MING: the New Adventures of Iron Claw!

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MING: the New Adventures of Iron Claw!

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:33 pm

Chapter 1:  A Troubled Youth!

the year is 2018 at a dirty and dingy place where underground cage fights are being held a mask woman wearing goggles is in the crowd watching the bloody fights.  after the last fight ends the host of the cage fights asks who among the crowd would like to step up and give it a tried. the mask woman rises her hand and says " I'll do it."  " the host looks at the mask woman saying in confusion tone "  huh Siphon? "

" wait what would she be doing here of all places?"   the Mask woman just stares at the man saying " I don't know who this Siphon is  but I'm not her!"  host  looks at the mask woman saying " wait your not then who are you then?" " the Mask woman replies saying " I'm Iron Claw and I want to take on the toughest opponent you have . "

the host looks at the woman saying " okay but  first you must past the examination  ."  " this is a meta only fight after all!" " so if you don't any ability then you can challenge champ it's as simple as that!"  the host takes out a device that he uses to scan Iron Claw saying " this device is a ability scanner it can pick up  rather or not you have a ability."

" it's has a 100% success rate!"   the host looks at the readings on his device which read no power detected saying " okay so your just a normal girl." " well tough luck kid but you have to leave !" Iron claw stares at the man saying in serious tone " I'm not leaving until I fight your champion!"

Host replies to this saying " look kid this is for metas only and your clearly not a meta so you will have to leave!"    with a flash   Iron claw is already in the ring and the host  looks at her dumbfounding saying " Huh how in the hell didn't she get over there without me noticing,  my enhance vision should have been able to track her movements!    " " hey you get out of the ring now I told you this is metas only!"  a tall Lanky woman who is in the ring looks at the host saying  "  it's all right Tom I Askuka Mazauakioi  will be delight to crush this powerless girl!"

"  Iron Claw looks at Asukua and sighs saying " is this a joke I ask for you toughest fighter not this beanpole here!"  Host smiles saying " this is are toughest fighter Askuka  show her."  Askuka smiles and suddenly she starts increasing in size and muscle mass until she's as big as the hulk maybe even bigger.  Askuka looks down on Iron Claw saying " what was that about me being a beanpole little girl!"  

the host looks at Iron claw saying " well it's been  nice knowing you kid!"  ( poo girl she not going to less even one second against Asukua!)  he   flips a switch that puts up a barrier saying " okay now that the barrier is up the fight can begin."

"who will win ladies and gentleman Askuka  or the powerless  new comer Iron Claw?" " my money is on Askuka !"   Askua strikes at  Iron claw and Iron claw is caught by surprise as Askua giant fist slams into her.  Iron claw is sent flying into the barrier which she bounces off .  

Iron claw  coughs up blood saying " shit she's faster and stronger then she looks." " if I  was a human that attack just now would have killed me ." " this opponent is dangerous maybe I should power up to even the odds."  " no I'm sticking to my base form it's more challenging that way."  

Iron claw fights Askuka in a bloody cage match dodging her blows and each blow from Askuka has enough force to pulverize a building to dust.  Iron claw trades blows with  Askuka and is able to do damage to her despite being weaker to the her due to the hardness of her metal hands . the host notice this saying " wait she's actually damaging Askua but how is that possible?!?"  " she doesn't have any ability I check, and my device is never wrong!"   

during the match Askuka looks at a bruised and bloody  Iron claw saying " I'm going to let you in on a little secret I'm going easy on you little girl since you have no powers!"  Iron claw wipes the blood off mouth and brings out her claws saying " come on give me your best shot!"  Askuka delivers powerful blow that has the force of a tactical nuke and Iron claw somehow withstands the attack much to Askuka bewilderment . who says " huh how the hell isn't my attack budging ?"

" what the hell is going on here ?" " Tom I thought you said she didn't have any powers?"  Tom looks at Askuka saying nervous tone " yeah my device detect she didn't have any powers and it's never wrong." " so I don't know what in the hell is going on!"    

