed to grab a hold of Superman and the two struggled against each other until Superman broke free and then flung it down to the ground, Doomsday hitting the ground like a meteor. Even with the fire and smoke everywhere, Superman knew that wouldn't be enough. He flew down into it and uppercutted the monster back into the air and then started flying around it at super speed while firing heat vision, creating a tornado of speed and fire as he pummeled the monster while blasting it. Superman continued this assault of pummeling the monster from all over and blasting at it until the monster grabbed him mid-blitz by the neck and then punched the Superman into the distance. The monster landed back on the ground, it's bone spikes beginning to protrude out more now.
Supergirl and Superboy flew at the monster and it met them in combat, the heroes causing earthquakes with their clash.

Superman crashed onto the ground, rocking a city with his landing. "Okaaay.......onto Plan B.....whatever that is." He touched his face and noticed blood on it. Glancing around, Superman noticed a car and checked his face in the window. He had cuts on his face from where it had hit him. "That's never a good sign."

"Superman! Superman are you okay?" The driver asked.

"Yeah, just a rough landing. I'll be fine. Sorry about that folks!" He said and flew back.

The others crashed to the ground. As they were picking themselves up the monster grabbed up Supergirl and started smashing her in the face repeatedly while stomping on Superboy. Fighting through the pain, Supergirl grabbed the monster's arm with both hands and then kicked it away with both feet. She fell to the ground, spitting blood from her mouth. "Conn....Conner?"
"Nnngghh...still here. Ow."

The two shook off the attacks.

The monster landed on it's feet and started rushing towards them again. The two prepared to face it once more when something struck the monster, staggering it and moving so fast the two Kryptonians could barely see it. The monster was struck again before it could finish recovering. Then again. Then again. Focusing their super senses, the two could see an orange blur striking the monster. Only one man on Earth could move this fast. A trench in the ground appeared and then as lightning started appearing in the air, something struck the monster hard. It was like an atomic bomb had just gone off as the monster was flung away over the horizon.
"Hey guys, this a Kryptonian party or can anybody play?" Flash asked.

"Thanks for coming." Conner said.

"You're welcome. Now if you'll excuse me...." Flash took off running again. The monster had just the ground and was getting up again when something hit it again. After a series of super speed attacks, the monster was hit at an angle that sent it flying through the air once more.

Superman appeared over it and hammered the monster down to the ground. He then flew down after it while spinning around and landed a drill kick on the monster. However in the middle of his attack, the monster grabbed his legs and slammed him down to the side and then threw him up out of the crater. It leaped out of the crater and stomped on the ground, causing a shockwave throughout the area. Flash outran the shockwave's area of effect. Superboy and Supergirl dive bombed the monster and it smashed them down to the ground. Flash came back and started circling the monster, striking it thousands of times as it struggled to lay a hand on him. However with a burst of speed the monster was able to tag Flash as the two passed each other, slashing his back and putting deep gashes into it. Flash fell to the ground and yelled in pain. He barely got out of the way as the monster stomped on the ground, causing shockwaves that sent the speedster superhero flying.
Superman caught the Flash at super speed. "Are you alright?"
"Y-Yeah...I'll be fine, just a few scratches." Flash insisted. "I heal fast. Go. Take it down man."
Superman blitzed to a safe area and set down Flash. "This area should be safe for the time being."
"Thanks buddy. I-I'll join back in as soon as the wounds heal up." Flash gave him a thumb's up and Superman nodded and flew back out to fight.

As Supergirl and Superboy were grappling the monster, a golden lasso wrapped around it's neck and yanked it backwards. The monster was pulled back and then two arms wearing silver bracelets grabbed it from behind and suplexed it so hard it caused a crater to form. The woman then flipped back and suplexed it again and threw it into the air to kick it away sending it flying for miles.

As the monster flew away, another blur flew into the ground beneath it and then lifted up an enormous amount of the ground and then slammed it on top of the monster. This stopped it for a few moments before the monster lifted it up and threw it all away.

Power Girl flew down in front of the monster and did a flip kick in it's face but the monster grabbed and tossed her to the ground and tried to stomp on her but she rolled away and jumped back up to her feet and gave it a combo punch before the monster grabbed her punch and then punched her away.

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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

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Power Girl stopped herself and wiped the blood from her mouth and zipped back after the monster.

"Hello Supergirl, Superboy, Superman." She smiled at the team as Superman flew down. "Sorry we're late."

"Better late than never." Superman smiled.

"Where's Flash? He should've been the first one here."

"He got hurt." Kara said. "Superman took him off to recover and here we are."

"I see. Kyle, J'onn and the others should be here soon too." Wonder Woman said.

"And Bruce?" Conner asked.

"He said he's getting something ready."

*POW!* Power Girl crashed down next to the team. "If you guys are done, there's still a monster on the loose!"

"Right, let's take him!" Superman ordered and the five of them rushed the monster. The five superheroes moved in synch, years of experience and working together utilized against the monster. Superman punched the monster left and right across the face and heat visioning it's neck. The monster backhanded him away but Supergirl and Powergirl were on the attack, striking it's chest and face with their fists and the monster slammed it's arms down at them. The two Kryptonian's dodged it and Superboy flew in and kicked it up into the air and Wonder Woman grabbed it's mouth and flung it away. Superman flew ahead and fought the monster in mid-air. He punched it's head and the monster punched up at him. Superman dodged it and then struck at it again.
Wonder Woman flew beneath the monster and punched it up into the air and Superman then kicked the monster from the side and Supergirl and Powergirl flew into it and sending it rocking away and Superboy super leaped up at it and started clashing with the monster but the monster landed a punch and sent him rocketing away. Supergirl caught his hand and the four Kryptonian's all fired their heat vision at it, blasting the monster away down into a gigantic lake and vaporizing the lake. As it was being blasted down, Doomsday leaped up through the combined HV blasts and thunderclapped, sending them flying away. Wonder Woman slammed it down with a kick from behind. Doomsday created a trench for miles before it dug it's hands in and got back up. Doomsday was STILL burning and steaming from the heat vision blasts. It growled and turned to grab Wonder Woman mid-strike and threw her down and stomped on her head repeatedly until she caught it's foot and struggled with it. Her face was bleeding from the monster stomping on her and she struggled to hold it up. Superman came in and punched Doomsday in the face, sending shockwaves throughout the area and the monster was sent flying.
"Are you alright Diana?"
She spit blood out of her mouth and accepted his hand to help her up. "I've had worse. Come on, we have work to do."
Superman nodded and the two flew after it with the other Kryptonian heroes.

