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MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  Empty MING & the Loveless Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw

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Chapter 1:  A Troubled Youth!

The year is 2017 at a dirty and dingy place where underground cage fights are being held a mask woman wearing goggles is in the crowd watching the bloody fights.  After the last fight ends the host of the cage fights asks who among the crowd would like to step up and give it a tried. The mask woman rises her hand,  " I'll do it, "  The mask woman  said.

  The host looks at the mask woman,"  huh Siphon wait.  what would she be doing here of all places, and since when did she wear a white mask, " the Host said  in a confused tone.  

The mask woman just stares at the man , " I don't know who this Siphon is  but I'm not her!" The Mask woman said .

 The host  looks at the mask woman,  " So who are you then ?" The host said . 

the Mask woman comments on this ," I'm Iron Claw and I want to take on the toughest opponent you have , " Iron Claw said.  

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  WEeZEYh

The host looks at the woman ," Okay but  first you must past the examination . This is a meta only fight after all!"   So if you don't a ability then you can't challenge champ it's as simple as that!"  the host said.  

The host takes out a device from his pocket and uses to scan Iron Claw " This device is a ability scanner it can pick up  rather or not you have a ability. It has a 100% success rate ! " The Host said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  Y93FLrG

The host looks at the readings on his device which read no power detected, " Okay so your just a normal girl.  Well tough luck kid but you have to leave !" The host said.  

Iron Claw stares at the man," I'm not leaving until I fight your champion!" Iron Claw said

the Host comments on this ,  " Look kid this is for metas only and your clearly not a meta so you will have to leave!" The host said.     

With a flash   Iron claw is already in the ring and the host  looks at her dumbfounding, " Huh how in the hell did she get over there without me noticing,  my enhance vision should have been able to track her movements. Hey you get out of the ring now I told you this is metas only!" the host said.

 A tall Lanky woman who is in the ring looks at the host," It's all right Tom I Askuka Mazauakioi  will be delight to crush this powerless girl!" Askua said.

Iron Claw looks at Askua and sighs" Is this a joke I ask for you toughest fighter not this beanpole here!" Iron Claw said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  3bekfuR

 Tom puts on a big smile,  " This is our toughest fighter Askuka  show her," Tom said.

Askuka smiles and suddenly she starts increasing in size and muscle mass until she's as big as the hulk . Askuka looks down on Iron Claw, " What was that about me being a beanpole little girl!"  Askua said.

Tom looks at Iron Claw., " Well it's been nice know you girl,"  Tom said.  ( Poor girl she's not going to less even a second against Askuka,) Tom thought.

Tom flips a switch and puts up a barrier ,  " Okay now that the barrier is up the fight can begin, who will win ladies and gentleman Askua or the powerless new comer Iron Claw ?  My money is on Askuka," Tom said.

Askua strikes at  Iron claw and Iron claw is caught by surprise as Askua giant fist slams into her.  Iron claw is sent flying into the barrier which she bounces off of  .  Iron claw  coughs up blood," Shit she's faster and stronger then she looks.   If I  was a human that attack just now would have killed me ,  Iron Claw said .

Iron claw fights Askuka in a bloody cage match dodging her blows and each blow from Askuka has enough force to pulverize a building to dust.  Iron Claw trades blows with  Askuka and is able to do damage to her despite being weaker than Askua due to the hardness of her metal hands .

Tom notices something strange is going on," Wait she's actually damaging Askua but how is that possible?!?   she doesn't have any ability I check, and my device is never wrong!" Tom said.    

During the match Askuka looks at a bruised and bloody  Iron claw," I'm going to let you in on a little secret I'm going easy on you little girl since you have no powers!" said Askua.  

 Iron claw wipes the blood off mouth and brings out her claws,   " come on give me your best shot!" Iron Claw said .

Askuka delivers powerful blow that has the force of a tactical nuke and Iron claw somehow withstands the attack much to Askuka bewilderment" Huh she didn't budge from my attack, how the hell is that possible ? What the hell is going on here , Tom I thought you said she didn't have any powers ?" Askua said.

Tom looks at Askua ," Yeah my device detect she didn't have any powers and it's never wrong. So I don't know what in the hell is going on!" Tom said in a nervous tone .

 Iron Claw smiles ,( These metal wings of mine are useful as a shield , and it's a good thing I'm camouflage otherwise that brute would have notice my metal wings ,) Iron Claw thought.  

Askua keeps striking at Iron Claw ,but Iron Claw doesn't seem to be giving a inch,( This makes no sense I was pummeling her ass before.   So how in the hell could I not budge her now unless of course she's using a barrier of some kind .    Wait that's not it she doesn't have any powers so how  used barrier  to protect herself from my blows . Unless of course she's one of those that uses tech to cheat in that case I just attack her from behind!)  Askua thought .  

