Inhuman: The Hunger

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Inhuman: The Hunger

Post  Chou Blaster on Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:59 pm

Plot: A event happen to the Town of Willow Springs. A freak earthquake leaked out a dark mist.

Those hit in the dust survive. But seven weeks latter? All exposed to the mist now must feed. On flesh, to survive.

Human flesh and blood is the *quick way* to stablize the new condition. For without fresh DNA, the break down process occurs. Also to eat human is akin to getting high/happy.

Stats: Maximum level is 20. (Think Spider Man level creatures.) Start with 25 points.
Str:Raw physical damage. Handy with claws/jaw attacks.
Con:Tough and health related issues.
Dex:How fast and agile you are.
Int:How intelligent one is. (A excuse to get creative with powers.)
Cha:How likable and leadership stuff is concerned.
Wis: Will power, more Wis, more times you do not *have* to eat humans.


Unlike Chosen, anyone here can have the same overall *powers*.

Mostly shape shifting to hunt down and devour "prey."

Think Prototype, think Ultimates Venom (THe Cancer Cure suit.) Species. Etc.

:Curious to see what happens next.:

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Re: Inhuman: The Hunger

Post  Chou Blaster on Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:59 pm

Johnny: Willow Springs bully. Grew up in a rough home, and the *cloud* makes him feel alive again. Not much of a talker. He is a predator. The food seeking kind anyway.


Wis: 5


:The night was lovely, full of stars, the woods had their own scenery, like from a fable. Johnny with his senses was out there. He smells prey, as he was not of human form. But instead his clothes were torn apart at his transformation.:

:He had golden eyes, shark like maw, and a body akin to a gorilla. He notes others in the area. But for now wonders, how long they can hunt, before the outside world asks questions.:

-Camp Fire:

Little Girl: I am scared Davy, I do not want the Slender Man to get me.

Davy: A faceless guy in a tux? That is so lame.

Little Girl: it is not! He's real!

Mom: Quiet you two, we are trying to have a family moment.

Dad: And besides, if he does show up. :Pulls out shotgun.: He is oging to get a load of bird shot.

Mom: Oh Mike your so br- :Cue a barbed blade, impaling her and drags her into the darkness.:

Kids: Mommy!

Mike: Sonuva bitch!

:Cue a bloody Johnny coming back for more. Mike fires shotgun, the pellets hit him in the chest, and break the skin, some minor bleeding as they fall out.:

Mike:... Damnit! :Tries to fire again, tongue slices the gun and he smashes the fathers head with a clap. Messy results. As the children were running for it.:

:Soon came a blonde: "Awww, your so scared! It smells delicious!"

:Finger needles impale the boy, and she opens her mouth up, like a damn snake. Picking up the girl and swallows her whole, as the boy was dead, like the parents.:

Johnny: You know you'll have to vomit out them shoes.

Angela: I know, still worth the meal though.

Johnny: I never eat children, seems too wrong. :Rips off mom's right arm, biting into it like a chicken wing or what not.:

Angela: Your still a killer, like me. So why bother with that kinda thing?

Johnny: All I know is I am keeping the father in ice, for next meal. This lady tastes great, going to fullfill my needs tonight with her.

Angela: Well the kid was enough, I'll give the boy to my grandma, I'lll even cook it for her.

Johnny: Such a good girl.

Angela: And your a bad boy.

Johnny: Whatever. *Nom!*

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