As the Doomsday monster continued to fight it out with the Superheroes, Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne was inside a large black chamber with a bat symbol on it inside the Batcave readying a suit of armor for the battle.

"Sir, may I remind you that this suit is still a prototype." Alfred pointed out.

"I know." Bruce said as the machines put the armor onto him.

"Bruce...this's taking on the entire Super family! You have to let us come with you!" Dick insisted.

"I know how strong it is Dick. That's why you are all staying here." Bruce said.

"We can't!"
"Conner's out there! I have to help!" Tim insisted.

"Stay here. That's an order." Bruce said as he stepped out of the chamber and put on his helmet.

Cassandra was standing in front of a much larger version of the Batwing with her arms crossed.

"Move aside Cassandra." Bruce told her as the mouth guard covered his mouth.

"It's a suicide mission."

"It's not. I'm going to come back. You're all needed her in Gotham. Now move aside."

Cassandra Cain stared at Bruce Wayne for a few moments before standing aside.


"Keep calm. I'll be fine." Bruce said without turning around and climbed into the Batwing. A giant metal door opened up, revealing a long tunnel that the Batwing flew down.

The team watched him go and Cassandra spoke quietly. "Liar."

Superman picked himself up out of the rubble of a building. He blinked a few times and looked up as he heard screams. The monster was rampaging through a city, slaughtering everyone it came across, people were torn apart, splatted with the monster's blows, cars and trucks were thrown into buildings, blood was flowing down the streets. The monster roared.
"no....No more!" Superman yelled and rushed Doomsday.
The monster turned to backhand him but Superman flew it under it and tackeled the monster throwing it across the city and through a bridge. He then caught up to it and began pounding on the monster and threw it through a building and then circled around behind it and punched it up into the air and then flew up to it again and punched it back down, flew down, grabbed an empty truck and swung and smacked the monster with it, crushing the truck and smacking down Doomsday. He then picked up two cars, started heat visioning Doomsday and then smashed the cars against it. However Doomsday flexed and flung the cars away and punched Superman across the city.
As it charged after him however, of all things, a dragon made of green light flew down and opened it's jaws and clamped down on Doomsday and began bulldozing it around the city. After driving it through streets and empty buildings, the dragon carried Doomsday up into the air where the monster started to break it's jaws. However, the Dragon fired a ray of green light out at Doomsday and blasted it away from the city. Doomsday landed several miles away and stood up only to be blasted again with a blast of energy. Standing up, it found itself faced with Kyle Rayner, pointing a lantern ring at it. "Beware my power." He formed a suit of lantern energy around himself. "GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!" He then fired on the monster as it charged him.

Wonder Woman helped Superman up. She was cut and bleeding and had one black eye but she was still standing strong. "Kyle's here."
"So that's what that was. Where are Kara and Conner?"
"Evacuating the city and rescuing the injured."
"And Power Girl?"
The two saw Power Girl carrying the top half of a busted skyscraper as she flew out to help Kyle.
"Good." He pressed fingers to his comm. "We're going to help Kyle. Once the civilians are safe, come join us."
"Rodger that!" Conner said.
The two flew out to help Kyle.

Speaking of whom,
There was an explosion of energy as Kyle continued to clash with the monster. It got in a few good swings at him but the armor, along with his shields, allowed Kyle to weather it's blows. He then blasted it away once more.
Power Girl flew after it at super speed and slammed the top of the building on top of it as hard as she could, causing an earth quake. "Hello PG."
"Kyle, where are the other Lanterns?"
"Fighting it out with Sinestro and his men again, so they'll be awhile." Kyle explained.
The monster burst out of the rubble and Kara and Kyle hit it with a combination of heat vision and lantern blast. The monster struggled against the combined blasts and rushed forward, punching at both of them. Kara dodged the punch and Kyle flew backwards to get some distance and blasted at it with several green fists of energy all of which punched the monster down.
"Ooooh nice one!"
"Learned that move from Gardener."
The monster leaped up out of the crater and swung it's arms at them, slashing Kara's face and drawing blood on the side of her face and hitting Kyle on the back of the head. The armor protected him but sent him crashing to the ground. He landed on one knee and then turned as the monster rushed him again and fired of a giant energy wave at it, slowing the monster down even as it pushed against his blast.
She struggled to get up. "I'm fine........had worse." Despite her protests though, the battle was starting to wear on her. She had deep cuts and broken bones inside and bruises all over her body.
Gritting his teeth, the Green Lantern blasted it away further.
As it was getting up, Superman and Wonder Woman both slammed down on top of it and then punched it away. The two had seen better days but they still had plenty of fight in them.
"Nice timing Kyle." Superman said.
"A few minutes earlier wouldn't have hurt." Wonder Woman added.
Kyle smiled. "Come on, let's go lay the smackdown." The heroes flew after it.

"Alright, is that everyone?" Superboy asked.
"Yeah, everybody's safe. Come on, let's the others."
Superboy looked at her. Kara had taken a brutal blow to her ribs earlier and it was showing.
"You should wait and recover."
"While everyone else fights for their lives? I don't think so!" Supergirl insisted and flew after the others.
"Damn....the hell is this thing made out of?" Superboy wondered as he flew after her.