Iron claw smiles thinking to herself " these metal wings of mine are useful as a shield and it's good thing that I'm camouflage otherwise that brute would have notice my metal  wings. "Askuka keeps striking at  Iron claw but Iron claw doesn't seem to be giving a inch as Askuka thinks to herself  ( this makes no sense I was pummeling her ass before.   so how in the hell could i not budge her now unless of course she's using a barrier of some kind ?    wait that's not it she doesn't have any powers so how  used barrier  to protect herself from my blows .")

( unless of course she's one of those that uses tech to cheat in that case I just attack her from behind!) Askuka quickly appears behind Iron claw and grabs her from behind in a bear hug saying " I'm going to grind your bones into dust little girl."  Askuka tightens her grip and Iron claw tries to back free as she grins in intense pain .  Askuka keeps on applying more pressure saying " I most admit you are tougher than you look  little girl  normally my opponents snap easily when i do this, but not you!"

 " you seem a lot denser  then you appear  little girl which makes it all the more joy to crush you."  Iron claw launches a counter attack stab Askuka in the gut dozen of times until she let's go.  Askuka looks at the blood on her shirt saying " damn you do you know how much this shirt cost." Iron claw just looks at Askuka saying " I don't care I came here looking for a fight."

" so are you going to continue this fight or you just going to stand their whining about a stupid shirt." Askuka gets angry at Iron claws comment saying " oh I'm going to enjoy crushing you!"  Iron  Claw and Askuka continue their fight as Iron claw viciously strikes at Askuka craving up her body with her metal claws . the Tom who is watching the fight says " ladies and gentleman  we have never witness such a violent and bloody fight as this before."  

"what's more it seems that the new comer is holding her own against Askuka which is a first!" ( but how is this seemingly powerless girl   able to go toe to toe with Askuka?  it just doesn't make any sense! Askua should be able to crush her easily !" )

( that power that speed it shouldn't be possible! how can this girl be strong enough to go toe to toe with Askuka and have such speed!   my device didn't pick up her having super strength  or speed, or any ability for that matter! wait unless that's just her natural strength and speed, but that's impossible how can anything be naturally that strong and fast?  however I guess it's the only explanation that makes sense.)    

Askuka just then Realizes something thinking to herself ( that move she did just now that was one of my moves! dammit this twerp is copying my moves! what is she a freaking monkey! heh if she thinks she can beat me just by copying me that bitch has another thing coming!)

Tom and the crowd watch the gruesome fight  unfold as both Iron claw and her opponent trade blows with each other.  the fight ends with  Iron claw going berserk on   Askuka and clawing up her face and the sight is just gruesome as Ming mimics the striking motions of a bear.  Tom flips the switch and walks into cage and attempts to pull Iron claw off the tried and exhausted Askuka saying  " come on that's enough killing isn't allow ."    Tom tries to budge Askuka but she won't move and he thinks to himself  ( damn Askuka you're much heavy then you look." )

after slashed up Askuka's face to a bloody mess  Iron claw gets off her grabs Tom by the collar saying " I being taking my prize now!"  Tom reluctantly announces Iron Claw as the winner saying "   ladies and gentleman we have ourselves a new champion Iron Claw."   Iron claw looks at the host saying " I don't care about being champion, I just wanted the  prize money!"  

Tom  hands Iron claw a large sum of money and she walks off.  outside Iron claw lies next to a tree and starts hearing a  godly sounding voice  that says   "   this isn't how the Dragon Saint is supposed to act." " there is no honor in competing in such a barbaric act !" " what's worse of all you could have killed that young girl!"

" you bring shame to the title Ming!"  Ming looks at the ground saying in uncaring tone " so she shouldn't have pissed me off ."  "why do you care any way just leave me alone!" " I don't want the be the Dragon Saint!"

" my honor die a long time ago, and what's so good about being the Dragon Saint." "  being the Dragon Saint has giving me nothing by heartbreak and sorrow."  voice replies to this saying " you are being selfish Ming."  " this isn't about you.... it's about your duty  as Dragon Saint to protect China and the people that live in it."