Askuka quickly appears behind Iron claw and grabs her from behind in a bear hug,  "I'm going to grind your bones into dust little girl," Askuka said . Askuka tightens her grip and Iron claw tries to back free as she grins in intense pain .  Askuka keeps on applying more pressure.  

" I most admit you are tougher than you look  little girl  normally my opponents snap easily when i do this, but not you!   You seem a lot denser  then you appear  little girl which makes it all the more joy to crush you," Askua said.   Iron claw launches a counter attack stab Askuka in the gut dozen of times until she let's go.  

Askuka looks at the blood on her shirt , " Damn you do you know how much this shirt cost," Askua yelled  .

Iron claw just looks at Askuka, " I don't care I came here looking for a fight.   So are  you going to continue this fight or you just going to stand their whining about a stupid shirt, " Iron Claw said .

Askuka gets angry at Iron claw's  comment, " Oh I'm going to enjoy crushing you!" Askua said.    Iron  Claw and Askuka continue their fight as Iron claw viciously strikes at Askuka craving up her body with her metal claws .

Tom who is watching the fight comments, " Ladies and gentleman  we have never witness such a violent and bloody fight as this before.  What's more it seems that the new comer is holding her own against Askuka which is a first!" Tom said.  

( But how is this seemingly powerless girl able to go toe to toe with Askua ? It just doesn't make any sense.  Askua should be able to crush her easily !  That power, that speed it shouldn't be possible, ) Tom thought.

Tom looks at his device, ( How can this girl be strong enough to go toe to toe with Askuka and have such speed.   My device didn't pick up her having super strength  or speed, or any ability for that matter! Wait unless that's just her natural strength and speed, but that's impossible how can anything be naturally that strong and fast?  However I guess it's the only explanation that makes sense,) Tom thought.

Askuka just then realizes something, ( That move she did just now that was one of my moves dammit this twerp is copying my moves,  what is she a freaking monkey?  Heh if she thinks she can beat me just by copying me that bitch has another thing coming!)   Askua thought.

Tom and the crowd watch the gruesome fight  unfold as both Iron claw and her opponent trade blows with each other. Askua delivers a mighty blow which sends Ming to her knees. Ming coughs up blood and Askua looks at.  

" Heh looks like you're not totally cover in armor ,  See I been studying you this entire fight and  notice something you wearing some kind of invisible high tech armor plating!   That's why you were able to stand toe to toe against me, too bad that armor of yours doesn't cover you completely," Askua said.

Askua stares menacingly at Iron claw,  " Yeah I thought I was going to lose there ,but now that i know were to aim this will be as fire victory for me.  I admit you were a tough opponent ,but it's over , and with this  final blow I will be declare the winner of this fight!" Askua said.

Just as Askua is about to deliver the final blow  she feels a strong gust of wind temporary blinds her, "Huh where in the hell is this gust of wind coming from ?" Askua said.   she she regains her sight and  sees Ming standing in disturbing position , " hey what the hell is wrong with you,"  Askua said.    

Ming just stares at Askua , " I will not lose I refuse, to lose ," Ming mutters under her breath.   

Ming's hair turns Fiery red and glowing pink swirling patterns appear on her body. When she looks up at Askua her eyes are a bright yellow.

 Askua looks at the Ming in shock, " This is most peculiar  did she just transform? No matter I'm sure it won't be enough to stand against my might," Askua said.

Askua delivers a blow and suddenly Ming vanishes, " what the hell she wasn't this fast before,"  Askua said. Askua then delivers blow that sends a shockwave that effects the entire area it knocks Ming  down but she gets back up" What the hell it's like she's not even registering pain anymore.  It like she's become completely berserk!" Askua said.   

Askua continues fight Ming in a bloody battle but in the end      Ming's sheer savagery and ferociousness wins out as she   claws up Askua's face  and the sight is just gruesome as Ming mimics the striking motions of a bear.  Tom flips the switch and walks into cage and attempts to pull Iron claw off the tried and exhausted Askuka " Come on that's enough killing isn't allow ,"  Tom said in a worried tone .

After hearing Tom's peels and see the fear in Askua's eyes Ming snaps back to normal and returns to her base form. Ming then grabs Tom by the collar," I'll be taking taking my prize money now!" Ming said.

Tom reluctantly announces Iron Claw as the winner, "   Ladies and gentleman we have ourselves a new champion Iron Claw,"  Tom said.  

Ming  looks at the Tom, " I don't care about being champion, I just wanted the  prize money,"   Iron Claw said in cold tone.

Tom  hands Iron claw a large sum of money and she walks off.  Outside Iron claw lies next to a tree and starts hearing a  godly sounding voice in her head,  "   This isn't how the Dragon Saint is supposed to act, there is no honor in competing in such a barbaric act !  What's worse of all you  went berserk and you could have killed that young girl!" The voice said.