Kyle was being pushed back as he blocked the monster's attacks with a battering ram shield and fired energy blasts from it as well. He then slugged it across the face with his armored up energy hand and sent it flying but it recovered and rushed him and slammed it's arms against the shield and then punching Kyle down to the ground where it began pounding down on him at super speed, just bashing him repeatedly and even began breaking through the armor. Kyle continued simultaneously blasting it and maintaining the armor. It struggled against the Lantern Energy and then grabbed his arm and flung him through the air and grabbing his leg and swinging him against Wonder Woman but then Superman dive bombed it and then the monster smacked him away. Power Girl grabbed it and suplexed it and then tossed it away. Doomsday landed on it's feet and Power Girl started clashing with it, doing her best to get in her own shots while landing her own until the monster struck her in the stomach, it's claws digging into her and launching her up into the air and then the monster smacked her down to the ground. She rolled to avoid being stomped on and upper cut it and then began punching it repeatedly despite bleeding from her wounds. She managed to launch it into the air and flew up after it, the two brawling at super speed and then the monster grabbed and flung her to the ground and then landed in front of her and punched Power Girl with both hands hard enough to cause a 7.0 Earthquake and then puncher up and away through the air. Superboy caught her and lowered her down. Power Girl was out cold but alive. "Hold him! I'm getting her out of here!" Superboy told the others and flew away with her at super speed. He set her down in a bright area where tons of sunlight would shine down on them directly. Superboy clenched his hands as he felt some of his strength starting to return. He looked down at Power Girl. At least she was breathing steady now. He turned back to the fight.
Enraged over his cousin being hurt so badly, Superman yelled and flew at Doomsday. The two punched each other, hard, sending out shockwaves through the air that actually gave the others pause, sent Superman flying backwards and sending Doomsday flying to another state!

The monster slammed down and caused an Earthquake upon landing. It picked itself up out of the crater and started rampaging again when it was blasted down by Martian Vision.
"Monster! Your rampage ends today." J'onn told it.
Doomsday growled, drool dribbling out of it's mouth and it rushed him.

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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

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Doomsday growled, drool dribbling out of it's mouth and it rushed the Martian.
The Martian Manhunter allowed the monster to pass right through him and then turned himself invisible. As the monster searched for him, J'onn punched the monster and sent it flying. He followed after the monster with his super speed and began wailing on it. The Doomsday monster thrashed and flailed at him but J'onn phased through its punches as he landed his own.
With one final powerful punch, J'onn sent the monster flying into the distance, to a city and through three buildings before it crashed down onto the ground.
J'onn made himself visible and walked towards it. The monster roared and threw a giant amount of ground at him. J'onn phased through that and through the monster as it attempted to blitz him. J'onn turned around and punched the back of the monster's head sending it flying through the city into an empty gas station, causing an explosion. J'onn followed after it, arriving at the fire but keeping his distance from it. He blasted his Martian Vision into the fire. There was a large explosion and J'onn backed away from the fires. After a few moments, there was a roar as the monster threw a large amount of the ground up, which was still on fire, and flung it at the Martian at super speed.
J'onn gasped and dodged to the side. The sheer amount of fire and heat from it causing him pain and forcing him solid again as it passed by. The monster then charged him, it's hands on fire. J'onn was just about to recover when it punched the Martian. He screamed in pain as the fire and the monster's clawed fist struck his face, leaving burning gashes on the side of his head and sending J'onn flying across the city like a missile.
He collided with a building and caused it to collapse on top of him.
The monster started to go on the attack against the city but Wonder Woman flew down and kicked it.
Superman flew into the rubble of the building and pulled out J'onn.
"J'ONN! Are you alright?!"
"I.......will be fine....just...the fire."
Superman set him down. "Take 5, we'll take him on." Superman said and rushed the monster alongside the others.
J'onn took a few moments to gather himself as his wounds healed. He took a few breaths to get over the pain from the fire and heat and stood up and ran back into the fray.

"How are you feeling?" Conner asked Kara as she woke up.
Power Girl stood up, her hand on her stomach. "Woah, feeling a lot better." She looked up at the sun.
"Direct sunlight, healed you right up." Conner smiled.
She stretched and floated up in the air. "I appreciate it. Where are the others?"
Conner listened. "Several miles off in that direction."
"Then let's get going. I owe that freak some broken bones."
The bumped fists and blitzed off to join the fight. They arrived in seconds and both collided with the monster, sending it flying away and causing a shockwave around the city.
Power Girl helped Supergirl to her feet. "Sunlight. Gotta love it. You guys okay?"
Wonder Woman and J'onn walked out of the remains of a parking garage. Wonder Woman was holding her arm. She took a few deep breaths and then stood up straight.
"We've been better."
"I'm relieved to see you two are alright." J'onn added.
Green light shined out of the sewers as The Green Lantern floated up out of it. His suit had cuts and tears in it and he had a bloody lip.
Superman flew down from the sky. "Son, Kara, you two are alright?"
"Alright is a relative term right now, but yeah. Come on, let's go take care of business."
"Listen to me, it may not look like it, but it is slowing down, it may not have a mind or bleed but we're doing damage to it. We can win this." Superman told the team. "We just have to keep at it, wear him down and then finish it."
"Then let us end him now." Wonder Woman said and the heroes flew away, catching up to Doomsday and going on the attack. They attacked as one, Wonder Woman and Superman striking him repeatedly in the chest, stomach and face, getting in very good hits as they clashed with the monster, the three fighting it out at superhuman speeds until the two were knocked away. Supergirl did a spinning kick across the monster's head and as it turned to the side, Power Girl hit it with a right cross and then Superboy hit in the chest. As it was flying away Hal and J'onn both blasted it and the Kryptonian's joined in with their heat vision, burning and blasting the monster.

