MING: the New Adventures of Iron Claw!

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MING: the New Adventures of Iron Claw!

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:33 pm

at a dirty and dingy place where underground cage fights are being held a mask woman wearing goggles is in the crowd watching the bloody fights.  after the last fight ends the host of the cage fights asks who among the crowd would like to step up and give it a tried. the mask woman rises her hand and says " I'll do it."  " the host looks at the mask woman saying in confusion tone "  huh Siphon? "

" wait what would she be doing here of all places?"   the Mask woman just stares at the man saying " I don't know who this Siphon is  but I'm not her!"  host  looks at the mask woman saying " wait your not then who are you then?" " the Mask woman replies saying " I'm Iron Claw and I want to take on the toughest opponent you have . "

the host looks at the woman saying " okay but it's your funeral." Iron claw steps into the ring and the host announcers her opponent " ladies and gentleman she need to introduction she's the undisputed champion ."  "who crushes all who oppose her it's Askuka Mazauakioi !"  a tall lanky woman steps into the ring and Iron Claw looks at her saying " is this a joke I ask for you toughest fighter not this beanpole here."

Host smiles saying " this is are toughest fighter Askuka  show her."  Askuka smiles and suddenly she starts increasing in size and muscle mass until she's as big as the hulk maybe even bigger.  Askuka looks down on Iron Claw saying " what was that about me being a beanpole little girl!"  the host steps out of the cage and flips a switch that puts up a barrier saying " okay now that the barrier is up the fight can begin."

"who will win ladies and gentleman Askuka  or the new comer Iron Claw?" " my money is on Askuka !"   Askua strikes at  Iron claw and Iron claw is caught by surprise as Askua giant fist slams into her.  Iron claw is sent flying into the barrier which she bounces off .  

Iron claw  coughs up blood saying " shit she's faster and stronger then she looks." " if a was a human that attack just now would have killed me ." " this opponent is dangerous maybe I should power up to even the odds."  " no I'm sticking to my base form it's more challenging that way."  

Iron claw fights Askuka in a bloody cage match dodging her blows and each blow from Askuka has enough force to pulverize a building to dust.  Iron claw trades blows with  Askuka and is able to do damage to her despite being weaker to the her due to the hardness of her metal hands .  during the match Askuka looks at a bruised and bloody  Iron claw saying " I'm going to let you in on a little secret I'm going easy on you little girl!"  Iron claw wipes the blood off mouth and brings out her claws saying " come on give me your best shot!"

Askuka delivers powerful blow that has the force of a tactical nuke and Iron claw somehow withstands the attack much to Askuka bewilderment . who says " huh how the hell isn't my attack budging ?" " what the hell is going on here ?"   Iron claw smiles thinking to herself " these metal wings of mine are useful as a shield and it's good thing that I'm camouflage otherwise that brute would have notice my metal  wings. "

Askuka keeps striking at  Iron claw but Iron claw doesn't seem to be giving a inch as Askuka thinks to herself  ( this makes no sense I was pummeling her ass before." " so how in the hell could i not budge her now unless of course she's using a barrier of some kind. " ) (  " that's it she's used some kind of barrier  to protect herself from my blows ."  "if that's the case then I'll just attack her from behind." )

Askuka quickly appears behind Iron claw and grabs her from behind in a bear hug saying " I'm going to grind your bones into dust little girl."  Askuka tightens her grip and Iron claw tries to back free as she grins in intense pain .  Askuka keeps on applying more pressure saying " I most admit you are tougher little girl  normally my opponents snap easily when i do this, but not you!"  " you seem a lot denser  then you appear  little girl which makes it all the more joy to crush you."

Iron claw launches a counter attack stab Askuka in the gut dozen of times until she let's go.  Askuka looks at the blood on her shirt saying " damn you do you know how much this shirt cost." Iron claw just looks at Askuka saying " I don't care I came here looking for a fight." " so I you going to continue this fight or you just going to stand their whining about a stupid shirt."

Askuka gets angry at Iron claws comment saying " oh I'm going to enjoy crushing you!"  Iron  Claw and Askuka continue their fight as Iron claw viciously strikes at Askuka craving up her body with her metal claws . the host who is watching the fight says " ladies and gentleman  we have never witness such a violent and bloody fight as this before."  "what's more it seems that the new comer is holding her own against Askuka which is a first!"

the host and the crowd watch the gruesome fight  unfold as both Iron claw and her opponent trade blows with each other.  the fight ends with  Iron claw going berserk on   Askuka and clawing up her face and the sight is just gruesome.  host flips the switch and walks into cage and attempts to pull Iron claw off the tried and exhausted Askuka saying  " come on that's enough killing isn't allow ."     the host tries to budge Askuka but she won't move and he thinks to himself  ( damn this girl is much heavy then she looks." )

after slashed up Askuka's face to a bloody mess  Iron claw gets off her and Host grabs her hand and rises it  saying  " ladies and gentleman we have ourselves a new champion Iron Claw."   Iron claw looks at the host saying " I don't care about being champion!" " I just came here to get some quick glass." " now hand over the money."

the host hands Iron claw a large sum of money and she walks off.  outside Iron claw lies next to a tree and starts seeing images and hearing a voice that says   "   this isn't how the Dragon Saint is supposed to act." " there is no honor in competing in such a barbaric act !" " you being shame to the title Ming!"

Ming looks at the ground saying in uncaring tone " my honor die a long time ago, and what's so good about being the Dragon Saint." "  being the Dragon Saint has giving me nothing by heartbreak and sorrow."  voice replies to this saying " your are being selfish Ming."  " isn't about you your duty as Dragon Saint is to protect China and the people that live in it."

" you have a great responsibility to your kind." Ming laughs saying " why should I even bother protecting those who don't give a rat's ass about me."  "  I done with being the Dragon Saint!"  " I'm done with having the weight of entire country on my shoulders!"
"besides why would I be welcome back in China anyways. " " I went on rampage as the the One Hundred Head Beast and devastating China." " I'm the countries number one criminal at the moment."  the voice replies " that doesn't mean you should just run away from your responsibility  as the Dragon Saint. "
Ming replies saying " I'm not running and besides I have new life with Raven Loveless and her family now."  " the voice replies to this saying do you think that woman see's you as a person? " Ming replies to this saying " I don't care what she sees me as as long as i have a roof over my head."
the voice goes away as does the images and Ming looks up at the sky saying "  I may have forsaking my duties as the Dragon Saint but I don't care!"

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