Ming looks at the ground , " So she shouldn't have pissed me off ,and besides I'm half Asura so the tendency for violence is in my nature  Why do you care any way just leave me alone ,"  Ming said in a uncaring tone.

Ming picks up a rock and tosses it , " Don't want the be the Dragon Saint , my honor die a long time ago, and what's so good about being the Dragon Saint.  Being the Dragon Saint has giving me nothing by heartbreak and sorrow." Ming said.

 The Voice comments on this, " You are being selfish Ming , this isn't about you it's about your duty  as Dragon Saint to protect China and the people that live in it. As my avatar you have a great responsibility to your kind," the voice said.

Ming laughs at the comment," Why should I even bother protecting those who don't give a rat's ass about me.  I done being the dragon Saint, and I'm done with having the weight of entire country on my shoulders!" Ming said . 

Ming picks up another rock and tosses it, Besides  why would I be welcome back in China anyways,  I went on a rampage as the  One Hundred Head Beast and devastating the country .  I'm the country's number one criminal at the moment." Ming said

The voice comments on this ," That doesn't mean you should just run away from your responsibility  as the Dragon Saint, " the Voice said.  

Ming comments on this," I'm not running and besides I have new life with Raven Loveless and her family now," Ming Said .  

The voice comments back . "Do you think that woman see's you as a person? "  the voice said.

 Ming comments on this ," I don't care what she sees me as as long as i have a roof over my head," Ming said.

The voice goes away and Ming looks up at the sky ,"  I may have forsaking my duties as the Dragon Saint but I don't care! Yeah I have a new life and for once I get to do things I  could never do as the Dragon Saint , like have fun, "  Ming said .

Ming picks up yet another rock and tosses it , As the Dragon Saint it was always duty this and duty that.  I never got anytime to have fun or to make friends.  my Duty as a Dragon Saint came first but not anymore! I have to thank my new mother raven for making this camouflage device it  works wonders."  Ming said.

Ming than gets up and looks up  at the sky " I better not let her know that I was taking part in a cage fight or my brother Nemesis.  Well anyways this prize money should be enough to a quick snack. " Ming said   

Meanwhile a deep sub in the  Pacific Ocean is exploring it's depths  when the crew inside see a cloak  figure facing a monstrous  sea creature , The captain looks at this.   "  a crew member said.

The captain looks at the figure with a shocking expression on his face, "Who in the hell is that , and why in  the hell doesn't she have any driving equipment?  Wait is that person actually thinking of taking on that such a huge creature ? unless she's a meta she must have a  damn death wish!" The captain said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  P2lt5IZ

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  KdZnAPt

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  QWSoKCz

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  OxHhHuL

one officer taps the Captain on the shoulders, " Captain we check our readings and it seems like this person doesn't have any powers,"  the officer said.  

Captain comments on this in shock,"  So she's not meta than that person must really have a damn  death wish !"  the Captain said.

Outside the submarine the cloak figure is talking to the  creature in a stern tone with a strong feminine  voice, "  Just when I was about to catch that squid  you large dumb ass just had to come along and snatch!  I was so looking  forward to fixing me some   Calamari !" The cloak woman said.

note: cover by Johnathan Young  

the Cloak woman Points at the large creature,  "Well I guess you will have to do  for now!" the cloak woman said.  The cloak woman pulls her right arm back  and throws what seems like just a standard   straight punch at monstrous sea creature.

 the force of the punch causes a massive shockwave that knocks the submarine back and  sea creature  explodes  from the force put on it. blood and guts rain down on the figure.

Inside the Deep sub  the crew  after witness what  happen start to  freaking out shocking, " huh what the hell was that?" a Officer said.   

The Captain looks at the cloak woman in shock" That woman doesn't have any powers and yet she took out that sea monster in only punch!" The Captain said.

the cloak woman looks at  at the bloody mess that used to be the sea monster in front of her, " Dammit I used a little too much force!   Oh well i guess that's still some of it left for me to eat! Still I can't believe they send me to retrieve that brat Ming ," the Cloak woman said.

 The Cloak woman wipes the blood and guts off her cloak " IF that brat what's to forsaken her duties  as the Dragon Saint, then I say just let her !   still I'm not seeking that brat to being her back to China ! I'm seeking to mentor her to be my successor  , and pass down my fighting style to her. "  the Cloak woman said.

