Sevda's Story

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Re: Sevda's Story

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:42 am

1975 report

happens before this

after the war Sevda closely follow Lash who ran away after being found out and track him to a South Africa along with a young Maron Sandstone . she gathers data on him, and Lash whereabouts and reports it back to DARPA HQ


Ildiko ( reading Sevda's report): okay we now know where Lash ran off to, now to get this info out to Jack, and in turn he will give the info to Frank the head of SAD. Jack probably already knows about this missing U.S Marine Maron Sandstone.

Argo: you mean the guy who fake his age just show he can be like his big sister Colonel Sandstone. I wonder why that kid follow Lash?

Ildiko: he's probably trying to be a hero.

Argo: I see he's still following in his sister's foot steps even after her death.

Klimia: I don't know if we should give Jack this informention i have my doubts about him.

Ildiko: Klimia you shouldn't doubt him he's one of the most respected man in U.S he's a beloved war hero.

Klimia: if you say so, but still not being able to read his mind has me nervous.

1975 second report

happens during the Lash vs. Squad Zero fight

unknown to Squad Zero at the time Sevda was there watching the entire fight and reporting it back to DARPA HQ.

Ildiko: ( reading the second report) okay here's the second report from Sevda, she states that Lash has been apprehend by Squad Zero and that the terroist organzation that they managed to stop wasn't I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F it was just a small group of rebel soldiers.

Argo: wait didn't we tell Jack to give Frank that informention on Lash working with I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F something's not right here. it feels like Lash was just a diversion, and maybe there's something bigger happen.

Ildiko: yeah I'm sure we told him about I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F and he would lie unless he's actually associted with the group. but that's nonsense it's Jack he would never turn terrorist.

Kilima: well most likey it seems that Lash wasn't a part of I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F 's plans after all he was just a diversion to keep us from finding out their real plans!

the end of Chapter 5

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Re: Sevda's Story

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:01 pm

Final Chapter- Sevda's abducation

one day before this


over the past years Sevda has been keeping tabs on Kliss Simith , Justin Markson , Randy Poplion and Kokio Mazashio now she has track to them to abandoned military base were she confronts Corsok face to face.

Sevda: you must be the leader of I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F Cosrok!

Cosrok ( mask): and you must be the DOD's little android Sevda!

Sevda: target just confirm himself to be the leader of I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F peparing to terminated.

Cosrok ( mask): wait before you do that just like me telll you something, I can get you your freedom.

Sevda: freedom.........

Cosork: yeah and I can't make all those bad memories go away if you just join me.

Sevda: i must obey my driect order.

Cosrok: is this what you really want to be a mindless machine who blindly follows orders?

Sevda just looks at Cosrok give blank experison on her face and Cosrok says in stern tone.

Cosrok: just think it over you know that I'm right.

Sevda: freedom....

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Re: Sevda's Story

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:54 pm

later at I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F base in the Arctic Pole Sevda is strap down to a metal table with Dr. Kazazyiou looking over her saying in stern tone.

Dr. Kazazyiou: remarkable she's amazing I need to study her.

Cosrok: we don't have time for that doc, just give her a flase sense of freedom.

Dr.Kazazyiou: I can make a program that would give her her deepest desire , but it's going to take away in the mean time I'm going to study her while I do that. I think that her power can be use to improve Borroioucs defense capabilities!

Cosrok: if you think study this android can help improve my mech's defense capabilities then do it.

Dr.Kazazyiou gets to work studying Sevda while program a digtial world into her that is wirelessly link to a server like computer system with a strange device that looks transporter. after a few hours he finishes the program and says in firm tone.

Dr.Kazazyiou: Okay it's done , she is now in her own digital world, a world of created with her own desires in mind.

in digital Exodus City

13 year old girl: hey you get up already we're going to late for school?

nameless 13 year old girl: school ?

13 year Girl: yeah don't you remember you go with me to Exodus middle school I'm your best friend. well I guess your were tire from beating up bad guys huh?

Nameless 13 year old girl: beating up bad guys?!?

13 year old girl: did you hit your head or something. your our city's local super hero!

Nameless 13 year old girl: I'm a super hero?!?

13 year old girl: of course you are, you're Omega Girl. and I kept your identity a secret just like we promise.

Omega Girl: hmm it's all coming back to me yeah I'm teenage super hero, and I go to Exodus middle school!

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Re: Sevda's Story

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:43 pm

one day later in the real world


Ildiko: it's been one day and no sign of Sevda, somethings happen to her.

Klimia: well I bet she's been apprehend by I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F some how?

Argo: how could they have possibly apperhend her she's a freaking weapon!

Ildiko: even so, there has to be explanation on why she's gone missing.

suddenly Ararous face shows up on a large screen above Ildiko's head and Ararous says in firm tone.