Doomsday slammed it's hands together and sent out a shockwave that sent the crew flying back. It landed on it's feet and charged them all and leaped up at them and started fighting the heroes in the air. Hal blasted at it with his ring but Doomsday blocked it with his arm as the monster closed in and gave Hal a savage left right combo before punching him away back to the city. It grabbed Supergirl as she came at it again and flung her down to the Earth below and then grappled with the Martian Manhunter and pulled him close and bit into his shoulder. J'onn screamed in agony. The monster crashed down to the Earth as it carried him and then slammed it's arms down on the Martian and then punched him away.
Power Girl grabbed it from behind, threw the monster up to the atmosphere, zipped up and then threw the monster down to the Earth below like a meteor.
As Doomsday was flying down, Power Girl raced after it and kicked it as it fell, causing a bigger impact. She then flew down into the crater hole after it and kicked the monster away and then flew towards it again. This time though the monster grabbed her leg and began slamming her onto the ground repeatedly. Superboy gave it a tackle while heat visioning the monster and got in a few dozen super punches against it before the monster back handed him away.
Doomsday stood still for a few moments as the bones started to protrude more, but it was visibly shaking. They were hurting it.
Wonder Woman comboed it alongside Superman as the two avoided it's retaliatory strikes for quite awhile until it grabbed their heads and smashed them together, hard and then threw them away. As the monster roared a gigantic metallic black bat smashed into it, causing an enormous explosion.
A man in black armor landed in front of them. "That worked better than I thought it would." Batman noted. "Who's still here?"
Superman recovered. "B-bruce?"
"Thought you could use backup. But you guys have been all over the place. It was difficult to track you down. By the way, we got a lock for the teleporter."
The monster leaped up out of the fire and started towards them when it was dive bombed by an electric mace. The monster stumbled forward and it was then hit by the electric mace constantly. A Shining Knight was then teleported in and stabbed the monster's back. Despite their powerful weapons though, the monster got up and flung Shining Knight and Hawkgirl backwards. Hawkgirl stopped herself with her wings and Shining Knight was caught by Booster Gold. "Man, do I have good timing or what?" Booster smiled.
Wonder Woman floated over and helped Superman up. "Thanks....for the backup guys."
"Wouldn't miss it. HAAA!" Hawkgirl yelled out as she flew down with Wonder Woman and attacked the monster. Diana with fists and Hawkgirl with her electrified mace. They both got in very good hits on Doomsday as Wonder Woman took some of her own. It then caught a punch from Wonder Woman and then grabbed Hawkgirl's mace while it was electrified. The monster roared in pain but was able to throw Diana away and punched Hawkgirl.
"Foul monster! Do not lay a hand on those women!" Shining Knight called out as he leaped at the monster and slashed down at it. Doomsday blocked up with it's arm and the magic sword dug into it. The monster flung him away as Booster blasted it from behind with a full power blast from both hands.
Supergirl checked on the others, helping them to their feet as The BatArmor's hands glowed and fired off an electric pulse at Doomsday.
Superman flew up to the sky far above the clouds and held out his arms, the sunlight shining on him as his wounds started to slightly heal.
While Superman was taking the chance to heal, the other Kryptonians rejoined the battle. Supergirl, Superboy and Power Girl poured on the heat vision as the heroes blasted at Doomsday. The monster roared and thrashed as the blasts continued to hit it. Doomsday slammed it's arms on the ground, sending shockwaves throughout the area. The flyers took to the air to avoid it, as did Batman, the new armor giving him some hover abilities. However, the constant blasting was draining the suit's energy. Doomsday narrowed it's eyes and then roared as it blitzed towards Batman, far too fast for him to even react to. Wonder Woman hit it from the side before it could reach him though, sending Doomsday flying.
Superman then flew down and began pummeling Doomsday, flying around it in an F5 tornado as he punched it constantly. Superboy and Wonder Woman joined in on the attack as the others stayed back, ready to attack Doomsday if it got free of the attacks. The trio pummeled Doomsday hundreds of times each before Doomsday slashed Superman and Wonder Woman and then punched Superboy down to the ground.

Supergirl, Power Girl, Batman and Booster all blasted at Doomsday from a distance. The monster held it's arms up in front of itself and then blitzed towards them, reaching the team quickly. It barreled into Batman, wrecking his suit and sending him flying. He was seriously hurt, but the armor protected him enough that he would survive.
The monster turned and hit Booster Gold incredibly hard, piercing his shields and taking him out of the fight.
Supergirl and Power Girl hit it from behind, launching it towards a city.

Supergirl blitzed over to Batman while Power Girl checked on Booster Gold.
"BRUCE! Bruce can you hear me?" Supergirl asked as she took off his helmet. Batman coughed up blood. "I.....I-I' The-the protected"
"B-but I..."
"That's an order!" Batman growled.
Supergirl nodded and called it in. The wounded were transported to the satellite for medical attention.
"Hey, PG."
"Win this. I know you guys can take him." Booster Gold smiled before he passed out.
She kissed his head. "Thanks for your help." She smiled as he was teleported.

The remaining heroes recovered. "CONNER! CONNER!" Superman called out to his son. Superboy was unconscious, but alive.
Power Girl blitzed over. "I'll take care of him. You guys stop Doomsday!"
Supergirl put a hand on her shoulder. "Kara..."
"I'll rejoin the fight as soon he gets enough sunlight to recover. Now go!"
"Thank you. Take care of him." Superman said.
"DIANA!" Hawkgirl walked over, her helmet was busted and her armor was cracked. She tossed Diana her mace. Diana grabbed it. "Shayera, this is-"
"You hit harder than I do. My mace and the sword hurt that thing and I know you have enough combat expertise to utilize them both and keep up with the monster. Take him out!"
"I....thank you." Diana said as Knight handed her his sword.
"Come on, let's go." Superman said and they flew off after Doomsday as Power Girl flew to an area with tons of direct sunlight shining down to get Superboy healed.

Superman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman arrived at the city to see the monster rampaging. It was visibly hurt and slowing down, but it was still strong and fast. Not only that, but Superman's face turned pale as he and the others instantly recognized this city.

The battled had reached Metropolis.

