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Chaos War Tropes Thread

Post  Legato on Tue May 14, 2013 12:40 am

Only fair as the Dracula Arc has one
Christine Zion
Christine Zion- Really if you compare her to the other villains in CAU Prime what stands her apart from the rest is that she has no super or magical powers. Not even a scientific enhancements that helps get her by and she managed be a force to be reckoned with. She pretty much is the poster child of what represents the worst kind of humanity.

The Sisters of Chaos- Their attack on the LION carrier and killing a fellow hero sealed it.

If one look at it Christine and Dr.Insidious of CAU Quantum are not so different.

1.Both of their parents are mad scientist
2.They both have a sister

I think Christine is what Dr.Insidious would have been like had she taken a complete monster route. Whats really scary is Christine is what Nemesis would have been like if she were more heartless. Heck Christine produced an offspring from a superhero through cloning like Nemesis did. Although it's up in the air if Christine really cares about Serenity like Nemesis does Captain Nemesis

The Sisters of Chaos are shaping like this for CHAOS and Christine
The Sisters of Chaos- As shown during the Carrier attack
Diamondback after surviving the carrier incident, thanks to some mental therapy from Mindrix, Diamondback pulled out of it.

Mindrix even experienced it herself till Roc helped her through it.


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