The Cloak woman rubs her chin, " There's  that female human who I thought that now works for LION as a important figure ,but I not sure she will be a worthy successor to the  Fist of the Dragon.  So  that's why I'm seeking this girl Ming to see if she can become a worthy successor to the Fist of the  Golden Dragon! I face many opponents I even fought the lord of Darkness Dracula once perhaps my greatest foe! "  the Cloak woman said

The Cloak Woman tilts her head, " Yet I never lost a fight not even to Dracula, and no one I fought has push me harder than he has.  Dealing with that brat Ming should be a piece of cake compare to him. When  I find Her I will put her to the test to see if she has what it takes  to be my disciple. "  the Cloak woman said.

cloak woman suddenly spreads her cloak apart to reveal that it's a pair of massive wings . "Hmm speaking of Dracula I herd that his half human daughter  Carmella  works for LION.  I like to test her power myself but  I have other priorities !"  Like  finding that brat Ming!" the cloak woman said.   

the Woman swims to the surface and flies up into the sky" I'm Madam Bu the strongest martial artist in the world, So just not any one can be my successor!"  Madam Bu said.  

Madam Bu goes deep in thought, " To think that girl is the direct descendant of Guan Yu!   I wonder what he would have said if he met her,  what words of wisdom would he give her ?  I have no doubt in my mind that Guan Yu might not approve of his descendant's attitude, " Madam Bu said.     

Madam Bu looks at the ocean below her, " She's the daughter of one of my best students Wong Fei . Hopefully she can live up to his legacy! Fei was a great man and it's a shame that his live was cut short by  Xìngfú.  I hope that Xingfu finally realizes that he cost  the Azure Kingdom a great warrior,"   Madam Bu said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  RDx6VJb

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  YECGxcL

Later at a Pawn shop in a place  called Golden Panda Gardens  a Sleazy looking man  has just finish ripped off his latest suckers when when sees what appears to be three people walk in wearing  what he thinks are Halloween costumes .  He looks at the costumes, " whoa what's up with the costumes it's not Halloween, now if  you're  not here to buy something , then  get the hell out of my store, " the sleazy man said.  

 One of three  girls wearing a leather jacket with the symbol for dragon on it stares at the man and speaks in cold tone, "  Oh we're not here to do shopping ,  We're here to tell you you're time is up,  Lilly get in here!" the girl said.   

a blonde  hair  girl walks in wearing a red dress and looks at the man with craze look in her eyes," Oh so this is the scum bag huh! So what do you what me do you want me to do Mei?  Stop his heart, ripped him part from the inside, or do you want me to slowly peel off his skin?" Lily said.

 Mei looks at Lilly ," No just keep him still," Mei said.  the man feels a force that lifts him in the air and pins him to a wall . Mei  who is humanoid dragon with black and golden scales looks at the man, " You are going to pay for every person you have wronged!" Mei said in cold tone . 

The man with looks at Mei with fear in his eyes,  " Look isn't this a little excessive all I did was  ripped off a couple of suckers .  Besides I'm not doing anything illegal ," the man said .  

Mei laughs at this," You're  just exploit a loop hole  that allows you to rip people off with out paying any consequences! Well I just have this to say to you , you reap what you sow!"   Dizzy , Rei search around if you find anyone kill them!"   Mei said.    

Dizzy and Rei search around while Lilly and Mei look at the man with Mei slowly cutting his skin with her claws .  Blood drips down the man's face , " you people are crazy!  I did nothing wrong, " the man said. "  

Lily laughs at this," Yeah  right tell that to the people you wrong asshole!" Lily said.

The man hears screams  and then sees Rei  walking towards Mei  holding the woman's    severed head  with blood dripping form it.  the man looks at the severed head in horror ," what the hell that was my wife ,  what the hell did she do to do deserve that!" the Man said.

Rei a tall muscular furry demon girl  who is wearing a similar outfit to Mei complete with matching symbol   stares at the man, " She said she was associated with you  so I kill her !  Any one who associates with scum like you deserves to be kill!  don't you agree Dizzy!"  Rei Said in cold tone .

 Dizzy the Harpy  is seen flipping her wings in place in the air carrying a dead body with her bird like feet, " Yeah I agree any one who associated with scum is scum themselves and deserve to die!" Dizzy said .

the Man breaks down  in tears ," You kill my wife, and my teenage son who did nothing wrong.  You people are fucking nuts!  What the hell did I do do deserve this, " the Man said.   

Mei stares at the man,  " Oh let me think it's because of all the people you ripped off include my friend Lilly here!" Mei said .

the Man comments on this,   " Huh I don't remember that name," the man said.

Mei stares at the man " Well think harder!" Mei said.   

The Man looks at Lily . " Oh I remember you , you're that little girl I ripped off with that over price doll, " the Man said.  

Lilly  comments on this , " yeah it was piece of junk, and you sold it to my father for 100 dollars!" Lily said.  

The man looks at Lily , " Hey that's was a long time ago , and look I'm sorry I ripped you off , but it doesn't mean  you have to come here with your friends  crash my shop  and kill my family. that just nuts," the Man said.