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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

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The Line is Drawn

Lois ran down the streets as fast as she could. The monster had come out of nowhere, crashing through a building and hitting the city hard. When it got up, it immediately went on a rampage. Everyone within range was slaughtered by the monster. Lois's car was totaled in the chaos and the she barely got away while it was attacking. She was cut off however when the monster leaped over in front of her. Lois screamed and fell backwards and stared up at the demonic monstrosity that now towered over her.
Lois couldn't move, she was frozen in terror. The monster seemed to almost grin as it saw the terrified victim and raised it's blood splattered hand and struck forward. Lois closed her eyes, hoping it would be painless.
There was a loud BOOM! in front of her, like a bomb going off and the monster roared as it was sent away.
Shaking, Lois opened one eye and saw the red cape. "C-Clark?"
Superman turned to Lois and smiled. He looked he'd been fighting a war. "Hello Lois."
"What....was that?"
Lois's eyes widened. The monster that Clark had told her about had finally arrived and he and the League must have been fighting it all day. "Can......can you stop it?"
Superman helped her up. "I'm Superman aren't I? Get to safety, this is going to get intense."
Lois nodded and gave him a quick goodbye kiss. "...I love you."
"I love you too Lois." Superman said calmly before turning and flying back into battle.
Lois watched Superman fly off. He was so hurt, she had never seen Clark hurt this badly before and his voice....he sounded like he was saying a sad goodbye.
"Oh Clark...." Lois's voice cracked. "Don't die."

Supergirl screamed as she hit Doomsday across Metropolis, right into a series of electric generators. The monster crashed into them and got electrocuted. It quickly shrugged it off however and when it saw Supergirl coming, Doomsday grabbed her right out of her speedblitz attempt and began smashing her through the generators. Soon though Supergirl grabbed onto the ground and kicked Doomsday away with her free leg, speeded up to her feet and blasted Doomsday with a wide angle burst of heat vision, creating a raging inferno in front of her.
The monster was down briefly and so Supergirl flew directly over it and began super speed punching it repeatedly as hard as she could. After getting in some very good hits that were starting to break the bone protrusions on it's chest, the monster smashed both of it's hands against Supergirl's sides and it then slammed her down to the ground. Doomsday got up, grabbed Supergirl's head and began dragging it along the ground as it ran across Metropolis at super speed and then flung her across the city.
Wonder Woman burst out of a building, stabbing forward with the sword, moving so fast she created a giant trench in her wake and stabbed into the monster's shoulder with the magic sword, carrying it through a building and then pulled out the sword and then smashed Doomsday down to the city with the Nth Metal Mace. As Doomsday was standing up, Wonder Woman flew down and kicked it up into the air and began slashing it with the magic sword and smacking it with the metal mace and combining this assault with kicks and mid-air acrobatics.

After being assaulted in the air from multiple angles by the amazon princess, Doomsday grabbed the mace in one hand and the sword in another and it then pulled her in closer and bashed it's head against Wonder Woman and flung her weapons away. Wonder Woman crashed down to the city below. Doomsday came crashing down and stomped on Wonder Woman's head.

Before it could attack her again though, Superman rammed into the monster and carried it across the city and then flung it into the sky, stopped, flew up after it and began super punching and kicking it, creating sonic booms in the sky.
Soon, the two crashed down to the city again. Superman kicked Doomsday off of him and leaped up to his feet and rushed the monster. Doomsday blocked a punch from him and Superman dodged a punch from it. The two clashed once more, the two attacking each other at super speed, both moving far too fast for the people of the city to see. Both got in very hard hits on each other. An uppercut across Superman's chest, a punch to the side of Doomsday's face, a punch across Superman's face, a hammer blow to Doomsday's head, a double kick to Doomsday's chest and a double punch to Superman. The two ended this clash with a mutual uppercut to each other, causing both of them to fly backwards, the resulting shockwave breaking every window on the street and collapsing the empty buildings.

Superman lay in pain for a minute and then a tall shadow fell over him. Superman tried to push himself up but then the monster grabbed him up and began punching him repeatedly, giving Superman five brutal punches to the chest before growling, pulling back it's arm and punching Superman across the city and into the Metropolis City Bank where he hit the bank vault and causing it to crumple upon impact.
Superman laid on the ground silently for but a few moments before reaching up, feeling on the bank vault, using it to pull himself up, digging his fingers into it, ripping the bank vault out of the wall and then flinging the whole damn vault door at Doomsday just as it was running up. The vault door slammed into the monster, knocking it over and causing it to skid across the street. Of course, Doomsday soon stood up and tore apart the vault door but it left it open and Superman grabbed it at super speed and carried the monster up into the air. The two struggled with each other in the air as Superman carried it across the city, away from it and to a Geothermal facility. After fighting it out with the monster in the air, Superman threw the monster into it, floated up into the air and then nuked the entire facility with heat vision. There was an enormous explosion.

Superman kept this up for a minute before collapsing, he breathed heavily. ( it over?)

Wonder Woman and Supergirl arrived next to him. "D-did you do it? Is it dead?" Supergirl asked.

Wonder Woman kept herself ready just in case.

"Of course." The three superheroes were breathing heavily as they got ready to fight.

The monster walked out of the fire, it's body steaming and smoking from the attack. The monster had taken further damage at least.

The three stared it down and the heroes got ready as the fires roared around them then they charged. The three got a combined hit on the monster but the monster slammed it's arms down on Superman and then hit the other two away. It then kicked Superman across the city.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl recovered and they both kicked and punched at it from the sides giving it very good hits and beating it around and thrashing it until it turned and punched Wonder Woman super hard, sending her flying. Supergirl grabbed it and began rapidly suplexing it and threw it up into the air.
Supergirl grabbed it's leg and began repeatedly smashing it against the ground and throwing it up and punching it away.
As Doomsday landed on the ground, Supergirl rushed over and punched it. And punched it. And punched it. And punched it. Again and again and again and again, repeatedly not giving the mosnter a chance to strike back. She kept this up until Doomsday got in an attack of it's own and punched her down to the ground, rocking Supergirl. It then grabbed Supergirl, super leaped hundreds of miles up into the air and then threw her down to the city below super hard, causing her to create a large crater upon her impact.