" as my avatar  you have a great responsibility to your kind." Ming laughs saying " why should I even bother protecting those who don't give a rat's ass about me."  "  I done with being The Dragon Saint!"   " I'm done with having the weight of entire country on my shoulders!"

"besides why would I be welcome back in China anyways. " " I went on rampage as the the One Hundred Head Beast and devastating China." " I'm the country's number one criminal at the moment."  the voice replies " that doesn't mean you should just run away from your responsibility  as the Dragon Saint. "

Ming replies saying " I'm not running and besides I have new life with Raven Loveless and her family now." " the voice replies to this saying do you think that woman see's you as a person? " Ming replies to this saying" I don't care what she sees me as as long as i have a roof over my head." the voice goes away as does the images and Ming looks up at the sky saying "  I may have forsaking my duties as the Dragon Saint but I don't care!"

" yeah I have a new life and for once I get to do things I  could never do as the Dragon Saint." " like have Fun." " as the Dragon Saint it was always duty this and duty that." " I never got anytime to have fun or to make friends. "  

" my duty as a Dragon Saint always came first but not anymore!" " I have to thank my new mother Raven for making this camouflage device for me it works wonders." " I better not let her know that I was taking part in a cage fight or my brother Nemesis." " well anyways this prize money should be enough to a quick snack. "

meanwhile a deep sub in the  Pacific Ocean is exploring it's depths  when they see a cloak  figure facing a monstrous  sea creature .  the captain looks at this saying " who in the hell is that , and why in  the hell doesn't she have any driving equipment? wait is that person actually thinking of taking on that such a huge creature ?"  " unless she's a meta she must have a death wish!"

one officer taps the Captain on the shoulders saying " Captain we check our readings and it seems like this person doesn't have any powers.  Captain replies to this in shock saying"  so she's not meta than that person must really have a death wish !" out side the submarine the cloak figure is talking to the  creature in a stern tone with a strong feminine voice saying "  just when I was about to catch that you large dumb ass just had to come along and snatch!" " I was so looking  forward to fixing me some   Calamari !"

note: cover by Johnathan Young  

"Well I guess you will have to do  for now!" the figure pulls it's right arm back  and throws what seems like just a standard   straight punch monstrous sea creature.  the force of the punch causing a massive shockwave that knocks the submarine back and  sea creature  explodes  from the force put on it. blood and guts rain down on the figure.

in crew inside the Deep sub  after witness just  at the freaking in shocking saying " huh what the hell was that?"  captain looks at the figure in shock saying " that person doesn't have any powers and yet she took out that sea monster in only punch!" the figure looks at the bloody mess that used to be the sea monster in front of her saying " Dammit I used a little too much force!"  " oh well i guess that's still some of it left for me to eat!"

" still I can't believe they send me to retrieve that brat Ming!"  " if that brat what's to forsaken her duties  as the Dragon Saint." " then I say just let her !" " still I'm not seeking that brat to being her back to China !"

" i'm seeking to mentor her. " " I need a successor  to pass down my fighting style!" " there's  that female human who I thought that now works for LION as a important figure ,but I not sure she will be a worthy successor to the  Fist of the Dragon." so  that's why I'm seeking this girl Ming to see if she can become a worthy successor to the Fist of the  Golden Dragon!

"I face many opponents even fought The Lord of Darkness  Dracula once perhaps my greatest foe!"  " yet I have never lost a fight not even to Dracula."  "however no one I fought has push me harder than he has, and dealing with that brat Ming so be a peice of cake compare to him!" "  when I find her I will put her to the test to see if she has what it takes to be my disciple !"

the figure cloak suddenly spreads apart to reveal that it's a pair of massive wings as she says "hmm speaking of Dracula I herd that his half human daughter  Carmella  works for LION." " I like to test her power myself but  I have other priorities !" " like  finding that brat Ming!"  " i'm Madam Bu the strongest martial artist in the world, so just not any one can be my successor!"

author's  note: the voice speaking to Ming /  Iron Claw is Bahamut.

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Re: MING: the New Adventures of Iron Claw!

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author's note: waiting for a Co writer before continuing this.


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