Lily laughs at this ,  " But i had to , to make sure you would never wronged anyone else ever again!  hey Mei can I kill him now?" Lily said.   

Mei gives Lily a thumbs up, " Go head be my guest!" Mei said as she bites off one of the man's fingers.

  The man feels a strange force on his heart  and suddenly the man coughs up blood as he feels his heart being crushed.  after awhile the man stops cough up blood and Lily let's him go.  he falls to the ground die in pool of his own blood.

Dizzy takes out her phone and shows a youtube clip of Ming fighting   Askuka" Hey girls look what I found on youtube!"  Dizzy said.  

Mei looks at it, " I know her that's the Dragon Saint what is she doing fighting in a underground cage match ?" Mei said.

Mei observes the fight that Dizzy is showing her"  Well what ever the case I like her style  it's savage and brutal,  I think she will make a nice addition to our crew! Now who are we girls. " Mei said .

Dizzy, Lily and Rei rise their hands in the air ,  the M-Squad!" Dizzy ,Lily and Rei yelled.  

Ming  smiles  at this, "   And what is a are motto ," Mei said.

The girls pump their hands in the air," To make evil doers rep what they sow!"  Dizzy , Lily and Rei yelled.    

Mei looks at the dead bodies and laughs, " That's right we deliver justice were the law  can't , we our the M-Squad!" Mei said.  "

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MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  Empty Re: MING & the Loveless Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw

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author's note: waiting for more players before continue this.

author's note 2: I really like for Ming to meet Guy1's character Siphon in this.

author's s note 3 : however  by January of next year if nothing happens before than I will start the next chapter! in any case Ming is officially back!"

author's note 4: Askua is physically stronger than Ming. Ming was able to withstand Askua's blows because of her toughness and indestructible armor plating. she can damage Askua due to the hardness of her metal hands . her metal claws can cut through Askua super tough skin.

Ming has agility and speed advantage over Askua.

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Chapter 2 : Family Matters Part 1

at a Bar in the Golden Panda Gardens district   a depressed man is heavily drink, " life sucks! I was happy once before I knew how much life suck.  Back when I was a young man I had a interested in the super natural , that interest lead  me to meet the love of my life Sarah,"  the man said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  MOWwtrN

the Man drinks shot of whisky, " Sarah was a gypsy and the adoptive daughter of the  Wolf god Lycaon.  Lycaon was killed by the Holy Knights   a religious cult  who target and hunted down supernatural beings.  the worst being the Hunters a bunch of deranged  psychopaths who enjoy the slaughter,"  The man said.

The man drinks a second shot of whisky " I did my best to keep Sarah safe.  I bought her to my home town of Salem Massachusetts to protected her.   we even end up getting married.  On our wedding day something terrible happen Sarah was attack by a fearsome demon that went to take her as it's bride," The Man said.

 the man drinks a third shot of whisky, " I end up fighting the thing but was killed by it! In hell I made a deal with Lycaon  to allow him to have access to my body.    As I saw it was the only way to save Sarah from that demon," The man said.

The man drinks a fourth shot of whisky , " When I was bought back to life by Sarah I let Lycaon take over my body and he demolish the demon saving Sarah. From then on I had to live with a beast inside me.   It was long before me and Sarah had a daughter who we name Lily. However on my daughter's eighth birthday  my wife was sent to a  mental     institute  by my home town who thought she was crazy," the man said.

The man drinks a five shot of whisky, " My daughter during this time kept getting more and more violent.   every night  i would find my self waking up with remains of human flesh in my mouth.  I eventually move here to  Rivington Falls to start a new life with my daughter Lily. I start drinking because of the fact I have a cruel , malevolent  and  bloodthirsty  beast living inside me, the Man said.

The man drinks a six shot of whisky , "That my daughter is as must his as she is mine.   I thought about commit suicide but could never bother to go through with it.  I just couldn't leave my daughter alone in this cruel world.   two years after Lilly's eighth birthday my wife Sarah took her own life  to escape  her torment," the man said.

the man drinks a seven shot of whisky "The news about her death devastated me and left me a broken shell of a man.  my own daughter blames "me for her death and treats me like I'm nobody." my life is shit!" the Man said.

 the Bartender stares at the man , " Wow that's one crazy story buddy, I think you should seek some help," the Bartender said.  

The man gets up. " I done drink for toady I need to be getting home," the man said.      

The man  then pukes on a rather large biker who looks at him," Do you have any idea how must this leather jacket cost me?" the Biker said.

The man looks at the Biker's jacket,   " Look I'm sorry it was accident,"  the man said .

The biker grabs the man by the collar , " Your damn right your sorry , Your drunk ass is going to pay  for ruin my good leather jacket !" The biker said.   