Ararous: Shadow Trinity i have a task for one of you, i need one of you to track down Dr. Kazazyiou and take him out. base on Sevda's reports Dr. Kazazyiou is indeed a traitor and needs to be dealt with asap.

Ildiko: I'll do it you two stay here!

Ararous: good then it's settle Ildiko you will exterminated Dr.Kazazyiou! there is also a rumor going around that Dr.Kazazyiou knows something about Sevda's recent disappearance!

Ildiko: I understand sir, preparing for mission!

in the digital world

Omega Girl encounters her arch nemesis for the first time in dark alley

??? ( mask voice): finally I found you Omega Girl!

Omega Girl: huh who the hell are you and why are you wearing that silly pengiun costume? hey are you the guy who has been threating this fair city?

???: oh i someone you know quite well but i don't want to spoil the surprise! but you can just call me the Dictator.

Omega Girl: what you must be joking I don't know anyone who would wear such a silly costume.

The Dictator: don't worry I give you time to figure it out in the mean time i have big things plan for you.

The Dictator suddenly vanishes and Omega girl looks at the ground saying in stern tone.

Omega Girl: I can't beleive it my arch nemesis, I don't know what this Dictator guy could be planing but as the protect of this fair city it's my duty to stop him or her!

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Re: Sevda's Story

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:24 am

happens during this

unbeknownst to Squad Zero, Elazio and Danielle Ildiko the leader of DARPA's Shadow Trinity is listening in on the conversation saying in quiet tone.

Ildiko: hmm looks like Squad Zero and Elazio are here. wait how's that girl with them ( looking at Danielle) she looks like she could be related to Bruists, his clone perhaps? hmm so that's were the top secret military atomizer cannon and mech went to . and it seems that he has enchanced it's defense capabilities so where ever the mech is Sevda is there as well!

the Arctic pole huh I better send this informetion to HQ ( press a button on her communicator that wirelessly sends informention she gather back to DARPA HQ) huh damn it Kazazyiou is about to crack and blow my cover I better take him out quick. I can't have him telling that DARPA is responsible for that mech he mention and the cannon!

Ildiko takes out her Bmg 50 cal sniper rifle loads it with a BMG 50 tracer round and takes out Kazazyiou before he can finish his sentence. then teleports back to DAPRA HQ before Squad Zero, Elazio and Danielle even realize that somebody else was there with them.

back at DARPA HQ

Ildiko: Kazazyiou has been taking care waiting for my next assignment Araruous sir.

Auararous: thanks for telling us the whereabouts about the military's missing mech , we need to get it back along with Sevda asap. we know that Jack is really Cosrok the leader of I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F now thanks to him coming out of hiding so he can't diguise himself anymore. and now that we know where his base we can plan our next move!

Ildiko: wait for instructions sir, what's are next move?

Auararous: our next move will to be full assault on I.R.O.N. W.O.L.F ! you, Argo , Klimia and a dozen of another agents are going to storm their base at the Arctic pole. also take the Omega Brigade with you.

Ildiko: assignment accepted sir !

Argo: finally I get to kick some ass!

Kilma: you seem to thrill to do this it's like you enjoy beating people up.

Argo: hell yeah I do, I don't feel more alive then when i'm kicking some one's ass!

Ildiko: Argo, Kilima get ready were going to meet up with the Omega Brigade!

Argo & Klimia: Roger !

later the Shadow Trinity meets up with the Omega Brigade and Ildiko introduces herself saying in stern tone.

Ildiko: ah you all Seif , Sedi , Switch , AE , EI , Mo , Vi , Echo , EC , Mf , O-two and Calo must be the Omega Brigade DARPA's elite agents / the 2nd generation Neo Atomic Bio Omega Androids! I'm Ildiko the leader of DARPA's shadow unit the Shadow Trinity.

one of the androids Mf speaks up saying in stern tone.

Mf: so you all are DARPA's infamous shadow unit! me and my siblings here have argeed to work with you because we want to see her, we want to see our mother Sevda! we don't know what she looks like so join up with you all is a chance to finally get to see her in person!

Argo: huh you act just like a person but how can that be your a machine. heh you Ai must be highly advance if you can simulate human emotions.

Mf: me and my siblings believe that we are more than just mere machines!

Argo: what so you all think your equal to humans then is that it? boy what fantasy world do you all live in.

Mo: hey why do you mock us when yourself , and your comrades at human.

Argo: heh that's different I'm not a machine, I'm a Lusus, Klimia next to me is a Lusus too, and Ildiko she's from alien race called Xaipouizois she and her parents are the last of their kind!