Superman landed on top of a limousine, flattening it. He rolled off of it and lay on the ground for a few moments before a hand reached out and helped him up. "Well, how lucky that I wasn't inside."
Superman looked up.
"Hello Superman." Lex said calmly. He noticed the condition that Superman was in.
"I'm going to assume that this has to do with the disaster that's been plaguing the world recently?"
"World? How did you?"
"There have been earthquakes all day, explosions and shock waves as if a war was going on, and now this thing. It wasn't hard to figure out. So tell me, what is it? Darkseid again?"
"'s Doomsday."
"A mindless nigh-invulnerable alien of mass destruction." Superman summed up.
"Of course." Lex pulled out a cellphone and made a call. "Get me the LexoSuitSentries. Put them on rescue mode."
"It'll be easier for you and your friends to fight if someone else is looking out for the city correct?" Lex said. "As for you, go take care of business."
"Right, thank you Lex."
"I live here too after all." Lex smiled as Superman flew off. Once he was out of sight, Lex calmly reached into his suit, took out a vial, scooped up some of the blood that Superman left behind, capped it and put it back in his suit. He then whistled as walked to his other limo.

Superman flew up to the sky and looked down. He saw Supergirl laying in a crater and the monster attacking her, pummeling her relentlessly. Enraged, Superman flew down and punched Doomsday away. He then turned his cousin over on her side. She was hurt badly with cuts and bruises and gashes all over her. She was bleeding badly. "Kara.....Kara speak to me, please!" Superman pleaded with her. As Kara struggled to speak, Doomsday ran back over to them and tackled Superman away. Superman stopped himself and gave the monster a brutal left hook.

Superman then uppercut up into the air and pounded it down, sending it underground. Superman followed it down and began clashing with the monster, causing quakes around Metropolis.

Down below, Superman crashed through a wall. He and Doomsday wrestled until they were interrupted by the lights and sounds of an approaching train. Doomsday growled and charged it. Superman raced after it and pulled Doomsday aside. It then smashed him against the wall, grabbed him and forced Superman's head against the train as it passed them. Superman punched the monster back and then tackled it.

Up on the surface, there were more quakes until the monster was punched upwards through the street and up into a skyscraper. Superman flew up after it and gave the monster a punch through the building and across the city.

He raced after it and punched it down to the streets below. The monster bounced off the street and saw Superman coming and he punched the monster repeatedly knocking it around the city after punching it down and kicking it through the air. He continued punching it as he blasted it with his heat vision. The monster was pushed back as Superman continued to put out more and more power, melting the street below the monster. Doomsday struggled against the Man of Steel and lifted up it's hands and grabbed the superheroes eyes and gripped his head, causing an explosion as the heat vision backfired against him.

Superman screamed in pain as he fell back and grabbed at his eyes.

The monster roared in triumph as it raised it's fist.

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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

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Final Clash

Superman was on the ground clutching his eyes. The back blast from his heat vision had blinded him.
The monster roared in triumph and it lifted the hero up by his neck and began hitting and slashing at Superman with it's free hand. Fortunately, Wonder Woman grabbed the monster from behind and punched it away from him.
She caught Superman as he fell down. "Oh Clark." He was bleeding and covered in horrible bruises and bloody cuts and gashes. His costume and cape were in tatters and his eyes were burned. A trickle of blood dripped down his mouth and nose. "Just close your eyes and rest now. I-I'll take care of the rest." She leaped across Metropolis and touched down gently, resting Superman against a wall. "Clark." Diana started. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds and then opened them and smiled. "You've always protected this world. You've always protected us. Now it's my turn. You rest up okay?"
She looked up as she heard the monster roar. Wonder Woman stood up straight and took a deep breath and then exhaled. "It is time to end this battle. Hera.....give me Strength." She leaped across Metropolis and touched down again.
The monster watched Wonder Woman as she walked forward with cold determination on her face. She was going to destroy this monster if it killed her. It would not continue beyond this city. The monster grinned and she could swear she heard it laughing. Let it. She was going to wipe that smile off it's face once and for all.
Wonder Woman broke into a run and charged the monster head on. She rushed it as fast as she could and slammed her fist against the monster harder than she ever hit something before, rocking the monster. Diana screamed in rage as she just let Doomsday have it, unleashing all of her fury on the monster, the sound of her fists colliding against the creature echoed throughout Metropolis.

Supergirl's hands started to twitch as she stirred.

Doomsday grabbed Wonder Woman's left arm and then hit her with one of it's own thunderous blow, sending her flying backwards. Wonder Woman flipped onto her feet and caught the monster's arms as it slammed them down on her, causing a shockwave around the two of them. Wonder Woman leaped up and kneed the monster in the face, knocking it away from her.

Lois Lane drove through the city, trying to find a way out of it that wasn't destroyed or blocked up. She considered a tunnel. But then something caught her eye. She immediately slammed on her breaks and parked the car and bolted from it. "No." She pleaded. "Nonononononooo...." Lois fell down as she reached him and put her arms around him, tears spilling from her eyes. ""Clark."

Wonder Woman punched Doomsday up into the air, leaped up, grabbed it's leg and slammed it down through a building, carrying it down the whole way. Once they hit the ground however Doomsday kicked with it's free leg, sending Diana sailing. She was embedded in a building's wall. Before Diana could recover the monster rushed up at her at super speed and collided with her.

"Clark.....please....please don't be dead. We need you!" Lois pleaded. She tried shaking him. "I need you. your eyes." Lois looked up as she heard the sounds of the battle and Wonder Woman's screams. She recognized the voice instantly. (Diana....) "Clark...Clark please....he'll kill her and then he'll kill everyone please.....just one more time.....please stand up. Okay? Just-just...for me....just...don'" She hugged him close as she sobbed.

Wonder Woman landed on the ground on her hands and knees, vomiting out blood. She just barely got to her feet when the monster was upon her, leaping forward to bite her. Diana only barely got her bracelet up in time. The monster bit down on it and while some of the teeth dug into her arm, it broke a few of them on her unbreakable bracelet. Diana seized the opportunity to give Doomsday a punishing strike to the throat, knocking it away from her. She closed in on Doomsday and began punching and kicking it at super speed, hitting multiple points on the monster's body. Doomsday smashed her down to the ground.

