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it is not ready yet.

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Chou Blaster wrote::Ben was currently in American south west. The car was not his, too nice and expensive. It was from a Drug Dealer he sent to the hospital. Anyway Ben was getting a hint as to another OMA was in the area. He was eating at a diner. Being as polite he could be,noticed a small family.A little girl, had to be like eight or so spoke up. With a innocent glint in her eyes.:

Girl: Why are your pants too big mister?

Ben: I have a belt little one, but yeah,I enjoy the wind. Relaxing. :As her parents took her to the table section, talking and schooling her to not talking to strangers like that.:

:All of a sudden he felt the "beat" of the OMA near. Soon enough saw in distance a gigantic.. WORM Heading to them, that fires out mental energy. Got hit by one of the blasts, got a headache. He soon runs out the door. The threat level so high. The tentacle monster worm was heading for them. He had to protect the girl. His clothes tear, his face changing,glowing blue eyes, skin becoming dark and then tail. He kicks off the ground and flies! Using eye beams to annoy the worm. And it slithers against him. The action works and the people are safe! He was getting better at saving lives.:

:Dodging psi blasts. Flies into the creature. No brain, just simple organs and skin was nervous system. He flew in, smashing and eating the innards and the "core." It had keeping it alive.He ate it and feels his power growing.: (There can only be ONE OMA. Yeah Highlander reference, still cool.:

:Just glad no one knows who he is. And abandons the car. As he was flying now. And flight is better than cars.:

Actually Chou I'm not ready to jump the gun with the RPG as of yet. The official release date is either mid or late fall at least but you're free to do this in storyboard

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