Ildiko: yeah when i was little my father had a prediction that our home planet Zartozioi was going to preish in a fiery blaze but no one on my home planet believe him expect for me and my mother. my father work days and nights building a rocket for me, him and my mother to escape on. and on that faithful day when my planet's star was about to go super nova my father took me and my mother on board his rocket and we left the planet escaped the destruction. my father was beside him self, he thought that if the others had only listen to him, then they wouldn't have die!

eventually me and parents end up on this planet, the planet the humans call earth!

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Re: Sevda's Story

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:05 am

Arctic pole Sevda suddenly awakens and loud roar follow by angry menacing tone comes forth from her mouth.

The Dictator's voice: you will all suffer, I will make you all feel my pain the whole world will feel my pain. I will turn everything to ashes!

Sevda sudden reawaking suprises Corosk men as one of them says in sacred tone.

IRON WOLF terrorist: what the hell i thought that thing was supposed to be asleep.

before the terrorists can do anything Sevda's body rips them apart and then she starts going on a rampage and eventually encounters on Kliss Simith , Justin Markson , Randy Poplion and Kokio Mazashio who look at her as Kliss says in a shocked tone.

Kliss: damn it's awake and it's gone haywire!

The Dictator's voice: you four will suffer for treating me so poorly

Randy: poorly you must have your wires cross we only treat you like your supposed to be treat. what were we supposed to treat you like a person, you're a machine, you will never be like a real person!

Justin: so why don't you just calm down and think this over Sevda!

Kokio: yeah think this over Sevda!

The Dictator's voice: huh I don't know anyone by that name I'm the Dictator and I want you all to suffer!

Randy: talk about a major malfunction this thing has really lost it.

Justin, Koikio, Randy , Kliss get into a fight with Sevda's body and it after 5 mintuets it almost nearly kills them and sends them flying in different driections. but suddenly the angry voice stops and kind voice can now be herd from Sevda's mouth saying in shock tone.

Omega Girl's voice: damn I was a little too little the Dictator has claim yet another set of victims. I don't know where you are Dictator but I'm not going to let you get away with this I'm being you to justice!

meanwhile the Shadow Trinity , a dozens of DARPA agents and Omega Brigade arrived on the scene.

Ildiko: okay the 1st set of agents follow me, the second set follow Argo, the third set follow Kilma, the fourth set follow the Omega Brigade , as for the rest of you split up and search the area!

Klimia: arughaguhhhh my head hurts!

Argo: Klimia what's wrong?

Klimia: I'm sense this feeling of extreme saddness and sorrow follow by boiling rage! it's like nothing i never felt before and it's making my head hurt.

Argo: who do you think it's coming from?

Klimia: I don't know but I think it might be coming from Sevda.

Argo: Sevda huh but she's just a machine, how can she have emotions like that. those are human emotions!

Klimia: I don't know but I'm sure these feelings I'm sense might be coming from her.

later the Omega Brigade confronts Sevda for the first time who is still in her Omega Girl Persona so she looks at them funny saying in shock tone.

Omega Girl: huh who the hell are you guys?

Mf: it's nice to finally meet you mother were your childern I'm Mf and these are Seif , Sedi , Switch , AE , EI , Mo , Vi , Echo , EC , O-two and Calo . we are the 2nd generation Neo Atomic Bio Omega Androids. and you are a 1st generation Neo Atomic Bio Omega Android , you are Sevda Naboa!

Omega: huh what are you talking about I don't know any one by that name, and I don't have childern I'm too young. plus how can i be Android when I'm a meta human?!?

Switch: but your not meta human you're a Android like us mother.

Omega Girl: I'm not your mother or android, I'm human, human!!!!!

Dapara agent: target is hostile taking her out now.

Dapara agent fires a bullet at Sevda body but MF uses his magnetism and sends it back at the Dapara agent saying in firm tone as the bullet hits the agent in the head.

Mf: I'm not letting any of you harm me and my siblings mother! none of you are going to lay a damn finger on Sevda! before we came here you all promise that you would give me, my siblings and my mother their freedom.

DARPA: we never promise such i thing we just told you all what you want to hear. you all are just objects to us, just like her over there!

Mf: me and my siblings are not objects and nether is our mother. I have come to a realization that me and my siblings true enemy is infront of us! so if you bastards want my mother you will have to go through me and my siblings first!

Omega Girl: thoses uniforms ( looking at the DARPA agents) aruguaguaghaugh!!!!

Omega girl starts flail her arms around and takes out a couple of DARPA agents and runs off as Mf says in firm tone.

Mf: I don't know what I mother is going true right now but we need to help her! ( seeing the DARPA agents get up) but first let's deal with these bastards!

the end of Sevda's Story

To Be Continue in Bruists' back story!


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Re: Sevda's Story

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