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Legato wrote:
Legato wrote:
Admin wrote:
Legato wrote:
Froggy wrote:
Legato wrote:The Marauders and The Hellfire Club will be the X-Men's primary antagonist atm. Any story ideas concerning them?

The Marauders hunt the kids for a little sick game of hide and go seek while sabretooth and wolverine go at it

all this on his birthday (I always liked that story)

Hellfire Club tries to manipulate xavier or emma frost into joining with mysterious means or taunting her with a new band of hellions

I like the first idea Smile but I was thinking of something with a little more of a spin to it. Say instead of the kids that gets hunted it's the members of Wolverine's family. X-23, Jubilee, Shadowcat, and Rachel Summers. Three of whom consider Logan a surrogate father figure with one, more of a favorite uncle figure. They're in a life or death game of survival in which Wolverine alone has to rescue. All on Wolverine's Birthday in a For The Man Who Has Everything fashion

Are they hunting X-23 or is she hunting them? Wink
One could say the same concerning Jubilee but don't take the Marauders lightly Smile

Which brings question how am I doing with The Marauders? Threat wise?

Awesome already. Very Happy

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