Two trembling arms reached up and embraced Lois, pulling her close. Three simple words were spoken to her that broke her heart.

Wonder Woman crashed into a building that collapsed on top of her. She broke out and started tossing all of it at Doomsday at super speed, bricks, stone pillars, steel girders, everything she could. All of it coming so fast stunned the monster briefly and left it open. Wonder Woman slammed against it, carrying it across the city and tossing it through six stone pillars. She then reached into the rubble, pulled out Doomsday and began pounding on him. The monster grabbed both of her hands though and tossed her to the ground and then punched the back of her head. Wonder Woman skidded along the ground and shakily got up, barely able to move now. She turned to see the monster and it was right in front of her. It gave a savage punch to the stomach. Across her face, on her back, a kick up in the air, pounded back down. The Doomsday monster reached down and lifted Wonder Woman up by her hair.

Supergirl struggled to push herself up as she heard the thunderous blows from across the city.

Diana was thrown head over heels through the air and then hit the ground and bounced across it for several more feet before hitting a car and crushing it on impact. Doomsday leaped down on top of her. It then reached into the ground and pulled out Wonder Woman and began to squeeze her skull. However, Wonder Woman reached up, grabbed it's arms and then kicked Doomsday in the face as hard as she could with both feet. As Doomsday was knocked back, Diana landed on her feet and leaped forward and performed an incredibly powerful spinning kick with all the strength she had left, rocking Doomsday and breaking the monsters jaw. Doomsday was sent flying by the kick as Diana collapsed to the cold hard ground.

Doomsday was down for a minute before it slowly stood back up and started stomping towards the beaten heroine. Diana lifted her head to see the monster, her vision was blurry and blocked by the blood streaming down her face. She stared up at it as it got closer and closer and then just as it reached her, she blacked out.

Doomsday stood triumphant and was poised to deliver the killing blow when something burst through a building and collided with it. Superman slammed his body against the monster and sent it sliding along the ground. Both man and monster stood up to face each other. The battle had taken it's toll on both of them. Superman was covered in blood and wounds and his vision was gone. He was relying strictly on his hearing now. Doomsday's bones were cracked and broken in various places and it's skin even had cuts on it now and it's jaw was clearly broken.
One had been born on Krypton to a loving couple and sent to Earth as a savior of it's people. The other was artificially created by Kryptonian Scientists and killed countless times to create the ultimate destroyer. And now, here, the two faced each other in a fight to the death, with the fate of an entire planet hanging in the balance. No words were spoken. There was only the sound of their breathing and the sound of the wind howling through a broken city. The silence was finally broken as both man and monster bellowed in rage at each other and ran forward and punched each other. There was no strategy used, no speed, no technique, just the two super beings attacking each other with nothing held back. The two were breaking each other inside, bones cracking, blood bursting, the two destroying the area around them as they battered each other.

You're not just anyone Clark. You're my son.

For several minutes, it seemed as if neither one was winning. But slowly, the monster was being driven backwards. Superman's fists were starting to break through the monster's skin even as it returned it's own.

One day, you're going to have to make a choice. You have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be.

Superman was losing more blood then he had. He kept swinging. His hands were breaking. He kept swinging. He felt nothing.....not even pain. Not any more. His body was going numb. He kept swinging.

Whoever that man is, good character or bad..

The monster was falling. Superman kept swinging. He kept going, spurned on for his love of this of life, of this world, of his friends, of his family, of Lois. The monster fell to the ground.

he's going to change the world.

"RRRRRRRRAAAAAARRGGGGHHH!" Superman yelled and with one final titanic punch, the monster's chest exploded as Superman's fist pierced through it, striking the monster so hard the fist broke through it's back. Doomsday howled in agony and then fell silent. The glowing red eyes going black, the monsters arms falling to the side even as Superman continued to strike the monster, crushing it's body with his attacks. He hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit until he couldn't anymore and fell backwards. He reached up one last time and then collapsed, blood pooling beneath his body.

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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

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The Death of Superman?

The battle was over. Superman was laying in a pool of his own blood. Doomsday lay dead with an arm sized hole in it's chest. The city was still standing even with the death and destruction everywhere. The people of Metropolis were slowly coming out of hiding and from shelters and looking around, asking each other if it was really safe and if the monster was gone. In the middle of all this, was a young blonde woman, limping along and holding her right arm, blood was dripping down her body. She took in the devastation from the battle as she searched for her cousin. "KAAAL!" She called out, her voice echoing through the city. "KAAAAALLLLL! SUPERMAAAAAN!" No response. She trudged on, her costume in tatters, the wind blowing through her hair. She wiped the blood that was dripping into her eyes with her arm. She continued on until she found him. Kara felt her strength leave her. She walked forward as if in a trance and fell to her knees.
"Please no."

Lex Luthor was on his way out of the city when he saw the people starting to gather. He noticed a trail of blood leading to it and saw something in the gaps of the crowd. "Stop the car! Stop it now!" The driver stopped. "Sir?"
"I'll be right back, I just...need to see this for myself." Lex said as he got out of the car and hurried over to where the crowd was and pushed through them to see the sobbing girl, the corpse of the monster and the blood soaked body of Superman. Lex opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He had tried to kill the Man of Steel in the past himself, true, but he always came out on top. Lex had seen him battle villain after intergalactic villain and come out on top. When he helped him up, he was confident this would be the same. And now, here he was, dead on the ground with the Supergirl pleading with him just to open his eyes. Lex reached out what? He pulled back. Obviously she didn't want to talk to him right now. Lex turned to leave. He need to get away from this and think. He still had the vial of his blood, maybe...Lex snapped out of his thoughts when he saw her. Lois Lane, her clothes still stained with Superman's blood from earlier walking over to the crowd. "Miss Lane. You should stay back. You don't want to see this."

