Jubilee vs Alice

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Jubilee vs Alice

Post  Legato on Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:09 pm

The Old Abandoned Malvina Cathedral

"All that is missing is a highlander theme" Jubilee thought to herself as she looked at the location as to where her first trial shall be. It was supposed to be Hong Kong but Death contacted her and mentioned that her first trial has relocated somewhere in Scotland. All Death provided was the location of the abandoned church.

Jubilee looked around and took note that the church isn't the only thing thats abandoned as she stands in what looks to be a ghost town

She sees the front entrance open and out walks a woman, who is about Jubilee's height(5'5), with medium gold eyes in contrast with Jubilee's crimson eyes. She smiled at Jubilee" Hi there!!"

"Hey" Jubilee looked on cautiously" Say you wouldn't happen to be the first trial that Death sent me here to complete are you?"

"That I am my fellow night stalking friend" she said as she walks, Jubilee notice the gracefulness in her movements. She carries two bottles of blood.

"No way" Jubilee's eyes widened as she recognized who the person is as she got closer

"Yep. In the flesh" Alice said then handed her the bottle"Go ahead, the both of us have traveled very far and we could use the nourishment."

Jubilee accepted it" Thanks." she opened the bottle then examined the blood

"It's ok I didn't put anything in it" Alice said while opening her own bottle" To a good fight" she smiled at Jubilee as she toasted

"A good fight" Jubilee smiled in return then the two drinked their drinks

"Nice look btw" Alice said as they finished" Good to see a vampire going for something different with their wardrobe"

"Thank you" Jubilee then smiled" You look enthralling in that outfit"

Alice smiled then did a little twirl for her

"Thank you"

"May I?" Jubilee got the other bottle then she lights up her hands and the bottles burned away"How did Death brought you here anyway"

"Whenever I'm not with the family I would do a few errands for her." Alice said which causes Jubilee to raise an eyebrow" So you're an agent of death"

"It's a nice living" Alice said"Good travel deals and I get to meet..some interesting individuals"

Jubilee blushed" So how do we do this? Is it a fight to the death kind of deal?"

"Oh heavens no. We both fight till either the two of us are no longer able to continue" Alice's eyes surveyed then responded"Personally. I hope you make it but don't think that means I'll go easy on you"

"I sure hope not" Jubilee smirked" Wouldn't be fun otherwise" she then pulls out her daggers while Alice grins and pulls out her duel fortress short swords

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