The Man looks at the Biker nervously ,"  Look let's not do anything rash , I don't want to end up hurting you," The man said.

The biker laughs at this, " A scrawny little wimp like you hurt me ,  what world do you live in?" The biker said .  The biker tosses  the man and he slams into a table .

The man then hears a voice in his head," Oh come on Jacob are you going to let that muscle bound asshole toss you around like that?" said the voice.  

The man grabs his head, " You keep out of this Lycaon , I don't need  to take advice from you," Jacob said.

The biker looks at Jacob with a puzzle look on his face, " Sheesh looks like we got our selves a weirdo here folks, " The Bike said.  The Biker continues to trash  .

the Bartender finally has enough of this and puts his foot down" Hey you two take it outside!" the Bartender yells.  

The biker  takes Jacob outside and Jacob hears Lycaon in his head, " Yeah don't take advice from me I'm just a bloodthirsty beast  , oh and tell me is getting your ass kick a part of some kind of master plan of yours?  yeah I may be a beast but at least I'm not a pussy! I mean come on fight back don't just standing there and let this douchbag beat you up, Lycaon said.

Jacob holds his head ,  " shut up violence never solved anything."  Jacob said .  

Lycaon laughs inside Jacob's head, "Oh not this bullshit again , that's just pussy talk ! Okay  that's it I'm taking over, You are too much of a pussy to get the job done Jacob!"  Lycaon Said.  

Lycaon takes over and grabs The biker's hand  and crushes  it " Hey asshole guess what Jacob warn  you not to do anything rash and now your going to pay the price," Lycaon said.

the biker holds his right hand," Dammit   you crush my hand you freak, and what the hell happen to your wimpy personality ?" The Biker said .  

Lycaon grins at the man ," I'm sorry but that pussy Jacob is out for the moment my name is Lycaon !" Lycaon said .

Biker then backs up," okay you are fucking crazy !" the Biker said . 

Lycaon laughs at this, " Oh I'm not a split personality of Jacob. I and him are two souls sharing the same body ," Lycaon said .

Lycaon viciously attacks the biker and beats him to a inch of his life . the Biker than gets on his knees,  "Please  some one save me this bastard is crazy," The Biker said.

Lycaon laughs at the Biker begging for his life, " Oh no one is coming to your rescue ,"  Lycaon said.

Lycaon transforms into his werewolf from and the biker looks at him in fear, " what in the hell are you ?" The Biker said . Lycaon doesn't say anything instead he tears the biker apart and starts eating him.

After  he's finish devour the biker  Lycaon looks up at the sky " Oh it's time to get home to my daughter Lily,"  Lycaon said.   Lycaon the heads home to his daughter Lily  an wipes the blood of the biker from his lips.   all that is left of the biker after Lycaon is fishing with him are his ghastly remains.

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MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  Empty Re: MING & the Loveless Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw

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Chapter 3  : Family Matters Part 2

When Lycaon arrives home he looks at his daughter Lily and smiles at her"So Lily how was your day?" Lycaon said .

 Lily smiles back at her father ," it was great father , I and the girls got even with a bastard who ripped me off ," Lily said.  

Lycaon grins at this comment, " That's nice did you save any body parts for dinner ?" Lycaon said.

Lily nods " Yeah I managed to snag that bastard's torso and legs father," Lily said.  

Suddenly Jacob resurfaces and takes back control of his body" Lily you can't go around eating human beings that's cannibalism!" Jacob said.

Lily just makes a mean face at Jacob , " Oh Shut the hell up no one was talking to you, you fucking loser!" Lily said .  

Jacob rises his right hand at Lily," Now see here don't you dare take that kind of tone to me young lady , I'm your father ," Jacob said.

Lily laughs at this, "  Ha you're not my father Lycaon's my father, you're just a pathetic loser  who couldn't do anything to protect mom!" Lily said.  

Jacob lowers his  head," Lily I tried everything I could to make sure your mother didn't get sent to that awful place, but it was just out of my hands,"  Jacob said.

Lily scoffs at this ," Heh that's because the moment you thought it was hopeless you bailed on her and let those bastards put her away in that awful place, it's your fault mother's dead!" Lily said .  

Jacob attempts to reason with his daughter Lily," Lily I know you're still upset over her death, but that doesn't mean you can treat me like trash. I'm your father you need to treat me with respect," Lycaon  said.  

Lily laughs at this," Yeah like hell I treat you with respect, I treat you just like how I see you garbage!" Lily said.

the Holmes' house

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  80d9aeb4d07cc3916981df1d4506ca4aw-c0xd-w685_h860_q80

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  Inside-Victorian-Homes

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MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  Empty Re: MING & the Loveless Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw

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Chapter 4  : Family Matters Part 3

At a Luxurious  mansion a woman wearing a nice suit is having a talk with Liu Mei  and  Zhang Rei " I'm disappointing in you two , especially you Mei!" the Woman said.

