Halls of Valor!

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Halls of Valor!

Post  Chou Blaster on Sun May 12, 2013 12:27 am

Notice: This is a take on Valhalla, Viking Heaven. It's like Halo multiplayer. Just, more brutal. Yeah you engage in battles. Can die, but "respawn" at the Hall of Glory.

SO yeah you got to fight, afterwards though. Up for whatever. As Heaven includes good food and women. And unlike real Valhalla, Ragnarok never occurs, so it's eternal. Also!

The fighters are from all sorts of worlds and time pieces. So Dragons, now dealing with missiles and lasers. Stone Axes and etc.


:The battle field was nice. Yesterday a frozen Hell Hole, today? Lush green forests, green grass, and hills. Cue a Dragon wearing armor in the sky, with a rider. Cue a missile launcher fires from forest. The Dragon has a confused look on it's face, as the missile hits the beast, blasting armor and parts of the beast. The rider flew to his death, like a bug before his body vanishes to re spawn. Dragon crashes down, massive bleeding, as it dies, it too vanishes.:

:The user drops the missile launcher. He had wings, but cannot fly, dark armor with red phoenix symbols. Face? A anthro Lugia from Poke Mon, in a humanoid body and has tail.:

^- Caesar. Of the Psi Lords.

:The Psi Lord ran out of the woods, had two other weapons at the time. He was fame, to be famous and in glory. Cue humans vs Orc, he punches the human in the head, exploding in, and punches through the Orc, the spine snapped by his hand. Noting the others coming his way. He laughs. Eyes glew red, really red as energy comes out, flaying targets alive, behadings, and slices one Elf in half, waist wise. :

"This is interesting." :Pulls out his Dai-Katana, which is a big katana. Looking over as he commits more violence, in psycho sword wielder now.:

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