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For The Titans

Justice League of America

A group consisting of the greatest heroes on earth The Justice League was founded around May 2001 when a group of seven heroes, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash(Barry Allen), Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) who banded together to stop a being known as Star Conqueror.

They were initially based in the Secret Sanctuary, a cave hollowed out in Mount Justice by Superman and Green Lantern. They did not go public with their alliance at first.

In 2004 they’ve expanded to ten members in, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and Zatara, joining The League. Three years later Klarion the Witch Boy discovered the location of the Sanctuary, and ambushed The League. They went public shortly after.

In 2008 six new members have joined, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Cyborg, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, and Captain Atom, and The League developed a new base of operations called Watchtower, an orbiting satellite that oversees Earth. They also use The Hall of Justice as a front for tourist and media.

At around 2015 The League has expanded into a much bigger roster than the original seven long ago and their missions go to space and time, and beyond that of their usual mission assignments on earth. Their roster has grown to the point that The League are able to go on missions in either space or time while the ones left will look after earth. The Team, the original members, have grown from protégés to allies of The League and have aided them on missions fully. Some even have graduated as members of The League.

The Team

A band of superhero protégés in Aqualad(Kaldur), Robin(Dick Grayson), Kid Flash(Wally West), and Zatanna was formed around 2001 when they helped The League during the raid in Mt. Justice by Klarion. After a victory against the raid The League appointed The Team as an aid group in more covert type of assignments. Around that time a fifth member of the group was introduced in Miss Martian. The Team is offered Mt. Justice as their primary training grounds.

By 2003 Connor Kent was introduced into the team by Superman and Supergirl when they found him during a mission in uncovering a plot by Cadmus that involved genetic experiments. They both felt that the team’s presence and being around those his own age would help Connor adjust more. They were on a mission that involved investigating Intergang obtaining technical weaponry way too advanced of the current time. The investigation then led to the person responsible ended up being Professor Ivo whom, thanks with the combined assist from Miss Martian and Zatanna, is revealed to be Amazo. The Team and Amazo had an epic battle but the team managed to dismantle Amazo. They then later uncovered a symbol placed upon him


In June of 2003 The Team were placed in a life or death scenario that consist of various game show like events. It was staged to test their cunning and survival skills by a celestial puppeteer named Mr. Mxyzptlk. The group managed to overcome and defeat Mr. Mxyzptlk

In 2004 Connor/Miss Martian and Robin/Zatanna were on a double date/stake out searching for Intergang as they got a tip from Martian Manhunter that Intergang is planning a heist. They defeated them and unknownst to them they are being watched by a mysterious figure. As they investigate more into the issue they discovered that their mysterious employer happens to be Brainiac

In 2005 they are greeted by dimensional heroes who call themselves The Legion of Superheroes who needed their assistance in stopping a threat that could effect the timeline. They’re told that Brainiac had traveled back to when Clark was a teenager and plotted to kill him so that he wouldn’t become Superman. Connor, Aqualad, and Kid Flash went to assist the LOS while on a different mission Robin, Megan, and Zatanna had joined Captain Marvel to stop a group of powerful dark magic users from unleashing a harbinger to bring destruction and chaos upon the world. Meanwhile Connor, Aqualad, and Kid Flash assist the LOS in their battle with Brainiac, with help of a teenaged Clark who teamed up with the group. The battle was fierce and there were moments that Brainiac almost won but the group managed to prevail while outside of the timeline Captain Marvel, Megan, Zatanna, and Robin defeated the mages but they’re too late in stopping the arrival of the harbinger that the dark mages spoke of. As the portal closed they see the person whom the mages have summoned. It was that of a naked teenage girl, whom Zatanna quickly clothed, semi-conscious as she appeared. When asked her name she responded ”Raven.” The member of LOS had mind wiped the young Clark to not remember the events that occurred while bidding The Team farewell after returning them to their own timeline. It was then when Connor found a name to refer himself while on the field. Superboy. A group known as The Guild of Destruction, Klarion, Black Adam, Discord, and Nekron watched Raven be taken in and are pleased at how phase one is in order.

In 2009 Mt. Justice has been their new home of operations ever since The League moved to the Watchtower. The group has had new members in Batgirl, and Starfire, an alien whom they’ve rescued from intergalactic bounty hunters, Longshadow, and Mary Marvel. Zatanna and Robin had moved onto different relationships while still remaining friends and Connor and Raven had bonded

In 2010 Dick Grayson had used a new codename and costume, calling himself Nightwing, and proceeds to make a name for himself while no longer under Batman’s tutelage.

In 2011 Barbara was shot by The Joker and crippled for life, the incident caused both her and Dick to take a leave of absence so that Barbara can be rehabilitated and for Dick to help her with her rehabilitation

In 2012 thanks to the manipulations of Klarion and Nekron they managed to see the final stage of their plan by having Raven unleash her father from a hell dimension and send the dimension that they’re from on Earth. Both The Team and The League joined forces to stop The Guild of Destruction and Raven’s father while Superboy and Zatanna try to reach through Raven. Zatanna had to use the Helmet of Fate when they were attacked by Klarion and provide Connor time to reach Raven. He managed to free her from their manipulation and they team up on Klarion. Meanwhile The League and The Team battle the remaining members of The Guild and Trigon. Each defeats the group and saved the world from complete destruction and it was then The Team are recognized by heroes to the public, not sidekicks.

In 2015 the original members of The Team are now training and overlooking the next generation of The Team called The Titans.. This is their story

Note: Flash(Barry Allen) has retired as The Flash and passed it down to Wally West, upgraded to League member, who is currently training Impulse. Oracle(Barbara Gordon) now helps in security matters and debriefing. Cassandra Cain claims the mantle of Batgirl now. Beast Boy is Megan’s blood brother due to Megan using her powers to use a blood transfusion to save his life. Speedy, Roy, Oliver’s cousin, is an allie towards The Titans

Zatara is the new Doctor Fate due to sacrificing himself so that his daughter can be free of Fate during the battle with GoD and Trigon

Zatanna has taken a leave ever since the battle and now has a career as a stage musician. She isn’t retired as she now combats malevolent supernatural forces and would help her friends on missions from time to time.

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