MING: the New Adventures of Iron Claw Sign Up Thread.

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MING: the New Adventures of Iron Claw Sign Up Thread.

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:48 am

Sign up for the RPG here.

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Re: MING: the New Adventures of Iron Claw Sign Up Thread.

Post  Bruceleegreyhulk on Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:54 pm

this RPG takes place in alternate universe of Age of Adventures.

Name : Ming Loveless

other identity: The Dragon Saint , one thousand headed beast

Height: 6'2"

age: 16

Birthdate :  January 1st  2001

Body weight : 900 pounds

tail weight : 600 pounds

wing weight: 500 pounds

total weight:  2,000 pounds  ( 1 ton)

body type muscular:

race: Half Asura and Azure.

Items : the amulet of Bahamut  which let's her channel the power of the Dragon god Bahamut.

Avatar of the Dragon God Bahamut .

Hair: white

eyes: crimson red.

Skin tone : dark.

Body type : muscular.


abilities:  being half Asura and Azure Ming has natural super human attributes which she can amp through the use of Chi or the  her amulet.  she can also  has power up forms which she can used.  


Warrior form  : in this form her hair turns  Blue  and her eyes bright green.  she also gets glowing swirl green patterns on her body.   this form gives her a 400x  multiplier over her base form .

Berserker  Form : in this form her hair turns Fiery Red   and her eyes bright yellow . she also gets glowing swirl pink patterns on her body.  this form gives her a 800x Multiplier over her base form.

One Thousand Headed Beast form / corrupted Avatar State Form  : in this form Ming turns into a 100 foot black dragon with glowing red swirling patterns that has a   thousand heads.   her  multiplier in this form is unknown.  however it is the most powerful and most destructive of her forms.  greatly surprising her Berserker Form.  it is the result of her trying to go into a Avatar state form.

Avatar State Form :  as the Dragon Saint it is possible for Ming to go into what is called avatar State form however she has not gain this ability yet.  

features:  Ming's hands  , Wings and scales are made of a indestructible metal create by Raven Loveless.  this metal is able absorb and redirect  kinetic energy.  Ming's claws are energy claws that are said to be able to cut through anything according to Raven Loveless.

Bio: Ming was born to Fei Wong and  Mai Wong in a cave on earth in Beijing China.   her father was a Asura and her mother was Azure.   soon after she was born her parents were hunted down and killed by Amrai  the high priest  of  Bahamut   for bring Ming into this world.  he was about to kill Ming but was stop by the Dragon God himself who claim Ming to be his the new Dragon Saint.  

High Priest Amrai was furious at this how can a mutt become the new Dragon Saint that position was supposed to only be reserve for pure blood.  yet no matter how furious he was Amrai could not go against the dragon god.

so  Priest Amrai had no choice but to rise her and groom her to become the Dragon Saint.  it is said that a new Dragon Saint is only born every 1,000 years.  since Ming there have been Four other Dragon Saints.  the first Dragon Saint appear in 2000 BC during the Xia Dynasty.

the second one in 1000 BC during the Zhou Dynasty.  the third one in 1 AD during the  Han Dynasty. the fourth  in 1001 AD during the The Song Dynasty .  Ming is the fifth Dragon saint meaning that 4,000 years has past since the first Dragon Saint.  when she was just 4 years old Amrai starting grooming her to become the Dragon Saint.  

Isolating her and never letting her play with other  children her age. when Ming was eight she had ask the High Priest Amrai why he would let her play with the other children. he told her it was because as the Dragon Saint she had a great responsibility and had no time for such activities.   when she turn 10 she start Rebel against Amrai calming that he was ruining her life.

she start slack off on her responsibility as the Dragon Saint to instead play with children her age.  however  when  blue mech  appear in the sky  and slaughter entire village  of humans, Azure and Asura that were just living peaceful together.  Ming saw first hand just how great her responsibility as the Dragon Saint was.

in order to protect her China and her kind from this blue demon  Ming took it upon her self to take her position as the Dragon Saint more seriously.  when she got back Ming had ask Amrai about the Blue Demon and he had told her that the Blue Demon was a giant mech created by a  human name Doctor Fei Goldstar  who was Anti Azure and Asura.   she told her that Doctor Fei had hatred for her kind and that she would stop at nothing to wipe them all out.

Dr. Goldstar's hatred was so great that she covert her own daughter into a cyborg weapon to use against the Azure and Asura.  at the age of 16 Ming did battle with Fei's daughter Billy Jean Goldstar before facing off against  Dr. Goldstar and her blue Mech in her Warrior form .   she was able to beat the mech using her Berserker  Form.

before these fights Ming had required both forms from intense training two years ago.  however that wasn't the end of Dr. Goldstar and she took serum that turn her into a mechanical abomination.  that Ming was powerless to do anything against.  Ming had to watch as the monster that was once a human demolish China.  

in a last ditch effort to  save China  Ming attempt to go into her Avatar state  which she learnt about from Amrai.  however Amrai told her that she was not ready to go into the Avatar state yet. despite this she ingore the warning that Amrai gave her and attempt to go into the form anyways.  the result  was that Ming transform into a 100 foot black Dragon with 1,000 heads that was out of control.

turning into a Corrupted Avatar state.    in this state Ming was mindless and basically destroy anything that was in her path.  in just one huge blast she managed to destroy not only  the monster that was once Dr.Goldstar but a good chuck of China as well.  with that act  the people of China start to fear her.

the Chinese government tried to subdued Ming but couldn't do a damn thing to stop her rampage.   that's when the contact Doctor Loveless and she sent in Nemesis to deal with  Ming.   Nemesis fought Ming in tough and hard battle but managed to defeat her by ripping off her amulet.  one her amulet was remove Ming revert back to her normal form.

Nemesis was about to finish her off when he notice that she was scared and confused. like she didn't know what happen.  Nemesis made the realization that the girl  had no recollection of what she did or the destruction she had cause. he also carefully examine Ming body and deduce that her body was in critical condition.

Nemesis spare Ming's life and took her back to Raven Loveless who experiment on her.  Raven Loveless outfit Ming with Indestructible Metal hands, Wings, Scales and Energy claws.  All while she was still unconscious.  after Ming work up she first thing she did to lash at Raven Loveless but she was stop by Nemesis.  

Raven Loveless then inform Ming of all the destruction she had caused in China and how Nemesis spare her life.  that she should be grateful to her for saving her life because she could have just  let her die.   Raven Loveless wasn't a nice lady and told  Ming the cold hard truth.   it took some time for all it to sink in but Ming eventually accept it.  

after that she became apart of the Loveless Family and sworn off her duties as the Dragon Saint for good.   know that the people she once protect now saw her as a monster. there wasn't no point of being the Dragon Saint anymore.   now she could tried an live a normal life with her new family.

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