"I have to."
Lois pushed past Lex, walked through the crowd and collapsed inside. She couldn't move, couldn't speak, could only stare at the dead body of the man she loved.
"God....Superman....noo..." She covered her hands with her eyes, just wishing, praying that this was all just a nightmare and that she would wake up next to Clark, safe and sound, no monster, no destroyed city, everybody safe and sound. All the while the last words Clark spoke to her echoed through her mind.
"I love you."
"Miss Lane." Lex put his hand on her shoulder. Lois turned to him. "Do something. him! DO SOMETHING! SOMEBODY!"
"I..I can''s too late for him."
The two turned and looked at Supergirl who was lifting him up. "No! No it's not."
"Supergirl?" Lois asked.
Supergirl looked up at the sky. "One thing can save him."
Lex got the idea instantly. "Of course.....the Sun."
"It's our only hope."
"You're bleeding out. You can't make it in your condition. Let me grab my-"
Lex looked up to see Conner flying in. He raised his hand to try and speak with him but he flew right past Lex and landed next to Kara. "DAD! Oh GOD Kara is he?!"

Superboy and Power Girl had arrived just moments ago, once Superboy had recovered, they immediately took off for Metropolis They were horrified at the destruction and used their super vision to search for survivors. They found Wonder Woman first, who was dragging herself along the ground. The two flew down to her.
"DIANA!" Power Girl lifted her up gently. "Diana....Di speak to me!"
"Oh Rao you can barely talk! We-we need to get you to the Satellite! We-we need to-to..."
"Conner! You go find Clark! I'm taking her to the Medical Bay!" Power Girl ordered.
"Will you two be-"
Conner nodded and took off at Superspeed.
"Just rest okay? I swear I'll save you." Power Girl called it in and they were teleported to the satellite. "SHE NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION NOW!"

"Can we save him?"
"We have to get him to the Sun!" Kara said. " my condition..."
"I'll help." Superboy said. "Together, we can do this."
Supergirl nodded and the two crouched down, looked up at the sky and zoomed away, carrying Superman's body with them.

The Sun was 92,955,807 miles away from Earth. So they pushed themselves hard, pushed their bodies to go faster then they ever had before, quickly accelerating themselves to the speed of light. It would take seven minutes at that speed, so they pushed harder, digging deep inside themselves to go faster and faster and faster. Even with Supergirl's horrible wounds, she kept going, to save Clark. And as they got closer to the Sun, they started getting even faster, shooting through space, through the asteroid field, past planets and moons to fly right into the heart of the Sun.

The few injuries that Conner still had healed instantly and Kara began quickly healing up as well. Her broken bones were mending themselves inside, the open cuts and gashes which had dripping blood down her body soon closed up yellow light shined on them, her leg and arm healed perfectly and she stood up straight. They barely paid attention to this, their attention focused on the man in front of them. For Conner, he was a father. Always there for him, happy to spend time with him, to help him train and hone his powers or even just to have a fun game of catch.
For Kara, he was her cousin and the first of her fellow Kryptonians she had found on Earth. The last Son of Krypton. Clark had helped her adapt to being a human and told her about Earth culture, helped her to blend in. In return, Kara had helped Clark hone his powers further and told him tales of Krypton and of his father and mother, Jor and Lara El. Whenever the forces of darkness would attack either of them, they could count on the other to save them.
And so they waited with him, waited for him to wake up, to stand strong again.
They waited with him, silently floating inside the Sun.
Soon, they saw his mouth open, saw his body starting to twitch, saw him starting to breathe.

Here my voice my son.... Your name is Kal-El. You are the only survivor of the planet Krypton. Even though you've been raised as a human, you are not one of them. You have great powers, only some of which you have as yet discovered.
His broken body mended itself inside, broken bones healed together, internal bleeding stopped. Light shined out of his body as the yellow sunlight surrounding him began healing his body.

Live as one of them, Kal-El, to discover where your strength and your power are needed. Always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage.
Superman's arms and legs healed completely both inside and out. The open wounds on his stomach closed up. His horrible chest wound shined brightly as it too healed up along with his back. Finally, Clark opened his mouth and light shined out of it his eyes opened, glowing brilliantly as he started floating upwards, righting himself as he raised his arms, bent forward and then clenched his hands as his entire body glowed and then stood up straight. His body completely healed now, Clark blinked a few times and looked around and then noticed Kara and Conner in front of him.

They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.

"Conner....Kara..did-did I?"

"You got hurt badly Clark. So we brought you to the sun together to save you."
"Hurt? What...what about?"
"Doomsday's dead dad. The others are being taken care of on the JLA Satellite. Diana too." The two paused for a moment before rushing forward and hugging him close. "God Dad....we-we thought we lost you."
"I'm so glad you're okay." Kara sobbed.
Clark embraced them both silently for a few moments before smiling at them. "I'm alive. Thanks to you. Thank you." The three floated in the Sun for a few more moments before parting. "Come on, let's go home. I bet they're all worried about us."
"Yeah......lets." Supergirl smiled.
Conner nodded. The three turned in the direction of Earth and flew back home.

You will give the people an ideal to strive towards.

Lois and Luthor hadn't moved.
Lois hands were clasped in prayer as she stared up at the sky.
They will race behind you, they will stumble
Lex's arms were at his sides as he waited with everyone else. Nobody said a word.
they will fall.
Then the clouds parted as they were blown away by super breath, sunlight shining down on the city. Lois stood up and held out her arms.
But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time...
The three Kryptonians came back down to Earth, bathed in the yellow sunlight. The people of Metropolis stared for a few moments before they all suddenly began cheering at their return. Superman touched down and embraced Lois Lane, his body incredibly warm. Neither of them said a word, there was no need.
In time you will help them accomplish wonders.
Lex smiled at his return and watched the heroes before simply turning and walking away.
Lois looked up at Superman and stood up on her toes and kissed him as he kissed her back.

I do believe in the light, raise your hands up to the sky
The fight is done, the war is won,
lift your hands towards the sun
towards the sun, towards the sun,
the war is won


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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

Post  Legato on Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:30 pm

Check out the spinoff thread I've posted Smile

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Re: Storyboard Spinoff: Doomsday

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