Ion: The AI Man

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Ion: The AI Man

Post  Chou Blaster on Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:27 pm

Hello! If I become successful in writing these games and stories. I'll do comic books. I love trilogies. Three is a really magical number in my mind, and I have made three legit Super Hero stories.

Tales of the Chou: Yes, literally, Chou has his own book. It is more of a piece to what makes a good story, as it's two in one. Chou's trips in the realm of fantasy, and me. Writing stuff out, growing up, and living life.

Hope Rises: This is a world like our own. no Super Heroes. BUT, luck would have it a young man discovers he has Super powers. On the level of Super Man, or even Silver Surfer. Yeah, what could a person do with that much power, without being a asshole. That's the theme here.

Last one is my fav. Because it blends my fav Marvel Hero (Iron Man) and DC hero (Super Man) together.

Sort of.

Now enjoy.

And yes, I love the name of Ion. Hence he gets his own book, sorta.

Ion:The AI Man. Just a short intro really.

:Cue a world exploding. Inside a building, a sphere goes onto a pad. The sphere grows eyes and looks to two metal beings, human in shape, but well not in frame or build.:

"My son. I must say this. As your life begins, our world ends." :Cue little Ion going into ship, going to be launched. Even on the ship has his name.: "You are our hopes, our dreams. Our wishes."

:As he speaks, it is being recorded.: "Your origins, will not make you who you are, it is your actions. I know, you'll make us proud." :It jets off as the building crumbles, they hold each other as a massive molten burst results.:

:Planet goes boom. Ion is washed in cosmic rays of the core as he flies off. to Earth.:


:Yes, Ion lands on Earth during a stormy, rainy night on a farm. The hsip scans out everything.:

"Male, species of this world? Human." :Pinches Ion in body cast, he morphs into a human baby. The doors open from the outside. They take him in. Inside the house. Ion, was named Samuel Johnson. Latter:

"You are not human Sam, your from outer space. But I will tell you this." :His Adoptive father told him.: "Sam, your parents, named you Ion, and they left things for you." :Takes him to the barn.:

Ion: This means, I am different." :Sees a device, scanners point to 'Idea Engine." Ion picks it up, turns into machine mode and lodged in systems. The mother was with them.:

"Can I pretend to be your son?"

"You are our son."

:Latter, narrative as he flies, with other heroes.:

"In our hopes, in our dreams, you will be a challenge. You, will adapt, you will change. Most of all, you will do what's right."

:Ion flies into space, deflecting a meteor the size of Alaska.:

-Ion: The AI Man.

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