SUPER-POWERED: A Dark Superhero RPG: Discussion Thread

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SUPER-POWERED: A Dark Superhero RPG: Discussion Thread

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:56 pm

"We Are The Gods Now."

I posted an idea for this in RPG Discussions. A darker take on the idea of superpowers. This will be the thread where we chat about it and come up with ideas and suggestions and characters.

Now, we all know the story: "People get superpowers, band together, fight crime, etc."
But what if it all went wrong? The people who do get blessed with the superpowers start losing control, start tapping into darker aspects of themselves as they become ruled by their own powers, they find themselves fighting against themselves as they struggle to survive against each other and the military and government hunting them all down.
The only rule I really have is now power copy/power stealing/reality warping.

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