  Mei looks at the woman and rises her voice" Oh come on mom it was just one lousy human and his family no one is going to missed them, " Mei said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  JNyGK1l

The woman looks at the her daughter Mei  with a  cold expression,  " I don't give damn about that what I care about is that you and your group were sloppy. Do you know what strings I have to pull to clean up your damn messes?  I can't have you actions leaking back to me and ruin my goal of becoming mayor of this City, the Mayor of  Rivington Falls  understand!"    The woman said.

Rei rises her voice , " Hey  back off it was just one lousy human and his family no need to be so harsh on Mei !" Rei said.

A terrible aura suddenly emits  from the Woman one so frighten that it causes Mei and Rei to immediately drop their knees with their body's trembling in fear . This immense aura  can be felt by any super natural being with in the vicinity of Rivington Falls  and beyond " Do you dare question my parenting , Rei?"  The woman said  in cold tone.

Rei  who is shaking with fear stutters, " No Mrs. Liu . I don't mean to question your parenting , I just think maybe you can take it easier on both Mei and I ." Rei said.  

Zhu gives Rei a cold look," Listen here neither you or my daughter should question me understand!"  Zhu said . 

Rei nods her head at this , " Yes I get that Mrs. Liu , it was wrong of us to rise our voices at you," Rei said

  Zhu looks coldly at   Mei and Rei" Good now as for your two's punishment you will be cleaning this mansion form top to bottom.  One last thing you two  will be going to Rivington Falls High!"    It's a school that  a girl name Penelope  goes to who I suspect might be the hero know as Siphon !  It's also the same school that the current Dragon Saint Ming is going to!" Zhu said.

Mei rises her hand , " Wait so you want us to infiltrate to keep I eye on the Ming ? " Mei said

  Zhu nods at this,  " That's exactly right my daughter I want you two to keep tabs on her.   As for Siphon she is of no concern as long as you two keep a low profile, Even if you are force to engage  in combat with her , her  power absorption ability isn't going to jack shit against you two!"  Zhu said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  Luxury-mansion-interior-grand-double-staircased-foyer-design-fancy-mansion-dollhouse-fancy-mansion

Meanwhile at Interpol a  tall man with blonde hair is speaking with the  head of Interpol , " Hey I just wanted to drop by to see how your doing Enkidu !" the man said . 

Enkidu just stares at the man, "  What are you doing here Gilgamesh ?"   Enkidu said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  OWVehYk

Gilgamesh smirks at this, " What I can drop by to the Earth realm and see my favorite woman once and a while? You know you really should come back to the Azure realm I missed you at my side Enkidu," Gilgamesh said.

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  B1x3Ee8

Enkidu looks at Gilgamesh coldly ," You know very well I can observed the humans more closely if I'm in their realm! That's why I took this position in the first place!" Enkidu said . 

Gilgamesh smirks at this,  " I know and your doing  good job at observing them my dear, humans are such    lowly creatures , but they do make excellent sweets, " Gilgamesh said . 

Enkidu shrugs her shoulders at this, " Yeah the only reason you haven't  attempt to kill off the humans is because of that sweet tooth of yours.," Enkidu said .

Gilgamesh laughs at this, " Hey what can I say as long as there's lowly humans keep provide me with sweets I will spare their worthless lives,"   Gilgamesh  said .

Enkidu  crosses her arms and goes next to a wall, " By the way I had to clean up a messed of our many times great granddaughter Liu Mei  and her group of friends !"  Enkidu said .

 This peeks Gilgamesh interest ,"  Oh what did she do ?" Gilgamesh said.

Enkidu stares at Gilgamesh and lowers her head " She nuked a entire large city block in Rivington falls' Golden Panda Gardens  district !  Just to cover her groups tracks ,but she was sloppy about it . Frankly she went overboard  and I had to clean up the messed,"  Enkidu said.  

Gilgamesh goes next to a wall as he listens to this, " So what did you do to clean such a huge mess up?"   Gilgamesh said.  

Enkidu  goes to her desk and sits down in a black leather chair "  I had a memory wipe device used residents there include the police  there and convinced them that the destruction was caused by a gas leak,"  Enkidu said.

Gilgamesh smiles at this,"  Heh a  gas leak huh nice. " Gilgamesh said.   Meanwhile in Tokyo Japan at a small hunt  a man with red hair  is a kitchen and as he opens a fridge he gets angry when he finds what he is looking for isn't in there.

This man then storms into the living room and yells at two other man laying on the floor " Okay which one of you assholes took my blood packets ? " the Man said.

One man with bluish grey hair gets up off the floor and smirks at the red hair man " Well it definitely  wasn't me  Kujo ,but you know I think I did saw Chan  in the kitchen last night,"  the bluish grey hair man said .

