Creation Cycle: War Breed

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Creation Cycle: War Breed

Post  Chou Blaster on Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:23 pm

Notes: Only Mecha and plants on this world, so if you wanna play, you can be a mecha life form.

Also in regards to weapons, let me know, there are limits, but you all know I am lenient to a degree.

Also all mecha have *Cores*. This is the only organ, if destroyed, character is dead. (If yanked out, your still alive, as long the core is unharmed, you can poteinally regrow/regen back with time!)

Anything else? Let me know. But yeah, super powers and transforming is cool too.

Now time to get in character.

*Cue a rather large world, a brown one with a ocean, massive land, and dots of forests.*

"Our home, of Geo. As long we can remember, it was only us. Life that you may call machine, but life never the least. Our people, were once wise. Until pride and the construction of weapons that led us to war. As long it can be remembered, it is us, vs them."

"What are we fighting for? Our future, our world, our place in the stars. To rule, or to save. This, is our story."

:Cue a ruined landscape, ruins, rusty dead bodies of shapes and sizes. In the air a mecha Lugia, and a red humanoid with a fire tail and jet burst was scanning the area, from the clouds.:

"So far, so good."

:While another, much bigger machine was updating his fire power, fold tech guns, for when time was needed to fire.:

:Elsewhere in a volcano (Of course) the bad guys were gathering, forging new cores for their soldiers. Their leader was huge, and bug like, with bladed feelers, thick plating, four arms, and mandibles.: "Hmmmm. What now? I wonder what those damned idealists are up to." :His voice, bitter. He wants the war to end! And he the winner at that!:

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