Chan   gets up off the chair he's sitting in and yells at the Bluish grey hair man" Hey don't you try to pin this on me you bastard. I know for a fact that your the one who took the Blood packets   Kazai,"  Chan said. 

Kazai  just rolls his eyes at this , " Whatever you say Chan, but we all know you the one who took the blood packets,"   Kazai said.

Chan  crosses his arms at Kazai's remark, "  You're damn liar You're the one who took Kujo's blood packets and I know it," Chan said.

Kujo who is getting increasingly angry   at the fact that neither of his brothers what confessed to stealing his blood packets  snaps and goes into a fiery rage  as his entire body is engulf in flames" Okay one of you bastards better confessed because if you don't I'm going blow both of you to kingdom come!" Kujo said.

Kazai looks over at  Kujo nervously," Whoa take a chill pill Kujo it was just a bunch of blood packets  no big deal," Kazai said . 

Kujo looks at Kazai angrily , " No big deal, those blood packets were my lunch you asshole!" Kujo said.

suddenly Kazai and Kujo get into a huge fight with each other as ice and fire collide . Chan takes this opportunity to   go into another room," Sheesh  those two are assholes, I guess I'm one too since I live with them.  Dammit the land lord is going to be really pissed off if those two wreck for wrecking the place again, " Chan said.

In the room Chan lies down on a bed, " Speaking of which I wonder how    Heihachirō is doing in Rivington Falls in the states? Yeah he left us a long time ago but I don't blame him , we are after all assholes.  So he has a pretty good reason not to want to be around us,"  Chan said.

Chan then takes out his notepad and starts writing something down, " I been thinking lately about that gas leak that the Boss Enkidu said happen in Rivington falls' Golden Panda Gardens district.   Something is fishy about it, there's no way in hell a damn gas leak took out entire large city block and left such a huge crater.   Yeah they say nothing ever happens in that part of the city,  that's all you hear in the media about that part of that city ,  that everything is normal there , but I don't buy it, there's something off about that part of that city, something strange !"  Chan said .

Back in Rivington Falls' Golden  Panda Gardens District  Ming is hurry back to the Loveless Estate when she hears a voice that stops her in tracks .  She turns around to see a tall man with spiky black hair wearing a leather jacket with a piece of straw in his mouth.  The man glares at Ming  ,   " Ming we need to talk!" the Man said.

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Chapter 5   : Family Matters Part 4

MING & the Loveless  Family : the New Adventures of Iron Claw  China-town

Ming stares at Heihachirō " Look I'm in hurry I have no time to talk to you Heihachirō ," Ming said.

Heihachirō glares at Ming ," Ming I know what you did!" Heihachirō  said.

" so you know what I did huh well that's great I don't give a fuck," Ming said.

Heihachirō crosses his arms," Ming you're a bright kid so there's no need for you to taking part in something so barbaric,"   Heihachirō  said.

Ming walks past Heihachirō  , " Huh why in the hell do you care ? " Ming said.

Heihachirō uses his power to  put up a giant metal pillar in front of Ming "I care because I'm worried about you Ming,"  Heihachirō

Ming starts climbing the pillar "  I didn't ask for you Heihachirō , just leave me alone!" Ming shouted.

Heihachirō  looks up at  Ming ," Look kid I know what you're going through I been there,"  Heihachirō  said.

Ming looks down at Heihachirō,  " How could you possibly know what I'm going true ?  How could you know what it's like to be hated by a entire country, to always be watching your back!" Ming said.

Ming jumps over the pillar and lands on the other side, " More than you know kid , more than you know  Heihachirō said.

Later Ming arrives at  the Loveless residence and opens the front door to the house, she walks in " Sorry I'm late everyone I had errands to run.  Ming looks at Raven  and smiles at her, " So mom what's for dinner ?  I'm starving ," Ming said.

Back to where Heihachirō  is. Heihachirō   is watching a news clip on his cell phone, and it is about the One thousand one thousand headed beast . Heihachirō    touch the screen of his phone ," There was a time when people called me a monster, and did everything they could to get rid of me. A time when I did unspeakable horrible things.  So I know how the kid feels, I know what it's like to be hounded and called a monster," Heihachirō   said.

Heihachirō   looks up at the night sky ," That kid could be something great but only if she can get her acted together.  She could be a hero like Siphon. I wonder what would happen if those two meet? A girl who attempts to keep upbeat despite the cynical  around her, and a girl who is cynical and self destructive, "  Heihachirō said.

Heihachirō  then looks at his cell phone " Could those two become the best of friends ?"  I want Ming to have good friends like that Siphon girl, but I'm afraid she might fall into the wrong crowd!"  Heihachirō  said in  a concern tone.

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